Nina and Cassandra

Rafael returned to the room where Maya was tied to a chair. The doctor had just finished treating her but didn’t dare untie her for fear of angering Rafael. Maya was unconscious, she had a white bandage on her head and was hooked up to a hanging bag.

Dr. James told Rafael, “The woman is severely dehydrated and her head..well she should be taken to the hospital to be checked.”

“You can leave.”

  Dr. James handed Rafael a bottle of pills and a tube of medicine, “She has an infection where she was cut on her arm.These are antibiotics and a scar ointment.”

  Rafael handed him back the ointment, “Do you think I care if she is scarred?”


  After the middle aged doctor left Rafael slapped Maya, “Wake up.”

   Maya was snapped out of her dream by the sharp pain, when she saw Rafael’s angry expression she remembered where she was. damn …I thought I was in a hospital.

 “ Tell me everything that happened from the time you met Nico on the yacht.”

  Although the doctor sprayed her throat with an anesthetic to relieve the discomfort, Maya still had trouble speaking. Her voice was low and gruff, “I..I told you.” She started coughing, “Can I have some water?”

  He looked at the Rolex on his wrist and grabbed a bottle of water from a side table. He roughly held the bottle to her mouth and the water ran down her chin. She tilted her head so the water would flow down her mouth but she choked. She didn’t have the courage to say anything to him.

  Impatient because he was worried about Cassandra, he glared at Maya, “Well?”

  “We had dinner and Champagne. He proposed and put a ring on my finger. Then..then there was an explosion.”

   Nico was enraged when she said he proposed, “LIAR! YOU FUCKING LIAR!”

   Maya’s eyes teared up and she whimpered, “I am not lying.”

   His handsome face was contorted in anger as he pointed to her finger, “Where is the ring then?”

  May’s heart was racing when she realized she lost the ring. She started sobbing and stammered,“The ring…the ring was a little loose, it must have fallen off in the water.”


   Maya gazed up at him and pursed her lips, “Why…why would I make it up! I love Nico! He loves me! Why won’t you believe me?”

   Rafael leaned down with his hands on the chair, his pitch black eyes were cold and filled with suspicion. “Because Maya Hart, there is no way my brother would propose to you. He is happily married!”

   Maya’s blue eyes flickered in disbelief, “ are the one lying to me! How do I know you are even Nico’s brother!” Maya struggled with the ropes on her hands, “Let me go! I need to find Nico!”

   He straightened his body then clapped his hands, “You could win an Oscar with your acting ability.”

   Rafael walked towards the door and turned around, “You aren’t going anywhere until I find out the truth.”

   When he left the room he slammed his fist into the wall, Nico would never betray Cassie! Why does the woman insist on continuing to lie!

   Maya was feeling better from the medicine and the IV drip, I need to get out of here and find Nico. We have been together for over a year, there is no way he has a wife. He is a well known businessman and there was never a mention of a wife.

  Cassandra anxiously paced across the living room clutching her hands by her side. Did Nico find out about my plan so he disappeared with that lowly woman? Impossible! 

   She was pacing back and forth when Nina arrived. Cassandra was wearing a  white silk nightgown and her long hair was tangled. She was extremely thin and her brown eyes had  black circles underneath. Nina stared for a few moments with her mouth agape watching her muttering and pacing. My Lord, she looks like a damn ghost. What does an outstanding and handsome man like Rafael see in this crazy woman?

 Nina approached Cassandra and smiled, “Sweetie, it is too cold to only be wearing a nightgown.”

  Cassandra was startled and wrinkled her delicate eyebrows together, “Why are you here?”

  “Rafael called and asked me to keep you company until he can get here.”

  “Rafael called you?”

  “Hmm..He is worried about you.”

  Cassandra smiled, “You are right, I should change since Brother is coming.”

  She held Nina’s hand, “Come upstairs with me and help me pick out a dress.”

  Cassandra calmed down after taking a warm bath and Nina helped her get dressed. Nina was used to taking care of her and smoothly completed the task. Cassandra looked like a fragile and delicate beauty when Nina finished.

She was wearing a dark blue cashmere dress with a pair of black booties. Nina curled her long chestnut brown hair into soft waves and clipped it back with a diamond hair clip. She applied makeup to cover the dark circles and colored her lips with the latest color from a trendy new cosmetic company. 

 When Rafael arrived the two women were drinking coffee in the atrium.

  Cassandra ran over and hugged him. Nina took this opportunity to leave, “Now that Rafael is here, I have a meeting to attend.”

  Both Rafael and Cassandra ignored her as they walked hand in hand to the living room. Nina had a faint smile as she picked up her purse. I wonder what he would have thought if he saw Cassie an hour ago. He has no idea what a lunatic that girl is. He is fucking blind! I have tried to tell him but he won’t listen. As for her husband, I don’t think he cares at all. It is strange she married Nico instead of Rafael.

Nina shrugged her thin shoulders as the housekeeper opened the front door. Well, not my problem. Rafael has always supported me and without his investment I couldn’t have expanded. So I have no choice but to take care of the crazy girl.


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