Rui And LiMei Return To The Compound

When Rui and LiMei return to the cave LiMei exclaims, “Where did he go?”

Rui raises an eyebrow, “The antidote must have worked.” He isn’t stupid, staying on the Island wouldn’t be safe. Master hasn’t forgiven him.

“Wouldn’t he still be weak? Should we look for him?”

He tightens his grip on her hand and his face darkens, “You just met him and you are that worried about him?”

LiMei realizes Rui’s jealousy is flaring and quickly responds, “No..but he is Baobei’s friend.”

“The man is quite capable of taking care of himself. We should return to the Compound.” I don’t want to be here with LiMei if he should return. I might kill the bastard myself.

When they leave the cave LiMei furtively glances around the area to see if Wong Kai  collapsed anywhere. Rui ignores her small actions and says, “When we return to the Compound I want you to stay by my side.” I need Master to cure the cold poison in LiMei…convince him to give me the little brat and get the hell out of here.

She sweetly smiles, “Okay.” I don’t want to run into that scheming woman…it is obvious she has feelings for you even if you don’t return them. 

They each have their own thoughts as they head down the mountain.

When they reach the treacherous section on the side of the mountain Rui says, “it is still slippery from the rain.” He leans down, “Get on my back I will carry you.”

“I will be careful, it will be too cumbersome for you to carry me.”

“Behave. Do as I say.”

 LiMei reluctantly hops on his back and wraps her arms around his neck. Leaning into his ear she whispers, “My hubby is so strong.”

 He has a devilish grin on his handsome face, when we return to our room I will show you just how strong your husband is.

When they aren’t far from Wong Hu’s courtyard LiMei says, “Put me down. I see Baobei and Yang Chenxi.” They are sitting at a stone table under a shade tree and Baobei is petting Jack’s head.


  She pinches his waist, “Don’t be a rascal!”

He laughs and puts her down as they arrive at the entrance. He opens the iron gate and Baobei’s eyes light up, he stops petting Jack and excitedly jumps off the bench.

 Baobei dashes over and trips at Rui’s feet. Falling onto the ground his face lands on Rui’s shoe. Quickly standing up he dusts off his clothes and hugs LiMei’s legs, “Sister LiMei you are finally back! I was worried about you.”

Rui picks the little boy up by the collar and carries him over to Yang Chenxi. Baobei’s cheeks puff out and he tries to wiggle free, “You bad man! Let go of me!”

 He drops Baobei onto Yang Chenxi’s lap, “Where is Wong Hu?”

“Should be in his study.”

When Rui starts walking towards the front door LiMei tugs on his sleeve. “Rui! I can’t go see Wong Hu like this, I am a mess!”

He gazes at her disheveled appearance and the pitiful expression on her face. Her charming eyes are full of grievances and he tenderly kisses her lips. “Okay. We can go get cleaned up first.”

LiMei breathes a sigh of relief and wraps her arms around his waist and hugs him. 

Su Wanqing witnesses them hugging and digs her fingernails into her palm as she walks up to the main house. Adjusting her expression she sweetly smiles,“You’re back. Master Wong has been waiting for you to return.”

Rui holds LiMei’s hand and walks away ignoring Su Wanqing. LiMei lowers her head and has a satisfied smile, Rui is mine…my husband…he only loves me.

After they are out of sight Su Wanqing stomps her foot, what does he see in that little slut!  She enters the main house then knocks on Wong Hu’s study door.

His hearing is extraordinary and he recognizes Su Wanqing’s footsteps, “Enter.”

“Brother Rui and his wife are back. They were walking up to the door and I overheard Feng LiMei say she didn’t want to see you.”

He looks up from the book he is reading, “She must have her reasons.”

“Master! It is disrespectful of them not to come and see you after they return!”

“Wanqing, I told you not to concern yourself with them. Did you prepare the medicine as I told you?”

“I did.” She hands him a porcelain bottle. “Who is this for?” She concocted the poison per his instructions but had no idea why he wanted it. The medicinal herbs used were rare particularly the Pycarius Berries she had to find on the dangerous cliff.  

Wong Hu slams the book shut. “Impudent!”

His angry reaction startles her and she immediately bows, “Sorry Master! Please forgive me!”

He waves his arm in a dismissive fashion, “Get out.”

As she leaves she curses LiMei under her breath, “It’s all because of that little slut! Brother Rui is ignoring me and Master got angry over a simple question! I was curious what the poison was for! In the past he would patiently explain…wait..maybe it isn’t a poison but an antidote for a cold poison!” She rushes back to her courtyard to look in her Medical books. Does it have something to do with Feng LiMei?

  Rui and LiMei walk into the Plum Blossom Courtyard and LiMei sighs, this place is really beautiful. She picks a red and purple variegated bloom. “What is the name of this flower?”

  “Purple Passion “

  “So pretty.”

  When they walk into the house LiMei goes into the kitchen and puts the flower in a glass. Rui comes up behind her as LiMei gazes at the unusual flower and sniffs its sweet scent. He lays his head on her shoulder, “Can we plant this flower in the garden at our villa? The fragrance is so sweet.”

  Rui’s heart filled with happiness when LiMei says ‘our villa’.He nibbles on her ear and whispers, My beautiful wife, anything in the world you want I will give it to you. ” We can expand the greenhouse, it is a tropical flower and can’t withstand cold temperatures.”

  LiMei turns around and stands on her tiptoes then kisses him, “My handsome hubby is the best!”

 With his beloved woman’s delicate and beautiful body pressing against his chest, his heart was pounding. Rui tightens his embrace and deepens the kiss entangling their tongues, savoring her unique taste. When they are both breathless he loosens his arms around her slender waist. His voice is raspy and seductively low as he tenderly caresses her cheek, “We can continue in the shower.”  Then we will go to see Master, he should have the antidote ready. My beautiful wife, the sooner you are cured of the cold poison we can start a family. 

 LiMei gazes at his incredibly handsome face with a hazy layer of desire in her charming eyes,“Umm.”

   Seeing her eyes reflecting only him, Rui’s Adam’s apple bobs up and down as he lifts up LiMei into his arms to carry her to the bathroom.


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