I Don’t Want To Go

 When Wong Duan returns to the bedroom Starfire is still sitting on the bed in a daze. His unfathomable dark eyes don’t reveal his own unsettled thoughts while looking at her pitiful expression. He doesn’t want to deal with her sulking and thinks he made a mistake by pampering Starfire in the last few months.

“Why are you still here? Pack then go to bed, we are leaving early in the morning.”

  Listening to his indifferent tone Starfire’s lip quivers and her eyes are covered by a thin mist. She stands up and hugs his waist, “Mr. Wong, don’t you care that I will be leaving the mansion.”

  His heart tightens as he pushes her away, “Why would I? The Lord finally acknowledges you, which means my time spent training you wasn’t wasted.”

  He towers over her and she looks up at him with an aggrieved expression. She clutches his sleeves with her small hands, her curled black eyelashes flutter as she blinks back her tears, “Mr. Wong…tell him I…I am not ready…send Lucia to Bashu City..”

 He restrains the urge to wipe his little apprentice’s tears away with his slender finger. If I show her any kindness now it will only make it harder for her to accept leaving.

  Wong Duan clenches his jaw then coldly rejects her plea. “Girl, know your place. You are Leo Cadieux’s property to be used as he sees fit. You are fortunate that when you were derelict in your duty at that time he didn’t have you immediately killed. He allowed you a second chance because you were inexperienced and his sister likes you.”

  “What about the Fu girls? Who will watch them when Fu Chian is working?”

  He has a helpless expression as he shakes his head, she is really a naive little girlshe wasn’t trained to be a damn babysitter! 

  He points to the door, “One more word and I am sending you to the punishment room.”

 Starfire knows trying to coax him won’t work, once the Iceberg gets orders from Leo Cadieux he won’t waver.  She picks up her homework and unwillingly leaves the room. Once outside his bedroom she leans up against the wall, this is too sudden! Pressing her hand on her rapidly beating heart, tears fall uncontrollably from her eyes thinking about leaving.

  Sad at the thought of being separated from him, the twins and Fu Chian her heart aches. For the first time in her life she feels she has a family. 

Worried that the twins might think she abandoned them, she decides to go to the guest house. She wipes her tears with her sleeves and hurries to her room to get a coat. 

  Wong Duan knows he could have tried to comfort Starfire. Leo plans on bringing his sister back to Catang City in a few months. But he feels he has pampered her too much and if he continues she might not realize her life is in Leo’s hands. 

Since Leo had business in Paris and frequently went to Bashu City he seldom was at the mansion. During this period Wong Duan slowly relaxed his attitude towards Starfire. The training was rigorous but he also helped her enter school and let her lead a normal life. Although she wasn’t allowed to cultivate any friendship with her classmates, she was close to the Fu twins and Fu Chian.

 He blames himself for not emphasizing the fact this situation was temporary. Well…she should at least be happy she will be guarding Song Sara and not sent on dangerous missions. I hope once the little girl accepts the situation she will realize this definitely isn’t the worst case scenario.

 Starfire rushes down the bluestone path to the guest house and frantically knocks on the door. Fu Chian answers and has a puzzled expression on his boyishly handsome face, “Starfire, why are you here so late?”

 “Can I come in?”


  She sees an open box containing a deluxe pizza on the kitchen counter and walks over. She takes a piece and Fun Chian grins, “Don’t tell me you came this late to eat ‘forbidden’ food. Did Mr. Wong put you on a strict diet again?”

  Starfire takes a bite of the pizza and sighs, “No. I wanted to come see you and the girls.”

 “XiaoXiao and Xiaoyue are sleeping.”

 “Well… I will just go look at them.”

 She picks off the green pepper on the pizza and pouts,“Why do you always get it with peppers?”


 He opens a beer and Starfire’s eyes light up, “Let me have one.”

“No. You aren’t allowed to drink.”

  She coquettishly pouts her lips and pulls on his sleeve,“I’m so sad… please?”

“One.” He is a pushover and can’t say no to Starfire. He opens a bottle of beer and hands it to her, “Why are you sad? What happened?”

  She puts down the pizza and takes a gulp of beer, “I have to go to Bashu City in the morning. Song Sara woke up from her coma.”

  Fu Chian excitedly responds, “Miss Song woke up! That is great news.”

  “I am happy she is awake, but I want to stay here. I don’t want to go.”

  Starfire sits down on a stool by the granite topped island and props her head on her hands, “Why can’t Mr. Wong send Lucia?”

  She gulps down the beer and has an idea, “Fu Chian, can you tell him you need me to babysit the twins?”

  Fu Chian spits out the beer in his mouth, “Are you crazy?! You were trained to be an elite bodyguard…not a babysitter!” I was shocked Mr. Wong gave you as much freedom as he did. Allowing you to act like a normal girl when you weren’t training was very strange. That ruthless bastard is cold as ice.

  Starfire takes a bite of pizza and after she swallows she reluctantly says, “Yeah…I know…”

  Fu Chian sprinkles red pepper on a piece of pizza, “It will probably only be for a few months. Mr. Cadieux wants his sister to live here in Catang City. I don’t know the details but before she was kidnapped I think she didn’t plan on living in Bashu City permanently.”

 Starfire stands up and walks to the refrigerator. She takes out another beer, “I didn’t think about that. But, I’m still not happy about leaving Mr. Wo..I mean you and the girls.”

 He laughs, “You don’t need to pretend around me. I know you have a crush on Wong Duan.” Every one of the little girl’s emotions are written on her face…every time she looks at the man, I can see the infatuation in her eyes.


“ I’m your friend so I need to tell you the truth, you must realize any relationship with him is impossible. He only treats you as his apprentice…so leaving might be a good thing. You can sort out your messy feelings.”

 Starfire scrunches up her nose, “He just hasn’t accepted his feelings for me yet.”

  Fu Chian rubs her head, “Delusional.”

  “If I had more time…”

  “You need to get that idea out of your mind or you will only get hurt. You know I work at the Ecstasy Club a few nights a week. When he comes in to check the books and what is going on in the Csaino, do you know how many beautiful women try to get close to him? Even the arrogant woman who manages the Club acts like a teenager in love when he comes.”

Starfire covers her ears, “STOP! I don’t want to hear any more!”

They finish the pizza and six pack of beer then walk over to the couch. Patting her full stomach, Starfire sits down and sighs, “Ahh..that was so good. I will miss pizzas from Sal’s Restaurant.”

 Fu Chian picks up the remote and turns on the television. As he flips through the channels he says, “In Bashu City there is a good Italian Restaurant… D’Amico’s. I will text you the address.”

“Okay..” She leans on him, “But the pizza won’t be as good since I am not eating it with you.”

 “I will come and see you when I have a few days off. I will bring the girls too.”

 Starfire yawns, “Oh..that would be great.” Comfortably, leaning on Fu Chian after watching the movie for a while Starfire drifts off to sleep.

 Fu Chian chuckles and turns off the television. I should carry the little drunk back before Wong Duan comes looking for her.

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