Starfire Will Be Sara’s Bodyguard

Sara shyly asked ‘Lu Zhen’ what it was like to be a bodyguard and he entertained her with a few interesting stories. Mostly consisting of incidents involving him and his bodyguards he did his best to entertain her leaving out the bloody details. Sara listened intently until she could no longer keep her eyes open.

When she fell asleep Li Tian held her hand, how long will it take for you to smile at me… Li Tian…the way you smile at ‘Lu Zhen’ and those other bastards? I know that I was unreasonable but since you have been in a coma I have changed. I realize how much you mean to me. It is not just your body I want…I want a life with you and our children.

Although he wants to climb into bed with Sara he resists the urge, afraid she might wake up and discover him. While gazing at her face he holds her hand for awhile and then gently kisses her forehead.

  He fixes the quilt and tucks her hands underneath then walks over to the couch. First, I need the little girl to see I have changed.

  Taking his phone from his pocket he calls Kang Mingshun, “Bring my laptop to Song Sara’s hospital room.”

  After Leo leaves the hospital, he drives to his luxury apartment then calls Wong Duan, “Bring the old woman and Starfire to Bashu City.”

  Wong Duan walks back to his office at the Casino, “You are going to tell Song Sara that she is your sister?”


  “Don’t you think you should wait until she has some time to acclimate after being in a coma?”

  Leo purses his lips into a thin line, “I’m worried after her heart attack the old woman will die before she explains what she and our mother did. I don’t think Sara will believe it unless she hears the truth from her mouth.”

  “I don’t think your grandmother is in any condition to travel to Bashu City.”

  “I guess you have a point, but I’m fucking sick of waiting. After being in Paris surrounded by my despicable family I want to acknowedge Song Sara as my sister.”

  “I understand the way you feel but by acknowledging her you will be slapping your father in the face. He has no idea he was manipulated by your mother and Grandmother. Not to mention your greedy stepmother and sister will want to get rid of her. She needs to be strong enough to handle the situation. You know their insiduous methods, do you want to put your sister and her unborn children in danger?”

“I can protect them.”

“It isn’t like you to be impatient and not see how impetuous that decision would be.”

 Realizing he is being too emotional Leo accepts what Wong Duan says, but is still worried about his grandmother dying from her heart condition. 

“Record the scheming old woman’s confession as a back up in case she drops dead.”

“What about Starfire? Do you want me to bring her to Bashu City?”

“I am satisfied with her training and she will be a good bodyguard for Sara. I don’t like the man Li Shaoting has guarding my sister. The way he looked at Sara wasn’t right, he may have feelings for her. Sara knows Starfire and will accept her as a bodyguard.”

“Okay. We can be there tomorrow morning.”

Wong Duan reluctantly agrees to bring Starfire to Bashu City. He has been personally training her and has grown accustomed to having her by his side. He treats Starfire as his little sister and will miss her lively presence in his life. Before she came into his life he forgot what it was like to care for someone. After his sister died he closed his heart unwilling to let anyone into his heart afraid of  the devastating pain that consumed him when she left him alone.

 He walks over to the manager of the Casino he owns, “I’m leaving, I will be gone a few days. There is a delivery coming tomorrow, handle it in the usual manner. Fu Chian will transport the goods to the warehouse.”

  “Sure Boss.” 

  “I’m leaving. If there is any problem that you and Fu Chian can’t handle, call me.”

  When Wong Duan arrives home Starfire has been anxiously waiting for him. She jumps off the white leather couch and rushes towards him waving a piece of paper in her hand. With a dazzling smile lighting up her face she exclaims, “Mr. Wong, I did it! Look!”

  He takes the paper then rubs the damp fluffy ball of hair on top of her head. He knits his eyebrows together, “Didn’t I tell you to dry your hair after you bathe?”

  “I wanted to finish these problems before you got home.”

  Looking at the paper he remains expressionless. “The first three are correct. I will help you correct the other problem after your hair is dry.”

   Starfire grabs the paper from his hand, “Impossible!”

 He ignores her and walks to his bedroom to get the blow dryer. She follows closely behind him and when she enters the bedroom he says, “Sit.”

  She obediently sits cross legged on the bed, “I’m sure I used the right formula.”

  He takes her hair out of the bun and brushes her long silky black hair. “I will explain when I finish.”

  He runs his fingers through her hair as he waves the blow dryer down her hair. The refreshing scent of jasmine floats in the air from her shampoo. All Starfire’s beauty products are especially created for her as per his instructions. 

   When he finishes as he braids her hair he says, “Tomorrow you are going to Bashu City. Miss Song is no longer in a coma and you will be her bodyguard.”

   Starfire’s eyes widen, “Song Sara finally woke up?”


  “Mr. Cadieux trusts me to be his sister’s bodyguard?”

  “Since I personally trained you, he is assured you will do a good job.”

   She impulsively holds his hand, “I…I don’t want to go.” She looks up at him, unable to hide the infatuation reflected in her eyes, “I want to stay with you.”

   Hiding his turbulent thoughts, he takes his hand away and his voice is cold and devoid of emotion. “Did you forget the reason for your existence?”

   “No! No..of course not!”

   Wong Duan walks to the bathroom to put away the blow dryer and Starfire sits motionless on the bed. I like Miss Song and am happy she woke up… but I don’t want to leave Mr. Wong. 


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