Shopping With LingLing

  When LingLing’s driver called to say they arrived, Viktor walked with Merri to the entrance of the hotel. When they stepped outside he reminded Merri to stay close to LingLing. 

  Victor watched as LingLing’s bodyguard opened the back door of the luxurious Rolls Royce. Merri ducked her head and entered the car sitting next to LingLing. He waited until the car pulled away to walk down the sidewalk where a man was leaning against a brick wall smoking a cigarette.

  In the car, LingLing noticed Merri’s anxious appearance, she was nervously clutching her hands together on her lap. She smiled, “Are you hungry?”

  Merri lied, “No. I ate breakfast.”

 “Then let’s go shopping.”

   Merri looked out the window at the beautiful scenery. The street they drove down was lined with shops and the sidewalk was crowded with people. When they reached the end of the street the driver parked in front of a Boutique with a large window. On display were a variety of elegant dresses and Merri gulped down her saliva, this store looks very expensive.

  Once they entered her intuition proved correct as she was stunned looking at the price tags. LingLing laughed at her expression and picked several dresses she thought would suit Merri. “Try these.”

   Merri was overwhelmed by LingLing’s imposing aura and like an obedient child followed the saleswoman into the dressing area.

   LingLing sat on a couch and flipped through a magazine waiting for Merri. She picked out dresses she thought would catch Luc Zaranski’s eye.

   Merri walked out of the dressing room wearing the first dress. LingLing glanced up from the magazine and frowned, then shook her head, “No.”

   After LingLing had the same reaction to several gorgeous dresses Merri felt like screaming. How picky is this woman! I’m not her date! Why does she care!

   She was tired and hungry,…very hungry and she was barely able to control her temper. “Miss Sun…ahh..I like this dress.”

   LingLing knew Merri liked Viktor so she responded, “I know Viktor’s taste and well…none of the dresses so far would please him.”

   She motioned to the saleswoman and the woman brought Merri a breathtakingly beautiful peach colored off the shoulder dress. The dress had tiny crystals sewn on the bodice and scattered on the diaphanous layered chiffon skirt. Merri’s eyes lit up, whether she likes this one or not, if it fits I’m buying it!

   Merri hurried into the dressing room and slipped on the dress. She excitedly walked out of the dressing room and the saleswoman dropped the pair of shoes in her hand. That dress was made for the girl! LingLing was on the phone talking to Sydney when she was disturbed by the sound of the shoes hitting the marble floor.

   LingLing told Merri to turn around, then with an emotionless tone said, “That will do.” Perfect! Every man at the art gallery will be drooling over the girl! That will whet Luc’s appetite and make him determined to possess the girl.

  Merri spent the rest of the day with LingLing. Without stopping for lunch they went to a spa and then to a stylist who did Merri’s makeup and hair. By the time Merri returned to the hotel room it was dinnertime, she was exhausted and really hungry. She tossed the bags on the couch…oh my God! Shopping should be fun not torture! I couldn’t even enjoy the spa because of that woman! She ordered me around like she was my boss all day!

  She patted her empty stomach that was grumbling and scrunched up her nose. Should I order some food or wait?

  Merri walked over to the bar and picked up a bag of peanuts and ripped it open. She popped a few in her mouth and as she was chewing she opened the mini bar and took out a beer. 

   She was on her third bag of peanuts and second beer when Viktor entered the hotel suite. Merri looked guilty as she threw the crumpled bag into the wastebasket.

   Seeing her flustered appearance he chuckled, “Sorry I’m late, you must be hungry.”

   She blushed, “Well… I haven’t eaten all day.”

  Viktor narrowed his eyes, “LingLing didn’t take you to breakfast or lunch?”

  “We didn’t have time, there was a lot to do. Anyway, are you hungry?”

  “Yes. We can eat on the way to the gallery.”

   “I took a bath at the spa, so if you need to shower go ahead.”

   Viktor took a suit from the closet then went into the bathroom. There was a large changing room attached so he set his clothes on a chair. He cursed because he was distracted by Merri’s cute appearance and grabbed the wrong shirt. Fuck!

    Merri figured he would be in there for a while so she slipped off her clothes to change into the apricot colored dress.

    Viktor came out of the bathroom to get the right shirt and stopped in his tracks. She was standing by the bed wearing a pink lace bra and matching thong bending over looking in a bag on the bed.

     He stood motionless and his Adam’s apple rolled gazing at Merri’s seductive body. Her waist was so thin he thought he could wrap one hand around it. From the angle he was standing he could see the side view of her breasts that were barely covered by the lace bra and her tiny thong didn’t leave much to the imagination. He recalled bathing her when she was drugged but at the time he tried his best not to look at her naked body. He was in no mood at the time to notice her beautiful supple body.

   Merri was deep in thought and didn’t see him standing there with his ink black eyes full of dark desire. He looked like a panther staring at his prey as his hungry gaze swept over her petite body wondering what her luscious snow white skin would taste like.

   Viktor didn’t utter a sound and he silently returned to the bathroom then leaned against the cool tiled wall. His face was flushed bright red from the rush of heat coursing through his body. His breathing was erratic thinking about her almost bare alluring body. Her silky black hair was curled in soft waves cascading down her slender back to her tiny waist. The thong exposed her perfectly shaped ass. He had the urge to use his large palms to squeeze her bottom to see if her cheeks were as soft as they looked. He sucked in his breath and his eyes flickered with a lustful gleam. If I spend any more time with the little angel in this hotel suite, I don’t know if I will be able to control my impulses.

   He quickly undressed and stepped into the shower letting cold water spray on his face he glanced down at his huge erection. Dammit! 

  Merri was unaware Viktor was fighting his inner demons while he took a cold shower. She changed into a set nude colored underwear then put on the dress. She stretched her hand to the low back of the dress and still couldn’t reach the zipper. Her long hair was also in the way. She puffed out her cheeks and got frustrated after several attempts.

    Viktor walked out of the bathroom and Merri had no other choice but to ask him for help. “Do you mind zipping up my dress? I can’t reach it.”

    He gulped down his saliva as she lifted up her hair. As he stood behind her he inhaled her unique fragrance that seemed to make him feel intoxicated. He gently brushed her bare skin with his fingers as he zipped the dress and Merri quivered from his touch. She giggled, “Your fingers are so cold.”

    “Sorry.” He regretted not warming his hands before touching Merri.

     Merri turned and smiled, “Thanks.”

     Because she turned around quickly her face was right next to him and he gazed into her sparkling crystal blue eyes as she lifted her head. She wasn’t wearing shoes and only came up to his shoulders. Simple gold earrings hung down her swan like neck. I really wanted to take a bite of her soft looking tiny ear.

    Realizing he was too tempted, he stepped back. When he did Merri felt a loss, he had a woodsy scent on his body that smelled really good.

    She sat on the bed and slipped on a pair of crystal clear high heels. “I hope I can walk in these. Miss Sun chose these heels and they are much thinner and higher than I normally wear.”

    He stared at her feet and said, “If you aren’t comfortable we can stop and get a different pair.”

    Merri laughed, “That is really sweet of you, but I will just be careful.”

   Viktor walked over to the closet and took out a different shirt. He didn’t want Merri to see his tattoos so he put it on while standing in the spacious closet. When he returned Merri was putting a few items into a small delicate evening bag.”

   He looked at his watch, “Are you ready?”

   Merri stood up and took two steps then stumbled falling into his chest. Her cheeks were tinged with red as she quickly left his embrace. “Ahh..I am so clumsy!”

   He chuckled, “Are you sure you don’t want to get a different pair of shoes?”

   “No. Miss Sun picked these out and I don’t want her to get upset.”

    “Well, you can hold my arm if you feel uncomfortable.”

   He picked up Merri’s coat and put it on her wishing she could wear it all night. She looked too enchanting in the dress she was wearing. He cursed LingLing knowing she picked this dress and sexy shoes so the little angel would catch Luc Zaranski’s attention. He was getting angry just thinking about the fact she was using his innocent and pure little angel as bait.


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