Lu Zhen Come Closer…

    Li Shaoting reasons with his cousin, “You need to calm down and think rationally. You can’t just go rushing into her hospital room, Song Sara will be too shocked and afraid.  Remember, as far as she knows, you have no idea that she is in Bashu City. If you scare her she might run away again.”

  As much as he doesn’t want to admit it he knows his cousin makes sense. Deep in thought, he creases his eyebrows together and taps his finger on his thigh.  “You’re right. I can’t go in as Li Tian, but I can as her bodyguard, Lu Zhen.”

  Anxious to see Sara,  Li Shaoting hesitates then concedes he can’t go without his cousin to see Sara. The lunatic will throw a fit. “That’s true. Okay, we can stop by my villa, you can change your appearance then we will go to the hospital.

   In the hospital room,  Sara is still trying to wrap her head around the fact she has been in a coma for so long. She is furious after listening to Dr. Sloane and Dr. Lee’s conversation. Dr. Sloane must have been frustrated treating me for so long with no results. But to jeopardize my babies…that is inexcusable!

      Leo notices his sister’s pained expression and grips her hand, “Are you feeling alright? Should I call the doctors back?”

   “No… no… I’m fine. Actually I feel great. I can’t wait to get out of the hospital. “

  “If you don’t want to go back with me to Catang City, I finished my business in Paris. I can stay in Bashu city until you have the babies and decide what you want to do. I have a spacious apartment by the waterfront, you can stay there.”

  “Brother, I appreciate your offer but I need to talk to Tang Wu. I owe him for taking me in and said I would be his cook.” She chuckles, “Of course that was several months ago so I’m not sure what he is doing.”

  Leo doesn’t want to pressure Sara because she just woke up, “Whatever you decide. I just want you to know I am always here for you.” Dammit! I wish I could just tell her I’m her real brother right now but that might be too much of a shock for her. I will have to be patient a little longer. I still have the old bat locked up. I think my sister will have to hear from our grandmother to believe it. Her health is the most important thing. I can’t be selfish.

    Sara coughs and covers her mouth with her hand. Leo immediately hands her a bottle of water. “Don’t strain your voice, we have plenty of time now that you’re awake.” Leo surprises himself with his calm and unselfish attitude. He inwardly sighs, only Sara can bring the best out of me, I guess.

   While Leo is praising himself, his nemesis is changing his appearance at lightning speed to rush over to the hospital.

    Li Shaoting paces up and down the hallway  in front of Li Tian’s bedroom door. Out of patience,he knocks loudly, “Tian, what is taking so long!”

   Li Tian walks out of the room dressed in a modest black suit, “Remember I am Lu Zhen, don’t let it slip when we go to Song Sara’s room. Make sure you tell her she needs a bodyguard, the culprits in the kidnapping haven’t been caught.”

    Li Shaoting rolls his eyes at his cousin’s condescending tone,“I won’t forget, let’s go.”

   When they arrive at Song Sara’s room Li Tian clenches his fists at his side listening to the laughter coming from inside the room. He reminds himself he must pretend to be a bodyguard and not react when he sees Leo Cadieux.

  Following behind Li Shaoting he enters the room. Leo has a disgruntled look on his face seeing them but Sara sweetly smiles at the two men. 

  Li Shaoting approaches the bed and Li Tian stands back a few steps with his hands behind his back. Sara’s voice is raspy as she says, “Tang Wu!”

  His heart is pounding and his voice trembles, “You are finally awake. I have been so worried about you.” He wipes a tear from the corner of his eye, “I’m so sorry…”

  Sara reaches out her delicate hand and warmly holds his in her tiny palm, “You can’t blame yourself. It wasn’t your fault. How could you have known there were human traffickers in such a peaceful small town.”

  Sara looks past Li Shaoting at a tall imposing looking man with a quizzical expression. Li Shaoting introduces him, “This is Lu Zhen, a bodyguard I hired for you. He has been guarding you since the accident and will continue until we find the kidnappers.”

   Leo snarls, “Lu Zhen, you can leave now. She will be staying with me and I have plenty of guards.”

   A  murderous glint flashes in Li Tian’s eyes as he glares at Leo, then his eyes return to normal, afraid Sara will see the blazing fury within his dark orbs.

  Sara doesn’t notice as she helplessly gazes at Leo, “Brother, didn’t we just decide I need to think about where I will live.”

  A few fragmented memories flashed in her mind of hearing the bodyguard in the room while she was semi conscious. “Thank you Mr. Lu.”

   Li Shaoting can feel Li Tian’s eyes drilling a hole in his back and quickly says, “Sara, I hope you will come back to my villa when you are released. Since the filming ended I will be in Bashu City for a few months.”

   Sara begins to feel sleepy and yawns,  “I appreciate your offer, I need to wait and see what the doctor says. My first priority is my babies. I need to consider what is best for them.”

   Li Tian desperately wants to kick the two eyesores out of the room to be alone with Sara. His wish comes true when Dr. Ling enters. She tells the men she needs to examine Sara and to come back in the morning. 

   Leo protests but Sara tells him she is tired and her throat hurts. He unwillingly leaves after kissing her forehead and saying he will be back in the morning.

   Li Shaoting  squeezes her hand and also says he will return in the morning. He adds that he is leaving Lu Zhen.

   Leo glares at Lu Zhen but is afraid if the kidnappers hear she is awake they might try to silence her. Tomorrow I will arrange my own guards for Sara. 

  Dr. Ling examines Sara as Li Tian stands to the side watching. Dr. Ling asks Sara a few questions after the examination and jots down some notes on her chart. She changes the IV bag then says, “ I ordered an ultrasound tomorrow to check the fetuses. You need to start a light diet to regain your strength after being comatose. In your weakened condition you will need to slowly recuperate to get your strength back.”

  After Dr. Ling leaves Sara fights to keep her eyes open, paranoid that if she falls asleep she will slip into a coma again. She bites her lower lip then motions to Li Tian to come closer. Her long black eyelashes flutter and her voice is soft, “Mr. Lu I don’t want to fall asleep. Could you come closer and talk to me?”


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