I Will Be There In an Hour

 The man quickly presses Long Jinxi’s sleeping acupoint then roughly throws her limp body over his shoulder. Yang James narrows his eyes, “When you finish, call her agent to pick her up. Remind the woman to keep Long Jinxi in check if she doesn’t want the video exposed.” 

   After Long Jinxi was carted away Yang James had a disgusted expression as he walked to the bathroom. Troublesome bitch! If I didn’t need her I would have her sent directly to Sun Woo’s to be sold. 

  At the banquet Li Tian is sitting with his parents and Li Shaoting. His mother looks around the crowded room, “Why isn’t Little Jinxi here yet? Should we wait to eat?”

  Li Tian picks up a thin piece of rare steak with his chopsticks, “She has a migraine. She won’t be joining us.”

  “Is she in your suite? Maybe you should go check on her and bring the hotel doctor with you.”

  He lazily sips a glass of red wine, “I sent Yang James to check on her situation.”

  His father’s bushy eyebrows twitch, “Tian! Is that appropriate?! Go check on your fiancee now!”

  Yang James walks up to the table and overhears Li Hong. He calmly says, “Chairman, Miss Long’s assistant came to the suite with her medication and took her home.”

   Li Shaoting has his head lowered and no one can see the complex emotions swirling around in his eyes. Before he left the room he could tell there was something wrong with Long Jinxi. Her face was flushed red and she had a lustful look in her eyes. He wondered if Yang James noticed her abnormality.

   Looking at his watch Li Tian stood up. “I’m going back to Bashu City. I have an early meeting in the morning with the Mayor.”

   Li Shaoting quickly put down his chopsticks and wiped his mouth with a napkin. “I will go back with you.”

  Li Hong growls, “SIT DOWN!”

  Li Shoating breaks out into a cold sweat and immediately sits down. Li Hong’s hand gripping a a pair of silver chopsticks tightens, “I am talking to you, Tian.”

  “I made an appearance. Shaoting are you coming?”

   Shaoting’s eyes dart between Li Tian and his uncle. “Uncle, I have to be on set early.”

  Li Hong reluctanly waves his hand, “Go.” He knows with or without his permission his stubborn son will do what he wants.

  Yang James stops Li Tian as he walks towards the door of the banquet room. “When will you return?”

  “I will come back on Tuesday to deal with the negotiations.”  There is no way to avoid having to return, I can’t let this opportunity slip through my fingers. Grandfather has wanted to expand and if I handle this acquisition smoothly maybe I can get rid of the engagement. The merger involving the Kang family won’t compare to the profits this venture will bring.


   In Bashu City, Dr. Sloane and Dr. Lee come back from dinner. They enter Sara’s room and walk over to the bed.

  Dr. Sloane impatiently checks Sara’s vitals. “I thought you said she should wake up within a couple hours. Try again.”

 “Johan, I understand the pressure you are under but it could be damaging to the fetuses if I were to treat her again. We need to wait at least forty eight hours.”

   Sara panics when she hears their conversation and her body stiffens. I have no choice but to open my eyes. Although I wanted to assess the situation, I can’t jeopardize my precious babies.

   Dr. sloane’s eyes are cold and full of ruthlessness as he grabs Dr. Lee’s arm, “Yinyin, I am not the only one who has a stake in her waking up. Do you want to lose your position as CEO?”

   She struggles to free her arm from his iron grip. She purses her lips then angrily spits out “You have changed, I don’t recognize you anymore, it isn’t like you to be so rash. I can’t believe that you are willing to take the chance of harming Li Tian’s children in order to secure funding. Not only is it unethical to ask me, but with that man’s personality if he found out he would kill you and me without hesitating.”

  “How would he find out? The only two that would know are you and me.”

   Leo Cadieux walks into the room and notices the tension between the two doctors. He doesn’t recognize Dr. Lee and raises an eyebrow, “Who is this?”

   When Sara hears Leo’s voice she relaxes, thank God…they wouldn’t dare do anything in front of him.

   Dr. Sloane calmly replies, “Dr. Lee, a well known doctor of Chinese medicine. She gave Miss Song acupuncture earlier.”

  “Did she respond to the treatment?” Leo walked over to the bed and held Sara’s hand.

  “We are checking now if there is any change.” Inwardly cursing Leo for interrupting his attempt to persuade Dr. Lee, he took Sara’s pulse.  Afterwards, he lifted her eyelid and shined a light at her pupils hoping she would have a reaction.

  Sara fluttered her eyelashes and slowly opened her eyes, shocking the three people by her bedside. She squeezed Leo’s hand and his eyes lit up, “Sara…Sara..can you hear me?’

   Her voice sounds raspy, “Leo…”

  , “Sister..Sister..you finally woke up.” His heart skips a beat and his eyes are covered with a thin layer of mist. He had a strange premonition earlier and rushed back to Bashu City to check on Sara.

He impulsively lifts her thin body into his embrace and gazes affectionately at ther delicate face.”Finally… I can look into your beautiful eyes.” He gently brushes her hair back, “How do you feel?”

    Sara’s throat is dry and scratchy, “Could I have some water.”

   Dr. Sloane and Dr. Lee are shocked she suddenly woke up from the coma. Dr. Sloane regains his composure and pours a glass of water.

    Leo takes it from him and puts the glass to Sara’s mouth. After a few sips Sara sighs, “Thank you.”

    Dr. Sloane takes the empty glass from Leo. “Mr. Cadieux, I need to examine the patient.”

    Leo tenderly lays Sara down and listens intenly as Dr. Sloane asks Sara some questions.The doctor doesn’t reveal his inner turmoil nervous that she was awake while he and Dr. Lee were talking. From her answers it appears she just awakened and he is relieved. After questioning Satra he explained her situation.

   When he finished he turned to Leo. “Miss Song needs her rest so don’t visit too long. I will check on her again before I leave the hospital.”

   After the two doctors leave Leo holds Sara’s soft hand in his large palm. His deep voice trembles,“I missed you.”

   Sara is filled with warmth holding his hand, “I’m sorry I made you worry.” Smiling brightly she touches her stomach. “I can’t believe I  was unconscious for so long. The last thing I remember is being in Chenge town with Tang Wu.” She chuckles, “My stomach was flat, now I can feel the babies moving around. Brother Leo, I am so happy.”

   Hearing his beloved sister call him brother he is overjoyed. He can’t wait until Sara fully recovers and he can tell her that he really is her brother.

Thinking about the fact the kidnappers haven’t been caught he has a serious expression, “As soon as the doctor says you are strong enough, I am going to take you back to Catang City.”

   Sara wrinkles her forehead, “Brother…I can’t go back there. I don’t want to get entangled with the Li family. Not to mention my cheap father has no idea I am pregnant. He will be very angry that I am an unwed mother. I want to avoid trouble and safely give birth in Bashu City. I like it here and I want to raise my children away from those people. Li Tian will cause problems and his fiancee Long Jinxi hates me.”

  Li Tian is on the way back to Bashu City with Li Shaoting. He is leaning back with his eyes closed in the backseat of a black Maybach. He is half asleep when his phone rings and groggily answers, “Speak.”

   “CEO Li, this is Dr. Sloane. I have good news for you, Miss Song regained consciousness.”

   Li Tian leans forward and his eyes widen, “Repeat what you just said!”

  “Miss Song is awake. She is speaking with Leo Cadieux now.”

  Li Tian’s pitch black eyes are filled with a murderous glint at the mention of Leo Cadieux. When did that bastard return from Paris!  “I will be there in an hour.”

He puts down the privacy window and through clenched teeth growls, “Drive faster!”

   Li Shaoting is playing a video game on his phone and looks up when Li Tian raises his voice. Noticing his cousin’s agitated appearance he pauses the game. “What’s going on?”

   “Song Sara woke up and that motherf**cker Cadieux is with her!”



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