I Won’t Let Alexi Destroy Her Life

Victor was sitting at his desk looking over the report about the fire damage to the newly completed building when his phone rang. He was expecting this call knowing Dimitri would report to Vikor’s assistant, Maxim. He was aware Alexi wouldn’t like him acting on his own but at the time he was too angry to think about the consequences. He wanted Bella Fremont to pay for insulting Merri.

 He closed the folder and answered, his voice didn’t reveal any of his turbulent emotions, “Alexi.”

 Alexi walked to the window overlooking London.”What’s going on? Who gave you the balls to act on the bitch without my okay? I still need her to deal with the Mayor.”

 In his usual cold and indifferent tone he replied, “You told me to use my discretion. She knows Miss Winslow is your person and insulted her in public. Isn’t that the same as smashing your face? Miss Fremont’s injury isn’t severe and her mother has sent her to Switzerland for treatment.” He knows the only reason Alexi is angry is because he made the decision unilaterally. “This way she will be out of your hair for a while.”

 Alexi paced across the floor of the conference room, “How is the timid little mouse? Was she injured?”

 Detecting a hint of concern in his voice Viktor clenched his jaw, “No. I was dining with Nina and stopped the woman before she slapped Miss Winslow.”

 “I want the little mouse to join me in England. This negotiation is dragging on and I need a distraction. I am sick of the pretentious women surrounding me here. They drool at the very sight of me, it’s disgusting.”

  Viktor’s eyes narrowed and he tightened his grip on the phone. He controlled his erratic heartbeat then reminded Alexi of his plan.  “I thought you intended to use Miss Winslow to get me close to Karl Wu? She was dining with him at L’Fleur and he happened to be absent from the table when the incident occurred. He appeared grateful I stopped Miss Fremont from injuring the girl. This might present a good opportunity.”

  Alexi flipped through a document on the desk, “I have thought about the situation and it would be best to kill the bastard. The information Maxim gathered shows Wu is extremely thorough and doesn’t let anyone slip through his net.”

  Viktor straightened his back and pursed his lips, “Why don’t we throw the Rimbaldi brothers to him for the time being. Give him a bone to chew on until we can extricate ourselves. Karl Wu, besides being an investigator and member of Special Forces, has deep connections. The Wu family is very powerful not just here but in China. Do you think even if they are estranged, his family won’t use all their resources to find out about his death? Killing him would only complicate the situation.”

  Alexi’s volatile temper erupts and his eyes are filled with killing intent.“Fuck! I want him dead and buried! I don’t like him digging into my business and I dislike him spending time with the little mouse even more!”

  He has a bad premonition,afraid Alexi would insist on sending Merri to him. “I am keeping an eye on Miss Winslow for you and they appear to be ordinary friends.” He desperately wanted to protect Merri and was going crazy with worry.“You will be back in a week, I will make sure to keep an eye on the woman for you.”

  Alexi frowned, “I can’t concentrate. I want to see that little woman and press her soft body underneath me. Bring her to me.”

   Viktor’s eyes are filled with rolling flames, doesn’t that bastard have enough women! Why does he insist on the little angel! 

  When Viktor didn’t answer Alexi impatiently threw the report, “Did you hear me?”

  “I will arrange the plane in the morning.”

  “Very good.”

   Viktor hung up the phone and ran his fingers through his hair. He couldn’t reconcile himself to the fact he needed to deliver Merri to Alexi. I can’t! I won’t!

  Storming out of the office Viktor ignored Sammy who was rushing in the door with a handful of red and yellow wires.

   Sammy ran after him, “Boss! I need to talk to you!”

   Viktor glared at him and the oppressive aura surrounding him made Sammy unable to breathe. He coughed and followed him, “Boss..ah..keke..it’s important.”

   Viktor opened the door of the black Maybach and impatiently snapped,  “Whatever it is, take care of it yourself. If you can’t, don’t come to work tomorrow.”

   Sammy wiped the sweat from his forehead and watched as Viktor drove away. How am I supposed to handle this problem! Those unscrupulous Rimbaldi brothers haven’t given up sabotaging the project!!

   Viktor drove to the Riverside Mansion and angrily strode into the restaurant. His long legs stretched out taking the steps two at a time. When he arrived at Vladi’s private room he busted in the door and bellowed, “SCRAM!” to the two startled women sitting on the couch with Vladi.

  The two half dressed women looked at Vladi and he motioned for them to leave. They quickly put on their clothes and hurried out of the room while holding their high heels.

  Looking at his friend’s flustered appearance, Vladi chortled, “What is wrong with you?”

   Viktor picked up the bottle of vodka on the table and poured a glass. After he hastily gulped it down he poured another. After he drank three glasses, Vladi grabbed the bottle and Viktor in a rarely seen rage smashed the glass into the wall. His eyes were like a bottomless abyss as he  “Selfish bastard! I want to kill him!”

   Seeing his friend out of control Vladi was speechless. He hadn’t seen Viktor visibly angry since they were young. “Who?”

   Viktor took the bottle from Vladi and lifted it to his lips. When he put the bottle down his eyes were glassy, anger mixed with helplessness was making him crazy.

   He sat on the couch and put his hands on his face and his body was trembling. Vladi sat next to him and patted his shoulder, “Brother,talk to me.”

   Viktor’s eyes were red and he was on the verge of breaking down. He clenched his fists and growled, “Why does that bastard destroy everything that is beautiful? Sometimes I hate him so much. I know if he didn’t save me I would be dead, but how long do I have to suffer? I am tired of killing and living in darkness. I just want…I just want.”

   Vladi was stunned by Viktor’s words, he always thought Viktor was devoid of emotion. He was a ruthless assassin and never wavered in his devotion to Alexi. 

   Viktor grabbed Vladi’s collar, “Tell me! Tell me how you broke away from his control!”

   Vladi had a serious expression as  he lifted Viktor’s hand, “I know I told you when you helped Nina I would tell you but now is not the time. You are drunk and need to calm down.”

   “How can I calm down! I have never wanted anything before…I only want the little angel. I can’t let him ruin her life…I won’t!”

   Vladi had a puzzled look on his face then realized who Viktor was talking about. “You..you like Alexi’s woman? The little fairy girl?”

   Viktor’s face darkened and the veins on his forehead bulged, “She isn’t his woman. She hates him.” He thought about her shy expression and the way she would peek at him with an infatuated look. “The little angel…I know…I know she likes me.”

  Vladi held him by the shoulders, “Brother, whether you like her… she likes you… it doesn’t matter, man. Get a hold on yourself! She is just a woman… not worth breaking your relationship with Alexi. Do you think if you betray him he will let either one of you go? Even if you don’t mind dying, think about the woman. If I know Alexi, he won’t kill her but make her life worse than a living hell. You know what an obsessive and paranoid lunatic he is.”

  Viktor pleaded, “That is why you need to help me! He wants me to bring the little angel to him in England tomorrow, I won’t fucking do it!”

   Vladi could tell Viktor was out of control and the consequences could be disastrous.  “I owe you, not just for helping Nina but for saving me on the last mission we had together. I will think of something.”

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