Dare To Threaten Me?

   While Li Shaoting goes to the kitchen to get ice, Long Jinxi drops the white powder into his glass of warm water and some into her glass. Wenli told her the best way not to get caught is to also be drugged. She uses her finger to stir the drug until it is completely dissolved in both glasses then sucks on her finger. I don’t need you, Li Tian! I will get more benefits by marrying your cousin. He will be easier to manipulate and his surname is still Li.

  He brings the ice wrapped in a towel to the living room and impatiently says “Put this on your neck I’ll call the doctor.”

   Her eyes are watery and her voice sounds raspy, “I told you I will be fine. No doctor. After a rest I will be fine.”

   He sits on the couch and picks up the glass of water, “It’s up to you.” He gulps down the water and stands up. “I am going to the banquet.”

   Panicking, she grasps his arm, “Don’t go. I don’t want to be by myself.”

  “Unless you want me to call a doctor I am not staying here. You are my cousin’s fiancee, it wouldn’t be good if anyone found out we were alone in my hotel room. I only brought you here so there wouldn’t be any disruption before the banquet. This is a big day for my family and I am not going to let you ruin it.”

   She raises her voice,“It wasn’t my fault!” The pain is unbearable from straining her bruised vocal chords. She holds her neck and starts to cry, “Shaoting, it hurts so bad.”

   “I will call your assistant, what is her number. She can come stay with you.”

   “Will you stay until she gets here?”

   He shakes his head and reluctantly agrees. “Call her now.”

   Long Jinxi pretends to call her assistant, “Kalee, I need you to come to Suite 3089. I am not feeling well.”

   When she hangs up she peeks at Li Shaoting to see if the drug is beginning to have an effect.

   He is looking at his phone and ignoring her. He sees the missed calls,  Dammit!Mom and Dad must be wondering where I am.

   At the banquet Li Tian is drinking a glass of whisky while talking to Yang James. “No. I will finish what I started in Bashu City before I move back here.”

   Yang James pushes up his gold rimmed glasses, “Tian, you have subordinates who can easily take care of that project. The new venture needs you at the helm to make sure it is successful.”

    Anxious to return to Bashu City, Li Tian looks at his watch, when is the fucking dinner going to be served! 

   His father walks back from speaking to the Mayor and affectionately pats Li Tian on the shoulder then sits down. “Tian, I wasn’t on board when you went to Bashu City but after talking to the Mayor I have changed my mind. He said that the innovative approach you used in the Affordable Housing Project could be used as a model to help Catang City keep its workers. Too many people are leaving the city to find work elsewhere because the cost of housing is too high here.”

  Li Tian smirks, “I told you James that this project would be good for the company’s image.”

  Li Hong has a big grin and turns towards Yang James, “James, you also objected?”

  Yang James wants to vomit blood, old man, you have no idea why your son wants to stay in Bashu City working on that insignificant project. “I trust the CEO’s judgment, the problem is we have a large international project that needs his attention.” He is well aware that he will anger Li Tian but continues, “I just feel at this point we have competent people to take over until it is completed. The Li Group’s name is heavily connected to the project so we will reap the benefits.”

  Li Hong nods his head, “James has a point.”

   Restless to get back and see Sara, Li Tian impatiently taps his fingers on the table “When is the food being served?”

   “What is the rush?”

   In Li Shaoting’s suite the atmosphere is stifling and he walks into the bedroom to call Li Tian. Flustered because his parents have called him twice wondering why he isn’t at the banquet he decides to call the culprit. “Cousin, I need you to come to my suite and take care of Long Jinxi until her assistant arrives.”

   Li Tian stands up and walks away from the table, “Why is she in your room?”

  “After you almost killed her I didn’t want any problems before the banquet so I rushed her down here. I wanted to call a doctor but she refused. I don’t know where the hell her assistant is but I need to get to the banquet. My parents are blowing up my phone. I don’t want to explain the situation.”

  “I will send Yang James down to wait until her assistant arrives.”


   While Long Jinxi is in the bathroom he writes a note and leaves it on the coffee table. He doesn’t want to listen to her complain and whine for him to stay.

  When he arrives at the banquet he gives Yang James the card to his room, “Thanks. Her assistant should be there soon.”

  Yang James clenches his teeth and takes the card from him. Fucking bitch! Why do I have to babysit her ass! 

   Long Jinxi comes out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, her face is flushed bright red and her body is on fire. She is in a daze as she looks around the suite. Where is he?

   The door to the suite opens and Yang James enters. He sees her draped in the short towel with a lustful look in her eyes.

   He walks over to her and his face shows his disgust, “You couldn’t hold onto Li Tian so you thought you would seduce that kid? Really a stupid woman! Aphrodisiacs don’t work on him. He has been in the dirty entertainment business for too long, he takes an antidote before any social event so he can be at ease and eat and drink comfortably.”

   She grabs his arm and with the last bit of her sanity spits out, “Why are you here?”

  He throws off her hand and his eyes are filled with killing intent, “You should be glad it is me and your plan didn’t succeed. Do you think you could keep your little life after tricking Li Shaoting and putting a green at on Li Tian?”

  Shocked she whimpers as she tries to hug him. “You need to help me…I’m so hot..so itchy.”

  “In your dreams.” He pushes her to the ground and his lips curl up in a sarcastic grin, “Did you even call your assistant?”

   The towel fell off of her and she was sprawled on the carpet naked. He didn’t bother looking at her and took out his phone, “Get over to the Li Group Hotel immediately.”

 She crawls over to him and hugs his leg, she is well aware of his cold and heartless personality, she is terrified,“Who did you call…”

   His eyes are pitch black and filled with disgust,“Someone to help you.”

   She starts sobbing, “No..no..you..you have to fuck me. If you don’t, I will tell Li Tian about when Song Sara almost died on the roof of the Waterfront building.”

   He kicks her in the ribs with the tip of his black leather shoe, “Stop your idle threats. You won’t say anything, you were the one who had the railing loosened and instigated the slut so she slipped on the ice.”

   The pain is excruciating from the kick and the aphrodisiac is making Long Jinxi go crazy. She writhes on the floor and Yang James steps over her then walks to the bar. He pours a glass of wine and stares at the red liquid swirling in the glass. He really wants to kill Long Jinxi to vent his anger. He better get here soon or I might not be able to control my temper.

  There is a knock at the door and a muscular man with an extremely calm expression enters the room. The tall intimidating man is a ‘fixer’ who works exclusively for Yang James. He sees Long Jinxi laying on the white carpet touching her breasts and moaning.“What do you want to do with the woman?”

  Yang James wants Li Tian to be entangled with Long Jinxi to prevent him from having a smooth relationship with Song Sara. He believes she is a threat to their business because of Li Tian’s obsession with her. So he can’t kill Long Jinxi but wants to teach her a lesson and keep her in line.

  “Have one of your men fuck her and film it. Not too rough, I need the bitch.” He stares at Long Jinxi rubbing her hand between her thighs and sneers,  “Make sure you can see her face clearly. Erase any security footage of her entering or leaving this suite.”

  “Will do.” 

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