Brother Mo, Do You Trust Me?

Sorry for the hiatus! I will be updating this story more consistently in February! I missed Rui and LiMei! I hope my readers enjoy the chapter!

   While they are in the hot spring Rui holds LiMei’s soft body in his embrace and whispers in a hoarse voice, “Baby, you are mine…I will never let you go.” She is still unconscious from being ravaged by him and he kisses her eyelashes and traces the curve of her face. Sighing he leans back and tightens his embrace around her thin waist, I don’t ever want you to remember that you are Qin Daiyu. You are my LiMei…my wife.”

  Luz sits on a rock in the bamboo forest and takes out a walkie talkie. “I found that bastard Wong Kai. Do you know who is also on this stinking island…that bitch Kuang Fu has been looking for, Qin Daiyu.”

   On a boat anchared in a cove on the far side of the island a rough looking man is fiddling with a dart. He picks up the small black walkie talkie his expression lights up with a sinister smile.

“I found that bastard Wong Kai. Do you know who is also on this stinking island…that bitch Kuang Fu has been looking for, Qin Daiyu.”

He tosses the dart and hits the bullseye on a red and white dartboard.“No shit!”

   Luz plays with a piece of grass in her hands, “Get a hold of Kuang Fu and see if he wants her brought to him dead or alive.”

   “Why is that little bitch on Wong Hu’s private island?” He pulls on his long black beard speckled with gray, “If she is under the old man’s protection…I don’t know if we should mess with her. I don’t want to stir up trouble with that stubborn bastard. Kill Wong Kai and let’s get the hell out of here.”

  She doesn’t want to tell her partner that Qin Daiyu is with Rui. “What are you so fucking worried about. The old fart has been on this island for so long I don’t think he has the power to reach us after we leave.”

  He picks up another dart, “Don’t underestimate him. I don’t think it is worth it.”

  Luz has an idea, “Listen, don’t tell Kuang Fu we found Qin Daiyu, just say we have a lead and what would he pay? If it is worth the effort we snatch her, if not then I won’t touch the girl.”

  He throws the dart and it lands next to the other in the bullseye, “Babe, her skills aren’t to be underestimated. She was personally trained by Kuang Bo. It sounds like too much trouble.”

  “Make the call and I will decide.”

   At Wong Hu’s compound he is sprinkling medicinal herbs on Jack’s injuries, “Little Boy, how did the bird get injured?”

   Baobei squints his eyes and has a puzzled expression, “I don’t know Grandpa, all of a sudden Jack fell from the sky.”

   When Jack sees Su Wanqing walking towards them he begins to squawk and tries to flap his wings, I know it was that poisonous woman!

   Wong Hu holds the battered black hawk down and growls, “Stupid bird! I thought you had some sense!”

   Su Wanqing hides her murderous thoughts behind a sweet and gentle expression. You should have died..and so should have that little slut!

 She hands Wong Hu the rare herbs he wanted from the cliff and smiles,“Master, here are the herbs and berries you wanted.”

  He glances at the bright red Pycarius berries and the basket of herbs. “Oh..very good! I will give you a reward when I am finished. He looks at Yang chenxi, “Why didn’t the brat and his little wife return with you?” I would think Qiao Rui would want to deal with his wife’s cold poison as soon as possible.

  “I think Qiao Rui wanted to patch things up with his wife, they had a misunderstanding because of Wanqing.” He is pissed Jack got hurt and has a gut feeling that Su Wanqing caused his injuries.

  Wong Hu lifts his bushy white eyebrow and glares at Su Wanqing with dissatisfaction, “Qingqing, didn’t I tell you to get rid of those unrealistic ideas you had about him? Rui is very happy with his wife and she is a good girl. Don’t make trouble.”

  Being reminded LiMei is Rui’s wife and the heartless way Rui treated her at the hut, Su Wanqing clenches her fists under her long sleeves. Her fingernails digging into her palms, she can barely hide her anger. Why did that bastard say that! Now Master is angry!

  She flutters her eyelashes and has an innocent expression, “ wasn’t my fault! I didn’t do anything! It was Baobei! He stirred up trouble…not me!”

  Wong Hu and Yang Chenxi both turn their heads and look at Baobei. The little boy’s face turns red and twists his shirt with his fingers, “I’m going to see if Auntie made lunch.” He quickly stretches his chubby legs and heads to the kitchen.

  The old man finishes bandaging Jack’s wing, “QingQing, they will only be here a few more days. Stay away from them.”

  She obediently agrees and leaves, cursing LiMei. Qiao Rui should be mine! What does that annoying girl possess to bewitch him and Master! When she arrives at her courtyard Liu Mo has been patiently waiting for her. He sees her unhappy expression as she opens the gate. He rushes over and wraps his arms around her slender waist. “Why are you angry?”

  She puffs out her cheeks and rubs her head on his chest. Her voice sounds soft and full of grievances, “Brother Mo, I feel so wronged. Master is angry at me because of Feng LiMei. You know I didn’t have anything to do with her going up the mountain.”

  His boyishly handsome face contorts in anger, “I will go tell Master Wong right now!”

  She clutches his shirt and looks up at him with watery eyes and a pitiful expression causing his heart to tighten. “ can’t go. I don’t want you to get into any trouble because of me.”

  He affectionately lifts her chin with his slender finger, “I can’t bear to see you hurt.”

  She stands on her tiptoes and lightly kisses his lips, “Brother Mo, you are so good to me.”

  His face turns red and he tightens his arms around her waist, “Sister QingQing, I really like you. I know you only have Qiao Rui in your heart but give me a chance. He doesn’t deserve you.”

   She takes his hand, “Brother Mo, I like you too.  I really don’t have any feelings for Qiao Rui. It is true that I used to love him, but I realized he only used me to ascend to a higher level of cultivation.”

   With a timid expression she gazes into his eyes, “Is that why you like me? Because of my special physique?”

   He hugs her tighter and his heart is beating erratically, “NO! I don’t care about that! I like you…you are so beautiful and sweet.” He can’t resist and passionately kisses her lips after they are both breathless he releases her. His voice is hoarse and his eyes are full of infatuation “QingQing, I have finished my training and will be leaving soon. I won’t be returning to the island after my mission. Do you want to leave with me?”

     Su Wanqing inwardly sighs, you are such a naive and lovable puppy.. I might feel a twinge of guilt when I use you to kill that bitch. Her eyes are sparkling and she puts her hand on his broad chest and exclaims, “Really? You want me to come with you?”

   Mesmerized by her dazzling smile, he is in a daze. When he snaps out of the trance he has a serious expression,“Of course I do.”

   She frowns as she plays with a button on his shirt, “I don’t know if Master will let me go.”

   His dark eyes are full of resolve and he won’t let anyone stand in his way of being with Su Wanqing. “I will talk to him.”

   “ is better if I ask him.”

  They walk into the house and she yawns, “I’m so tired. I think I will take a nap.”

   He reluctantly lets go of her hand, “Then I will come back later.”

   She hugs him, “Come with me.”

  His face is crimson red as he follows her into the bedroom.

  After lighting some incense she pulls him over to the bed and unbuttons his shirt. She looks up at him with a coquettish expression and an alluring smile. She seductively licks her full red lips, then her voice is full of temptation “Brother Mo, do you trust me?”

   He looks down at the beautiful woman who has her delicate jade like hand sliding unbuckling his belt. His eyes widen and he gulps down his saliva when he sees the golden snake peeking its diamond shaped head out from her sleeve. “Of course I do.”

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