Mega Mall Opening Part 3

  Long Jinxi flips her hair back and holds her head high arrogantly while standing next to Li Tian. She clings onto his arm as she smiles at the reporters. Ignoring the indifference in his cold eyes she affectionately greets his parents.”Auntie…Uncle Hong.”

  Meanwhile in Sara’s hospital room a nurse is sitting on the couch eating her dinner flipping through the channels with the remote. When she sees Long Jinxi and Tang Wu she stops and watches. “Wow! Long Jinxi’s man is so handsome! He is better looking than Tang Wu!”

    The pretty nurse eats a spoonful of the tofu soup and scrunches up her nose, “Why doesn’t the cafeteria add any bland.” She looks at Sara then decides to go to get some salt.

    Listening to the broadcast Sara’s eyes flutter, Li Tian is getting married next month and the couple looks radiant according to the announcer. Good..very good…maybe he has forgotten about me. Her consciousness is awakened and as she slowly opens her eyes she gazes around the room. She notices a tray of food on the table but no one is in the room.

   She tries to sit up but feels weak and falls back on the pillow. After trying for so long to open her eyes she is excited that she finally succeeded. I should take it slow. Touching her swollen belly, her mind races.How long was I in a coma? My stomach was flat. She gently rubs her stomach and a smile blooms on her pale face when she feels the babies move.

   Tears start falling uncontrollably from her eyes and she sniffles.

    She heard the doctor say twins but it was hard to fathom until she felt the two distinct movements. My darling babies!

   Wiping away the tears with her fingers she focuses her attention on the television. The Mega Mall opening? Staring at the VIPs by the stage, her heart skips a beat when she sees Zhou Jason and Zheng Lan. 

    Unwilling to watch the festivities she closes her eyes and recalls working on the Mega Mall project. That was when I first got caught up in the nightmare with Li Tian. No… the nightmare began the night I was raped by the lunatic at the Club. But, if that didn’t happen I wouldn’t have my precious babies.

   The nurse returns and doesn’t notice any difference in Sara. After putting salt in the soup she tastes it and nods in satisfaction. “Yeah..much better.” Her phone rings and she takes it out of her uniform. “What’s up?”

   Sara clutches the edge of the covers while intenly listening to the television. When she hears the interview with Li Tian her eyes pop open. He is working on an Affordable Housing Project in Bashu City…and has been living in this city for months! Does he know I am here…in this hospital? She touches her stomach..don’t panic. He is getting married soon and he won’t bother with me. It is just a coincidence… a coincidence.

   Not ready to deal with the situation until she knows more she closes her eyes.  Babies…I need to make sure we will be safe.

   The opening ceremony ends and everyone heads to the banquet at the luxurious Li Group Hotel. next to the Mall. The banquet is being held at the extravagant French restaurant on the top floor. As they walk along with the crowd Long Jinxi continues to fawn on him.

When they are in his private elevator Li Tian sneers, “You can quit the act now.”

  Long Jinxi smiles, “Tian, you need to marry someone, you aren’t young anymore, why not me? You can do whatever you want and I won’t interfere.You know your grandfather adores me and he will be very happy. He might even recover from his heart ailment. You will make a profit from my father and everyone will be happy. Mother’s family controls the ports and that could benefit your company or..” She twirls a strand of her long red hair in her fingers, “My Uncles could cause problems for you.” 

  A bone chilling light emits from his pitch black eyes, “Save your sales pitch, I will never marry you. And your pathetic attempt to threaten me is useless. I am not afraid of the Kang Family.”

  Long Jinxi loses her temper and stomps her high heel, “LI TIAN! YOU WILL MARRY ME OR SONG SARA WILL…”

   She can’t finish her sentence because Li Tian grabs her by the throat and slams her into the elevator wall. His eyes are filled with killing intent, “You fucking bitch! You dare to threaten me with my woman and I will throw you off the roof of this building! Do you hear me!”

   Long Jinxi gasps for air and her pretty face is turning purple. Sensing he just might kill her, skicks him in the leg and tries to pry his fingers from her throat. As she struggles he doesn’t budge and his grip tightens and she can’t breath at all. His face contorted in angerhis eyes are burning red with rage as he squeezes her slender neck.

Long Jinxi is about to lose consciousness when the elevator door opens. He tosses her out like a rag doll and she is sprawled on the marble floor clutching her neck at Li Shaoting’s feet. She hugs his leg and her voice is hoarse, “Shaoting… your cousin is craazyyy…he wants to kill me!”

   Li Shaoting watches Li Tian angrily storm down the hallway then helps Long Jinxi stand up. “What did you say to provoke him? He was fine at the opening ceremony.”

   “Keke.. she coughs and tries to catch her breath, “Nothing..nothing…I said when he marries me, he could do what he wanted. I wouldn’t interfere.” She starts crying, “Shaoting, my throat hurts so bad.”

   He looks down the hallway and puts a mask on then hands her one. “Let’s go to my room and put some ice on your throat. I will call the hotel’s doctor.”

   She leans on him and has an idea. Shaoting is handsome and gentle, his identity is a little less than Tian’s but… he is a huge star. Why didn’t I consider him before?

   He swipes his card and the elevator opens, once inside Long Jinxi clings on his arm, “I am so dizzy.”

   Li Shaoting looking down at the annoying woman he frowns, regretting waiting for Li Tian at the elevator. He wanted to tell him that according to Dr. Sloane, she might wake up soon. Hoping that is true he decided to skip the banquet and return to Bashu City tonight.

   When they arrive at his hotel suite he swipes his card and they enter the luxurious room. Long Jinxi’s eyes light up thinking about rolling on the bed with him. She stares at him as he loosens his tie. In a soft voice she says, “Shaoting, I’m thirsty.”

    The corner of his mouth twitches and he pours a glass of warm water for her and then one for him. He gulps down half the glass then says, “I’m calling the doctor.”

    She grabs his arm, “I don’t want anyone to see me!”

   “He works for our family, he won’t say anything.”

    She sips the warm water while gazing at his glass. Thinking about the aphrodisiac in her purse her lips curl up into a malicious arc. Should I? He is the kind of guy who would definitely take responsibility. I would become a member of the Li family and not have to deal with that lunatic Li Tian.


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