Mega Mall Opening Part 2

 After Long Jinxi speaks with Jiang Wenli, she glides through the crowd with a faint smile on her face. If she knows her friend, she will be paranoid waiting for her cheap affair to be exposed. Gloating while thinking about Jiang Wenli’s misfortune she bumps into Li Shaoting.

  He grimaces, “Don’t you have eyes! Watch where you are going!”

  She laughs, “Shaoting, or should I call you Tang Wu? Are you still upset with me about the incident at the awards ceremony last month?” She holds his lapel and looks up at him with an aggrieved expression, “It really wasn’t my fault.”

   He unfurls her fingers clutching his suit coat, “You can deny it all you want but you definitely had a hand in embarrassing Little Mi.”

  “Little Mi? Haha…” She scoffs, “Why would I bother?”

 “Don’t think you can hide from me, we grew up together. I know your ability to scheme behind the scenes.”

  Long Jinxi flutters her eyelashes, “I am not the only one who wasn’t happy about her getting the part. You know how fierce Han Chao’s army can be. Actually, I am quite satisfied with being the Empress.” She coquettishly holds her face in her hands and smiles, “Being an Empress suits me, don’t you think?”

  His eyebrows twitch, “If I hear there are any problems on the set don’t mind me for being impolite!”

  “You should really show me a little more respect. I am going to be the Big Buddha’s wife.”

  Li Shaoting notices the arrogance in her eyes and can’t help but taunt,her, “I don’t think you will rise to that position. My cousin can’t be forced and he has someone he likes.” He doesn’t think Long Jinxi is aware of Song Sara’s existence.

  She flicks her long red hair back and her eyes flash with a malicious gleam, “You mean that slut, Song Sara? She might have climbed into his bed but that lowly bitch will never be his wife. I guess you don’t know she is pregnant by a wild man. The baby she is carrying is not Tian’s…do you think when he finds out he will have anything to do with her. Pfft! She might be lucky to escape with her little life!”

  Li Shaoting’s heart tightens thinking about Song Sara and he grabs Long Jinxi’s arm. His eyes redden as he spits out, “LIAR! I knew you were vicious… but slandering an innocent and sweet girl like Song Sara, watch I don’t destroy you!”

  Her eyes water as she pulls away, “You are hurting me!” She can’t hide her anger as she sneers, “What? How do you know Song Sara? Are you under that little seductress’ spell too! If you don’t believe me, ask Jiang Wenli!”

  Jiang Wenli hears her name and strolls over to Long Jinxi, “Ask me what?”

  Li Shaoting glares at the two women and storms off, it can’t be true. Song Sara is not that type of woman!

  His father and mother witnessed the scene of him gripping Long Jinxi’s arm and they hurried over to find out what was going on. 

   Looking at her son’s angry expression, Wei Minnie wrinkles her delicate eyebrows together. “What is going on with you two! She knows her even-tempered son isn’t easily provoked,  “I know Jinxi can be wilful, but what did she say to anger you to this extent?” 

  “Mom, that woman…” He realizes he shouldn’t say anything and clenches his hand in his trouser’s pocket into a fist. “I just don’t like her, she is always stirring up trouble.”

  Li Liang has a surprised expression, “Jinxi? She has always been obedient and follows the rules.”

  “Nevermind. Is it almost time for the opening ceremony?”

  “Yes. That is why we were looking for you.” She hooks his arm and Li Liang pulls his wife into his embrace, “ Don’t spoil the boy.”


  Infuriated tht he defended Song Sara, Long Jinxi’s eyes narrow watching Li Shaoting and his parents. Jiang Wenli chuckles, “Sweetie, have you been drinking? I have never seen you reveal your true face in public.”

  Long Jinxi comes back to her senses and glances around then breathes a sigh of relief. Good.. there are no paparazzi. Damn that little fox, Song Sara! She adjusts her expression, “Wenli, are you positive Song Sara was raped by a wild man and is pregnant by him not Li Tian?”

  She sips the glass of Champagne in her hand, “I told you that I saw Song Sara drink the Mai Tai that night at the Club.”

  Zheng Lan drags Zhou Jason over to say hello and when Long Jinxi sees them approaching she pinches Jiang Wenli, “SHSSSH.”

   Jiang Wenli’s face twists in pain, “Dammit! You asked!”

   Zheng Lan smiles brightly, “What did I miss?”


   She hugs Zhou Jason and his body stiffens, annoyed by his subtle resistance to her touch but she doesn’t show her displeasure. Hoping to hear some bad news she continues,  “Really? I thought I heard you mention Song Sara.  I wanted to give her an invitation to our wedding but she seems to have disappeared into thin air. No one knows where she went.”

  Zhou Jason investigated and found out Song Sara went to Bashu City but couldn’t locate her whereabouts. He can tell the two annoying women are hiding something, Jiang Wenli appears guilty and Long Jinxi has an apprehensive expression.

  Long Jinxi doesn’t like the smug look on Zheng Lan’s face and noticing Zhou Jason’s interest she says, “Wouldn’t you be uncomfortable having your husband’s first love attend your wedding?”

  Zheng Lan laughs, “Not at all. You know we were all friends at University. I want Song Sara to share our happiness.”

  Zhou Jason’s face darkens and he stares at Long Jinxi with an intense probing gaze, “Do you know where Song Sara is?”

  She has an innocent expression as she shakes her head, “Don’t know.”

  They hear the announcement that the ceremony is about to begin and Long Jinxi says, “I have to go. “

   Uncomfortable because of Zhou Jason’s oppressive aura, Jiang Wenli quickly finishes the glass of Champagne, “Wait. I will go with you.”

  Jiang Wenli starts laughing, “Did you see the look on Zhou Jason’s face?”

  Long Jinxi didn’t go to University with them, she went to a prestigious acting academy. She is friends with Zheng Lan and she mentioned Song Sara and Zhou Jason but at the time she didn’t ask too many questions.

She seldom came into contact with Zhou Jason but from his expression looked concerned. She digs her fingernails into her palm, “What does that bitch have to attract such outstanding men!”

 “ She bewitches them with that fox face of hers! Even my brother would praise her and you know what an iceberg he is. Zhou Jason…well…to be honest I think he would have married the slut if it wasn’t for his father. They were really in love, but the Zheng family and the Zhou family have mutual interests so he had no choice but to break it off.”

  “Wenli, do you think he is still in love with Song Sara?”

  “From his dark expression and his indifferent attitude towards Lan, I would say yes.”

   As she walks to the stage Long Jinxi considers how she could use Zhou Jason to deal with Song Sara.



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