Mega Mall Opening Part 1

   Dr. Sloane and Dr. Lee enter Sara’s room and walk over to the bed. Dr. Lee raises her delicate eyebrow, “The woman is quite beautiful.”

  He gazes at Sara’s delicate face with a hint of pity, “It is a shame she is involved with that bastard, Li Tian. She won’t have a good end dealing with his family, there is no way they will accept the twins in her belly. She is the unfavored daughter of the Song family, who have declined significantly in the past several years. The Li family would never consider a marriage contract between the families. ”

  “The woman is pregnant? That complicates matters. You should have told me I wouldn’t have agreed.”

   “What does her pregnancy have to do with the treatment?”

  “To stimulate the patient her heart will stop for a moment when I insert the third silver needle. I don’t know how that would affect the fetuses. I suggest you wait. If your prior successes with other comatose patients are any indication, she should respond to your treatment.’

   “No. I have a scheduled meeting tomorrow for the investors in my company. I need to show the success rate is worth the millions I am requesting for further research. If I delay the meeting it will send up a red flag and could deter them from committing more money.”

   Lee Yinyin laughs, “So that is why you wanted to enlist my help. Not because you are a lovelorn fool.”

  “Both, although lovelorn doesn’t aptly describe my emotional state.” I might be a fool to want to know why she left me for that old fart.

  “You aren’t worried about the fetuses?”

  “If her heart briefly stops, I don’t foresee any problems.”

  “You don’t foresee or you don’t care? Johan, you have changed. The man I knew wouldn’t risk harming a patient to further his career.”

  “I trust you know what you are doing.”

  Sara can hear them speaking and she desperately struggles to open her eyes. She doesn’t want to take the chance her babies could be affected. The fog in her brain isn’t as dense as it was and she realizes she is in a coma not dreaming. She feels helpless, why can’t I open my eyes or say something! The babies are mine! They have nothing to do with the Li Tian! I got pregnant from that terrible wild man!

  Dr. Lee struggles for a moment, so Dr. Sloane impatiently adds, “Yinyin, do you want your brother to take over as CEO? You should consider your own interests.”

  “If the woman wasn’t pregnant, I wouldn’t hesitate…but…”

“I am here, if the patient is in any distress I can handle the situation.”

 Dr. Lee takes out her silver needles. “Fine.”

Sara tries her hardest to at least lift her hand to signal them. Please..don’t…don’t if there is the slightest chance it might harm the babies…

Dr. Lee inserts the first needle at the base of Sara’s neck and Sara panics, two more needles and she will stop my heart…

   After some soul searching,without alerting Dr. Sloane of her intentions, Lee Yinyin decides she won’t risk harming the fetuses.

The second needle is inserted in Sara’s forehead then she doesn’t insert the third needle into Sara’s chest. She opts for a different location which might stimulate Sara’s brain. Two more needles are inserted and there is no movement from Sara.

 Dr. Sloane anxiously waits next to Dr. Lee for her to finish. Once all five needles are inserted he asks, “Will she wake up after you remove the needles?”

 Dr. Lee doesn’t want to deal with his temper, if Johan knew I deliberately changed the position of the third needle, he would explode. No one knows better than me that under his calm exterior is an obsessive lunatic.  “It is a wait and see, but I anticipate she should awaken in about two hours after I remove the needles.”

“Very good. I was watching the monitor and I didn’t notice any fluctuation in her heartbeat.”

 She slowly removes the needles,“It was probably so brief…if you blinked you would miss it.” 

 “Thank you Yinyin. I owe you.”

 “Well, while we wait for the results, you can take me to dinner. I am famished.” It is a fifty/fifty chance the woman wakes up tonight. But, she certainly will at some point between your treatment and the acupuncture.

 Sara’s mind is in turmoil. I can feel the babies moving so I pray to Buddha there is no problem. I need to wake up and leave this hospital! Has Li Tian really found me?

  Dr. Sloane checks Sara’s vitals then changes the IV bag with a new one containing an experimental drug he uses in his treatment.

  Dr. Lee has a quizzical expression when she notices a slight brownish tint to the liquid in the IV bag, “What are you giving her?”

  “Because she is pregnant I couldn’t use the standard drugs to treat her so I am using a new drug developed by the lab. She was given an extremely high dose of Somalin. I believe the drug combined with the psychological trauma of being kidnapped caused the patient to become comatose.”

  Sara doesn’t remember anything after looking at baby clothes in the small town where Tang Wu was filming. I was kidnapped and given drugs? Why? Who would do that to me?

   After Dr. Slaone replaces the IV he says, “Let’s go. I will have the nurse monitor Song Sara and call me if she awakens.”

  As the medicine enters her bloodstream Sara feels the fog in her brain disappearing. She tries to recall any memories about the kidnapping but her mind is blank. Was I kidnapped because of CEO Li?

   At the Mega Mall opening, Li Tian sneezes and Long Jinxi holds his arm as she sweetly asks, “Tian, do you want me to send my assistant for cold medicine?”

  He glares at Long Jinxi and flings off her hand clutching the sleeve of his suit coat. He growls,“Don’t touch me again if you want to keep that hand.”

  She stumbles in her ten cm. high heels and pouts, “I am only concerned about you.” She rubs her hand, “You don’t have to be that fierce!”

  “I need you to remember our engagement is a sham. I will get rid of it as soon as my grandfather’s condition stabilizes.”

  Long Jinxi lowers her head and has a malicious gleam in her eyes, my mother will make sure the old man doesn’t recover. You will marry me. It wasn’t easy getting the marriage agreement switched to me after my sister’s accident. 

  When she raises her face crystal tears hang on her eyelashes and she looks like a weak beauty. With an aggrieved tone she softly responds,“Tian, our marriage is what grandfather wants. I would be willing to walk away, but I can’t.”

  Li Tian’s father approaches them and wrinkles his forehead, “Tian, are you bullying the little girl?”

  Long Jinxi clutches the sides of her dress and shyly responds, “Uncle Hong, no… I was just thinking of my sister, wishing she could be here.”

  “Little An will miss the opening ceremony but will attend the banquet. Your father said she was feeling better.”

  Long Jinxi looks happily surprised, “That is great! When I spoke to her earlier she wasn’t feeling up to it.” Inwardly she is cursing her annoying sister, What the hell? What does she plan on doing?

 “Can you excuse us? I need to speak to Tian.”

“Sure Uncle Hong. I see my friend Jiang Wenli. I will go say hello.”

 Li Hong’s face darkens, “Son, do I need to remind you that Jinxi is your fiancee! I saw you snarl and throw her hand off of your arm. I won’t tolerate you disrespecting your future wife.”

 “Dad, I told you I will never marry that duplicitous woman! I am only placating Grandfather until his heart condition improves. I agreed to let her accompany me tonight but that doesn’t mean I need to let her hang on me.”

  The veins are bulging on Li Hong’s neck, “There is a lot of media covering this event and like it or not you need to behave. Not only is Jinxi your future wife, but she is a popular celebrity so they will be taking pictures of the two of you. It is good publicity for the Mall.”

  “Why do you ridicule Shaoting for being in the Entertainment Circle but  seem to praise Long Jinxi?”

  “Why do you insist on pissing me off! It is not the same! I’m not wasting my breath explaining it to you. Do as I say!”

   Long Jinxi smiles brightly as she strolls through the crowd to Jiang Wenxli. Uncle Hong will put that arrogant bastard in his place.

She hugs her friend, Wenwen! Long time no see! So Fan Mi told me that you got the second female lead in Director Fang’s new movie.” Her lips curl up into an arc as she taunts her, “Poor Baby, Did you have to sleep with that greasy pervert?” 

   Jiang Wenli’s face turns from white to green, “Shhsssh!” She pulls her to the side, “He is so disgusting! But, if I didn’t go to his hotel room, there was no way he would give me the role.”

  She brushes Jiang Wenli’s hair back, “You better hope no one finds out. I heard he likes to tape his ‘conquests’ or should I say ‘victims’. If you have a scandal your family will never let you stay in the Circle.”

  Jiang Wenli’s face pales, “WHAT? Who told you that? Jinxi, are you trying to scare me?”

  “You’re my friend, I wish you had told me your plan first. I would have told you one role in his shitty movie is not worth it. I can’t tell you how I know, but be careful not to offend the fat pervert or he will destroy you.”

   Jiang Wenli’s eyes widen and her hands are clammy as she holds onto Long Jinxi’s hand, “My agent insisted I go with him, I had no choice!”

  “Well, like I said, be careful.  What an idiot! Her agent is known for sending her actresses to directors and investors. “I see Zheng Lan and Zhou Jason. Talk to you later.”


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