Dr. Sloane

  When Li Tian arrives at his office as per his orders Yang James’s secretary alerts him. He nervously closes a report on a new project in Germany, then decides to reopen the folder. Ever since the debacle involving Song Sara he hasn’t seen Li Tian. His confidence in his strategic planning capability has been seriously eroded since the kidnapping incident and isn’t in a hurry to see him. I will wait until he calls me.

  Li Tian sits at his desk and lights a cigarette. He has a stern expression as he picks up the phone on the desk, “I’m at the company.Come to my office.”

  Yang James picks up the folder and stands up. I will divert his attention with this project. He walks down the hallway to Li Tian’s office thinking about how to handle any questioning about the kidnapping.

   He knocks on the door and Li Tian sounds agitated, “Enter.”

  Yang James smiles, “I have some good news.”


  Yang James sits in a chair across from Li Tian and opens the folder. “The land in Germany has been successfully purchased for the electronics factory.”

  “I don’t have time to discuss that.” He played with a pencil in his hand. “Didn’t I ask you to make sure Long Jinxi had to remain on location for that fucking movie? I didn’t want her bothering me.”

  Yang James inwardly sneers, you are more worried about that than the construction of the multimillion dollar new factory…what has happened to the man who wanted to expand globally? “Unfortunately, the shooting had to be suspended  due to a landslide. Several members of the camera crew were injured. The local authorities are working to clear the area as soon as possible and the production team need to replace the hospitalized cameramen.”

  Li Tian’s face darkens, “Why wasn’t I informed?”

  “Secretary Lou sent you an email.”

  “James, an email? You should have called me and made other arrangements to delay her return to Catang. I am beginning to question your loyalties.”

  Yang James tightens his grip on the folder on his lap. He can’t control his temper. “Tian, how long have we known each other? I am telling you this as your friend. You have let external factors affect your judgment.” He throws the folder on the desk. “This project will generate millions and elevate the company’s global brand.” He hesitates and refrains from mentioning Song Sara. “You are engaged to Long Jinxi and unless you can find a way to sever ties with both the Long and Kang families..well… your grandfather won’t let you escape this marriage.” Do you fucking think the elders of your family will accept that little slut, Song Sara and those bastards in her fucking belly!

   Li Tian slams his hand on the sleek wooden desk and glares at Yang James. “James! I have spent the last ten years growing the company. Now I want to do something for myself.I will find a way to terminate the marriage contract.”

   Yang James responded, “Placate your grandfather and father in the meantime. It isn’t like you haven’t tolerated her sister Long An before.”

   Li Tian realizes Yang James has a point. “Let me look at the acquisition report.”

   Relieved the topic of the kidnapping came up he handed him the report. “I think you will be pleased. I have contacted several local construction companies and they will be sending their quotes.”

  “I will review it. I am meeting my father this afternoon to discuss the opening ceremony and banquet.”

  “How is the Housing Project coming? It will be good for the image of the company.”

  “Han Weisheng has used his connections to move it along. There were some obstacles but it should open on schedule in a couple months.”

  The atmosphere has relaxed between them and they discuss the opening of the Mega Mall.

 At the hospital Dr. Sloane is in his office looking at the images of Sara’s last CAT scan and the ultrasound. He runs his fingers through his hair, somewhat disappointed she hasn’t shown any significant improvement. The other patient at the hospital responded to the treatment and is no longer comatose. His expression reflects his complicated thoughts, his lips are drawn in a straight line and his forehead is wrinkled.

  Beautiful Korean woman wearing a stylish navy blue pantsuit enters the office and smiles, “Johan, what’s wrong?”


  She walks over and bends over his shoulder, “A problem with a patient?”

 He pulls her onto his lap and points at one of the images, “She hasn’t responded to the treatment but there is definitely activity.”

  She raises a delicate eyebrow and holds the report. “Have you considered using acupuncture to stimulate her.”

  “It has been a long time. I wouldn’t be comfortable.”

  “Do you want me to? It might be worth a try.”

   He kisses her and teases, “How much will it cost me for the miracle doctor Dr. Lee Yinyin to treat my patient.”

   She wraps her arms around his neck, “Marry me.”

   He taps her on her nose, “I knew I couldn’t afford you.”

   Dr. Sloane whispers something in her ear and she smiles brightly, “I don’t believe it.”

   “It is true. The woman is pregnant with twins and the father is Li Tian. Imagine how grateful he would be if you were able to succeed?”

   “Wait. This isn’t like you to give someone else the credit. From this report she will probably wake up within a few days from the treatment.”

    “He doesn’t have anything I want but you do. If you take the credit you can get the land for the new research facility your father wants to build. Haven’t you been trying to negotiate with Li Group?”

    She raises her lips into a cynical smile,“What do you want?”

   “What do I want…well…I want what is mine returned to me.” She stole a priceless artifact when she left.

   She pushes him and gets off his lap. “My father won’t let the bitch go.”

   “Then you should leave. Forget we had this conversation.”

   Tears form in her almond shaped eyes, “Why! Why can’t you forget that slut! What kind of fox demon is she! My father is bewitched and you…it has been so long… why do you want her back?” 

    He also wonders why he can’t let go of the past. He wants to know why she suddenly divorced him and went to South Korea with that old man. Money? No, she was rich in her own right. Love? Doubt it. 

    When he doesn’t answer she angrily sweeps the papers off his desk, “Damn you! You called me here to find a way to see Aimee again! Why am I not enough for you?” Tears roll down her face, “Johan! I love you and she cast you aside for a man twice your age!”

  “I know she was coerced by your father. I just want to see her to find out the truth nothing more” I would like to kill your old man and take her forcefully, but he is too heavily guarded.

   “LIAR! You call her name when we are making love and in your sleep.”

  He grabs her into his arms and his voice is tinged with cold indifference, “It is up to you. Miss Song will most likely come out of the coma in a few days without your help. I thought you would jump at the chance to get the land you want. You should get your priorities straight. Your father expects you to make progress with the research facility and I know you have been struggling. If you don’t procure that land don’t you think that will be your brother’s opportunity to displace you as CEO.”

  “How am I going to find a way for you to meet that slut?”

  He roughly kisses her lips then gently tucks her hair behind her ear, “You are a smart woman. I’m sure you can find a way. I heard they are vacationing in Vietnam.”

   “Fine! Take me to the woman’s room.”


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