Sara Hears Li Tian’s Voice

    Five days later inside Sara’s hospital room, Li Tian is sitting on the couch looking at the computer on his lap. He is working on the last minute details of the opening of the much anticipated Mega Mall outside Catang City.

After quite a few setbacks the project was successfully completed and the occupancy rate reach full capacity. The retailers and restaurant owners were ready to accept customers and the PR department prepared a lavish ceremony and banquet to celebrate the opening.

   Although he complained that he was too involved with the Affordable Housing Project to return and recommended Yang James to represent him, his proposal was rejected. Unfortunately, both his father and grandfather insisted he be the host stating it would be an insult to the investors and public if he wasn’t present. 

   Irritated that he has no choice but to return and participate, he is fuming after speaking a moment ago with his grandfather. Somehow that little bitch Long Jinxi convinced grandfather to be my date. Because Grandfather recently recovered, if I disobey him he might have a setback due to anger. I would like to kill those two Long sisters so I don’t have to keep dealing with them.

  Li Tian gazes at Sara, unwilling to leave this afternoon to return to Catang City. Well…it will be one night I will return immediately after the banquet.

Since Dr. Sloane began treating Sara he has been anxiously awaiting her waking up from the coma. Convinced there will be a breakthrough soon he canceled any meetings and shelved all projects that would take him away from her side.

   He is ecstatic thinking about the several  times during last night she had a physical response as he kissed and touched her body. Sara would quiver as she moaned, which hadn’t happened previously. More than once it appeared she would awaken at any time. He had mentally prepared to face Sara and tell her how much he loved her and the babies. 

   Encouraged by her various reaction as he played with her body, he believes there will be good news soon. He decides to call his father and offer a new alternative, his cousin Li Shaoting.

Li Hong is having breakfast discussing the opening tonight with his wife. His phone on the table next to a plate of food rings. He grimaces when he sees the caller. Putting down his chopsticks the middle aged man knits his brow anticipating Li Tian trying to shirk his responsibility.

  Li Tian quickly gets to the point, “Father I have an idea. Shaoting’s popularity has risen greatly since his last movie. I think everyone would be more than pleased if he was the host of the event. His presence would garner more attention than mine because of his celebrity status.”

 “Brat! Are you forgetting Ting’er goes by Tang Wu! He has distanced himself from the family because of his celebrity status. The Entertainment circle is dirty and we can’t have the Li family’s reputation tarnished if something inexplicable happens. He offered to perform but his father declined. Stop your useless prater.”

Li Hong is convinced since Li Tian has been in Bashu City he has changed. After dealing with the Bashu Airport problems he naturally assumed he would quickly return to Catang City. He was shocked when his cold and indifferent son got uncharacteristically involved with a ridiculous public housing project.

  Li Tian was in a hurry to resolve the problem and didn’t consider Li Shaoting’s identity. Dammit!

  When there is silence on the other end Li Hong taps his chopsticks on his plate, “Anything else? My eggs are getting cold.”


   “Get your ass to the company this afternoon. I have some things to discuss before this evening.”

   Frustrated, Li Tian purses his lips into a straight line and tightens his grip on the phone. He angrily curses his father and lifts his hand about to throw the phone at the wall. His hand is in midair when the door opens and he suppresses the urge to destroy the phone.

   An elderly nurse enters and pulls on her collar, the air surrounding that cold bastard is suffocating as usual. She glances at Li Tian, she has become strangely accustomed to the frigid atmosphere in the room. Dr, Ling assigned her to Sara because either the younger nurses became infatuated with him or were deathly afraid. Since she has weathered many storms during her long life she is impervious to his terrifying aura.

  Li Tian is actually very satisfied with this old nurse. She does a good job taking care of Sara without disturbing him. If he asks a question she answers him politely without any judgment. Although he could give a shit about anyone’s impression of him he feels she is more sincere with her answers. 

   Ignoring his penetrating gaze she proceeds over to check Sara’s vitals. She takes Sara’s blood pressure then checks the IV bag. It should be changed in about a half hour. When she lifts Sara’s hand to put the pulse oximeter on her finger she notices Sara’s hand trembling. Hmmm…this is unusual, I should make a note for Dr. Ling. 

   Li Tian has become sensitive to any nuances on the faces of the nurse and doctors. Noticing her quizzical expression he approaches the bed, “Is there a change.”

  The elderly nurse looks up at the handsome man towering over her with a concerned look in his pitch black eyes. She is well aware the man standing next to her is an evil bastard. Sara will have red marks on her body and her lips will be red and swollen at times. But, she feels it isn’t any of her business since Dr. Ling must be aware and seems to have no opinion.

  “Slight movement of her fingers on her right hand.”

  Li Tian’s face reveals his excitement and the elderly nurse inwardly sighs, the iceberg does seem to have true feelings for the beautiful girl.  

   His voice is tinged with expectations, “Does that mean she will wake up soon?” I almost want to tell this old woman about Sara’s response to me touching her last night.

  “I am only a nurse, I have no idea, I did make a note for the doctor.”

  “Call the doctor to come now.”

  “Mr. Lu..” She stops when she sees him affectionately holding Sara’s hand and the hopeful expression on his face “Yes. I will immediately.” Although looking at Sara lying motionlessly on the bed she doubts her hand trembling was indicative she would awaken from the coma. The man does sit in this room guarding her everyday and this is the first sign of any possible progress from the treatment.

  When she leaves Li Tian squeezes Sara’s hand, “Baby, I know you are going to wake up soon.” He lowers his head and kisses her forehead then puts his hand on her swollen belly. 

  His joy is short lived when  Dr. Slaone examines her and concludes it was an involuntary tremor.

   Disappointed after the doctor leaves he sits on the bed and hugs Sara into his arms. Stroking her soft black hair, his eyes are full of warmth and gentleness. He touches the lush black eyelashes covering her eyes. “Come on Baby ,try a little harder to open your eyes, I miss seeing your beautiful blue eyes…sometimes hazy with lust…so enchanting you suck my soul from me.”

He lightly kisses her closed eyes and chuckles, “But..haha.. Of course, most of the time your eyes flash with flames of anger.” He tightens his embrace in a low and magnetic voice he confesses, “ I am waiting for you to look at me with your crystal blue eyes sparkling and full of love. I love you and our babies more than I can say. I will give you everything, all my love and a life of luxury. Please, wake up so I can prove to you that I am the only man for you. He tightens his arms around her thin waist and his voice is full of longing, “I want to marry you Song Sara. I want you to be my wife. I will only love you in this life.”

   Li Tian’s words and the feeling of being in his warm embrace stir Sara’s consciousness. Listening to his strong heartbeat and his heartfelt confession sink into Sara’s clouded mind. What a strange dream.  It isn’t possible for the arrogant and cold CEO Li to say such tender words to me. Do I like him? Is this wishful thinking on my part so I am dreaming of him confessing his love. How could that be… If he knew the baby wasn’t his… a seed planted by a wild man who raped me…I need to wake up from this weird fantasy. It should be time to make breakfast for the Li brothers.

  He buries his head in her neck and inhales her unique fragrance of jasmine that is intoxicating. Licking and sucking on her shell-like ear he whispers, “You are so beautiful my love.” Gazing at her lovingly he presses his lips on hers before he deepens the kiss he forces himself to stop. Knowing if he lingers any longer he will be too tempted and disobey his father and grandfather he unwillingly lays Sara on the pillow. He fixes the blanket covering her then gets off the bed. “I need to go. I will be back tomorrow.”

   Kang Mingshun is deep in thought while standing in the hallway waiting for Li Tian.

When Li Tian exits the room his face has an ugly expression, “Let’s go.”

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