Rui Is Happy

LiMei squints her eyes in pleasure. “Rui…yummy!…the fish is delicious.”

He wipes the flakes of fish at the corner of her mouth then licks his finger, “Hmm. Very.”

Comfortably sitting in his lap she takes another bite, “Do you think the medicine will work? Maybe we should make something to take him in down the mountain to Master Wong.”

  Rui has a faint smile, then that bastard really will die. “If he wanted the Master to treat him, do you think he would go up the back mountain and hide in a cave?”

  Thinking about the way Old Hermit seemed to be wary of being discovered LiMei wrinkled her nose, “I guess not.” 

     He holds a bottle of water to her mouth, “Drink.”

   Noticing the last fish on the fire needs to be turned he sets her down on the blanket. LiMei watches him flip the fish wrapped in the banana leaf and smiles, Rui is so handsome and he can do anything. 

   She impulsively stands up and hugs his waist from behind. She presses her body onto him, “My husband is so handsome.”

   He turns around and wraps his arms around LiMei then lifts her into the air. Teasing LiMei he spins her around, “Wife, if you seduce me right now the fish will burn.”

   LiMei giggles, “No..No! Not seducing!!”

   He laughs at her adorable expression and puts her down. He lifts her chin and kisses her half parted lips. “How can my wife be so cute?” Rui loves when LiMei laughs, her eyes sparkle like the stars and her face lights up. He has a devilish grin as he pokes her dimple with his finger, “Little goblin.”

   LiMei encircles his neck with her arms and stands on her tiptoes to kiss him. After she presses her soft lips on his, she coquettishly puffs out her cheeks and pouts, “I am the cutest! So don’t look at any other woman.”

   Rui bursts out laughing and cups her small face in his hands. His eyes are bent and his face reveals a hint of satisfaction, “Is my Baby still jealous?” He lowers his head and captures her lips with a possessive deep kiss. When LiMei is breathless he releases her lips. His heart is pounding and his deep voice sounds hoarse , “I told you I only love you… my beautiful sweet wife.”

   Smoke rises into the air and LiMei’s eyes widen as she pushes him towards the fire, “My fish!”

   Rui helplessly sighs and shakes his head, “The fish is more important than your husband kissing you?”

    LiMei blushes, “Ahh..of course not…but.”

   Rui chuckles as he takes the fish off the fire. Haha.. she looks just like a greedy little cat..

    While he moves the fish to the side of the burning wood LiMei sits on the blanket. She leans back on her hands and faces the cloudless blue sky, soaking up the sun, she remarks, “It is hard to believe last night was storming and freezing cold.” She rolls to the side and picks a blade of grass by the edge of the blanket. ”It is so hot now even the ground has dried.”

   He lazily walks over and sits next to her. When he opens the banana leaf a fragrant aroma and steam rises from the perfectly cooked fish. LiMei drools while hungrily staring at the herb-covered fish. “I think the fish you cook is better than any I have ever had in a restaurant.”

   Rui happily smiles listening to her flatter him. “I think you are just hungry.”

  LiMei shakes her head in denial, “I’m serious.” Sitting with her arms wrapped around her knees she compliments his skill. “The fish is flaky…flavorful with the wild mushrooms and the bamboo shoots are really tender.” She gazes at the flowing stream then sighs, “It is so beautiful up here I wish we could stay longer.”

   He plays with a few loose strands of her hair, “We could stay here one more night if you want. The brat’s cave isn’t too bad.” I hope that bastard Wong Kai is well enough to leave after drinking the antidote.

   “ Yeah.” She picks up a piece of fish and mushroom and feeds Rui, “I was surprised when I saw the inside. I guess Old Hermit helped Baobei make the bed and the furniture .The night pearls are cool.”

    “En.” Rui lifts his lips into a sneer, If Master knew the kid stole the priceless night pearls from the treasure room he would be furious. He spent a small fortune for those artifacts.

    Beads of sweat are forming on LiMei’s forehead, “After we eat, I want to bathe in the stream.”

   “There is a hot spring beyond the forest. Do you want to go there?”

    LiMei’s eyes light up, “Sure!”

     Rui’s ink black eyes are full of pampering as he feeds her the rest of the fish and the wild vegetables. He loves the way she savors every morsel and hums in satisfaction. After she swallows the last bite LiMei lays down on the blanket and the short crop top exposes her flat stomach. Patting her belly she exclaims, “Ahh..Hubby, that was sooo goooood.”

   He lays next to her and kisses her stomach, “I am still hungry.”

   LiMei giggles, “ That tickles…ahh..Ruiii!”

   His kisses move up her stomach and his Adam’s apple rolls. LiMei’s face turns crimson red, “We are outside!”

   His lips curl up in a playful arc, “Don’t be shy. No one is here.”

   “Old Hermit.”

   “The medicine will make him sleep for a few hours.” He lifts her top and unhooks her bra as his other hand slides into her shorts and rubs her mound.

      The beast inside of him can’t be restrained when he sees LiMei’s alluring appearance as he teases her. Her cheeks are rosy and her beautiful green eyes are covered in a seductive layer of mist as she purrs, “Stop…”

   Rui sucks on her neck and LiMei gasps in pleasure as his thumb grazes her nub back and forth then inserts a finger into her tight flower cave. Rui sucks then bites her earlobe, he whispers in her ear, “My little wifey is so wet.” He takes out his finger and it is coated with her glistening honey. “I don’t think you want me to stop.” Rui sucks on his finger then kisses her tempting red lips.

   Luz is watching them from the edge of the forest. She smirks, It doesn’t look like Qin Daiyu  and Qiao Rui are in a hurry to return to the Compound. I need to kill Wong Hao while he is weakened. I know I’m not a match if he is at full strength. I can capture her later.

    Rui entangles LiMei in several different positions until she begs for mercy, unable to withstand any more of his plundering. When she is thoroughly spent from climaxing several times and enduring his rampant thrusting, she passes out from being overly stimulated and exhaustion.

Thinking about her wantonly sitting on top of him and moving up and down on his c*ck he grinned. Rui kisses her forehead then licks the salty tears on her face. I’m sorry Baby, but I need you…you can never leave me.

The demon inside of him wanted LiMei to experience ultimate pleasure so she would addicted…never again threaten to leave. So in the last moments of their lovemaking Rui used a forbidden sexual technique. Rapture engulfed LiMei’s body and she burst into tears as she convulsed from the euphoric feeling.

   He has a gratified expression on his handsome face seeing his essence combined with an excessive amount of honey dripping down her slender thighs. After indulging in her sweet body, Rui feels an indescribable feeling of happiness. His dark eyes are filled with obsession without a trace of guilt for using the demonic sexual technique.

In the past he had held back many times knowing the dark yang was too powerful. But, after the despair he felt when LiMei said she would leave him last night he was unable to suppress his evil desires. My little wife, I never felt such pure bliss until I met you. You are breathtakingly beautiful and my most precious treasure. I can’t risk losing you

Smiling, he embraces LiMei’s limp naked body into his arms and kisses her puffy lips, red and swollen from his kisses. After grabbing their clothes he carries LiMei to the hot spring. The medicinal effect of the water will heal your body.

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