When they arrived at the Crescent Moon Bar, Claire parked in the back. “Ren, this is a new hot spot. I think you will like it.”

Her brother had a thoughtful expression but didn’t say anything. He opened the door and Merri slid off his lap. She rubbed her neck, “Too bad it is snowing you could have opened the roof.”

 The three of them walked to the entrance and an elegant man in a stylish gray overcoat was leaving, he looked startled, “When did you get back?”

  “Earlier this evening. Where is Karin?”

  “I guess you don’t know. We had a baby a couple months ago and she is at home. I had to meet some clients for a business dinner.”

    Ren patted him on the shoulder, “Hey, congratulations.”

  The man took out a business card, “Call me. I would join you for a drink but she has me on a tight leash. She has been cranky lately, I think she misses working at the company.”

   Claire was staring at the man with an infatuated gaze and Merri pulled on her coat sleeve and she snapped out of her daze. She chimed in, “Congratulations.”

   The man hadn’t noticed the little pixie standing behind Ren and he had a complicated expression on his beautiful face. He smiled but his eyes momentarily flashed with sadness. Quickly composing himself  he replied,“I will. Thank you. I see my driver, I should go.”

  The atmosphere was awkward as the three of them entered the packed bar. Ren rubbed his sister’s head. “When are you going to move on? He is married with a child, Cole won’t divorce Karin.”

   Claire’s pretty brown eyes welled up with tears, “I know. He isn’t the type of man to shirk responsibility.”

  Merri wrapped her arm around Claire’s thin shoulder. Cole Henry was a taboo subject but Merri can tell her friend was in pain. “Does he know about what she did?”

 “Obviously not. I was the only one there at the time. Now that he has a child I will take that secret to my grave. I can’t let a child bear the sins of his mother.” Occasionally she would consider telling Cole but would always hang up when she heard his voice on the phone. This was the first time she had seen him since he got married to that poisonous woman.

  Merri responded, “This is terrible to say, but I really wonder if the baby is his. The timing was too suspicious, don’t you think?”

  Claire clutched her small fists at her side, “If it is true she tricked him into marrying her… I won’t let her go!”

  “Well it is only my suspicion I have no evidence and like you said, what about the baby?”

  Claire wrinkled her forehead, “Dammit! I need a drink!”

  They found a table towards the back and Claire waved her short arm in the air to get the cocktail waitress’s attention, “Over here! Three shots of tequila and three Heinekens!”


   When they got their drinks Merri bit on the lime then raised her shot glass, “Welcome home Ren!”

  The three of them downed the fiery liquid and Merri took a sip of beer, “Ahh…I needed that!”

   After several rounds of shots and beers Merri couldn’t hold it in anymore, “I’m going to the restroom.”

  Merri was glassy eyed as she wove her way through the crowded bar. The restroom was at the end of a long hallway and Merri leaned on the wall halfway down. She closed her eyes.wishing she hadn’t waited until she was about to burst…so far..

   After resting for a moment she continued to the restroom and when she sat on the toilet she sighed, “Ahhh..” After she finished she pulled up her panties then went to the sink to wash her hands. When she left the bathroom she frowned, why is it so dark? Suddenly a large hand was over her mouth and she smelled a familiar masculine scent. 

   She struggled and the man pushed her up against the wall. His hand covered her eyes as he forcefully kissed her. She tried to push him away but his body was pressed on hers and he didn’t budge. He continued to pillage her small mouth savoring her sweet taste.

After deepening the kiss and sucking her tongue he was breathing heavily and his c*ck was rubbing against her. He licked her lips glistening with saliva then whispered in a hoarse voice. “You taste like tequila.”

  The Crescent Moon Bar belonged to him, he used it as a front to launder money and when he had a small delivery. He was shocked when he came to check the delivery of  a few newly developed weapons and saw Merri at a table littered with empty bottles.

Walking past their table on his way to the back stairs.he witnessed Merri sucking on a lime then linking arms with a man as she gulped down a shot and he was annoyed.

  Earlier after Nadia bitched him out he had decided not to bother the little mouse anymore. Since Nadia was Niko’s sister he gave her some respect, he had known her since they were children. All three of them grew up in an orphanage in the countryside outside of Moscow.

 But now she delivered herself to his door and decided to play with her for one more night. 

  The last shot of tequila was laced with a new drug.  Under its influence Merri was clinging onto Alexi and rubbing her slender body on him. She was wearing a light gray chiffon dress that was now stuck to her slim figure because of the layer of sweat on her body. 

Viktor walked over to the table where Claire and her brother were sitting. His height was well over six feet tall so he leaned down. “The lady who was with you said to tell you she was taking a taxi home. She wasn’t feeling well.”

Claire stood up and wobbled, “What! Where is she?”

 Viktor steadied Claire by holding her arm. He glanced at her tiny body,  even wearing high heels she barely came up to his chest. He lifted an eyebrow staring at the table full of empty beer bottles and shot glasses. He gave Ren an accusing look and Ren played with a beer bottle. I am just along for the ride. I have never been able to control these two girls when they start drinking.

Alexi still had to deal with the delivery so he lifted Merri into his arms and walked up the backstairs to his office. Fluttering her eyelashes she looked up at him in a daze then kissed his lips. He had a faint smile, “Behave.”

  Pouting she rubbed her face on his chest and purred, “Husband I want you to fuck me.” 

   In shock he said, “What did you just say?”

   She slid her hand under his opened black silk shirt and touched his bare skin. Rubbing her hand across his chest she softly said,  “I am so wet..”

  He lifted her chin and his eyes were dark and unfathomable. His body stiffened and his voice was  harsh “What did you call me?”

  She gazed at him, her watery eyes filled with undisguised affection, “Husband..are you angry with me?”

  Alexi carried her into the side room in his office and threw her on the bed. He took long strides to the outer office then angrily took out his phone. He called Viktor. “Get your ass up to my office.”

  Viktor broke out into a cold sweat and rushed upstairs. When he entered the office he was met with a flying kick to the chest. He flew backwards and coughed up blood. Alexi stomped over and grabbed him by the throat, “What the fuck did you give that woman?”

   “I did what you said. I gave her the new drug, Halcion. Amir said it is like a roofie.”

“The little thing is hallucinating. She thinks I am her fucking husband!”

“…” What the hell!

“ I only gave her half a tab; it should wear off in a few hours.” Why are you so pissed? Isn’t this good she should serve you well?

 There was a knock at the door and Alexi motioned to Viktor to answer it.

 Two Chinese men came into the room followed by a pale blonde man. The Chinese men were holding large duffel bags. 

  Set them on the table.”

  Alexi walked over to the bar and poured a glass of expensive Vodka for the man smoking a cigar. Speaking Russian he asked“How much?”

  The blonde man spoke Mandarin instructing one of the dangerous looking men to open the first duffel bag and he removed a case. He pressed a string of numbers on a lock and the case opened. Alexi appeared calm but he was extremely satisfied with the gun in the case. “This is the latest design from Z Force.”

  The man took out the gun and handed it to Alexi, “Lightweight Two metal inserts for added stability and latest technology… extremely accurate.”

  Alexi’s spacious office was soundproof so he shot the gun at the target on the wall. He nodded. “How much.”

 They negotiated the price of the weapons and Alexi opened a safe behind a painting on the wall.

 Suddenly the door to the side room opened and the blonde man and the two Chinese men aimed their guns at the door.

 Merri was standing there in white lace underwear with her legs clamped together. Her long black hair was cascading down to her thin waist and her exquisite face was dyed crimson red. She was blinking her curled black eyelashes and her heart shaped lips were pursed into a thin line. She sounded coquettish as she asked in an aggrieved tone “Why are you taking so long. I’m so itchy.”

All the men stared at the beautiful doll in the doorway and Alexi growled to them, “Turn around!”

Merri was oblivious and gazed at Alexi, “Hus..” He quickly covered her mouth and dragged her into the side room then tossed her onto the luxurious bed. He pinned her thin arms above her head, his eyes were swirling with dark desire mixed with anger. He pressed her down and kissed her hard then growled, “Stay here! Don’t come out again. Do you understand?”

 Merri nodded her head and he said, “I will punish you when I get back!”

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