Get Lost!

  Grabbing her scarf Merri ran out of the room wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. Disgusting! Thinking about what happened in the private room she was shaking in anger.

Alexi kissed and sucked her lips as she fed him the wine. He even removed her silk scarf and kissed her slender neck while making obscene remarks about what a little slut she was. She choked back her words in fear he might ruin her hands out of spite.

As she stood up to leave he held onto her hand and made her watch as he groaned in pleasure and shot into Bella’s mouth. Merri saw his essence dripping out of Bella’s mouth and was horrified being subjected to this embarrassing scene. Bella was in a daze licking her lips and Emmi felt sick being forced to watch the lewd sight.

His evil laugh as she fled was echoing in her mind.

  Emmi held her stomach that was churning. She ran down the stairs to the employee bathroom and into a stall. She leaned over and retched until nothing was left in her stomach. She started coughing and tears were rolling down her cheeks. Bastard! Pervert! 

   She walked out of the stall over to the sink and washed out her mouth. She wrapped the scarf around her neck and leaned on the counter. 

    Furious because she was forced to endure such humiliation she got her purse and coat then went to Niko’s office.

   He was smoking a cigarette talking to his sister Nadia when Merri barged into the room without knocking.

   Nadia saw her angry expression and thought it was unlike Merri not to knock. “Merri, what’s wrong?”

  “What’s wrong? Where should I start!” She pointed her finger at Niko, “I have done a good job since I started working here and how was I rewarded..with humiliation! Total humiliation!”

  Nadia stood up and walked over to Merri. She had a concerned expression and patted her back then asked, “What happened?”

  Merri was holding back her tears but her voice was trembling, “I quit.”  She turned on her heels and quickly left the office.

   Nadia’s eyes were twitching as she stared at her brother, She picked up an ashtray and threw it across the room at him. “I knew it was a terrible idea when you said that damn lunatic kicked Hector Sanchez out and wanted Merri to play the piano! How am I going to replace her? HUH! She was fucking perfect! Do you know how many men come here just for her!”

   Niko rubbed his shoulder where he was hit by the crystal ashtray, “How could I refuse? Can anyone say no to Alexi and live comfortably?”

  “So you sent a poor little girl to that maniac knowing he absolutely despises anything pure and untainted?”

   He takes a cigarette out of a pack, Sis would really flip out if I told her I drugged the girl and sent her to Alexi’s bed. “After she calms down I will give her a big bonus to return. No one can turn down money.”

  She the yanked the cigarette out of his mouth and crushed it out on his desk. “I told you not to stink up the office.”

   Niko opened the drawer and took out a piece of nicotine gum. As he unwrapped it he continued, “Really I thought since he was with that haughty bitch Bella Fremont he wouldn’t do anything to the girl.”

  “My God Niko! Do you think the arrogant prick gives a rat’s ass about his image in front of that woman? I saw Alexi push Bella Fremont into the bushes as they left the premiere of her new movie. She crawled out of the bushes and her arms were covered in bloody scratches from the thorns. Her beautiful designer gown was torn and her hair looked like a bird’s nest. He didn’t care at all! He was halfway to the car. She ran on broken heels to catch up with him. The only reason the paparazzi ignored the situation was because they knew if they posted any photographs they would die without a corpse. Even her father, the Mayor, bows to him.”

  “Since you know this, why would you even ask why I cater to him. Besides you seem to forget  the fact Alexi saved me back then and I owe him. I am not willing to offend my good brother over one disposable little piano player.”

   Merri weaved through the crowded bar into the hallway by the restrooms. She texted Claire, [I’m off, can you pick me up?]

[Sure. I am with my brother. Is it okay if he comes out with us?]

[When did he get back from London?]

[I just picked him up at the airport.]

[I will meet you out front.]

Merri tightened the coat around her and looked at the snow beginning to fall. It seems like Ren has been gone for so long. It will be great to see him. Claire’s older brother was always gentle and fun to be around. It is good all men aren’t like that beast.

  She looked at her soft white hands and the red mark on her wrist and the bruise on her little finger. I think he would really have broken my fingers if I refused. How can there be such a cruel man? If I couldn’t play the piano I think I would lose my soul.

  Upstairs in the Club Alexi grabbed Bella by the hair and pulled her head back as she tried to kiss him, “I don’t like presumptuous women!”

  “But…you…you were kissing… “

   He slapped her face, “Viktor send her home.”

  Viktor was the only bodyguard in the room. He was Alexi’s most trusted and would blend into the surroundings as though he wasn’t there. He stepped forward and lifted Bella by the arm off the floor. She was whimpering and holding her swollen cheek. She tried to crawl into his lap when he snarled, “ Don’t contact me again.”

  She grasped his pants, “I will be good. Please Alexi…I love you!”

  He scoffed, “Get Lost! I’m sick of looking at your face.”

“Alexi…what do you want? I will tell my father to make sure you get the land you want.”

“Viktor, what are you waiting for? Get the ugly bitch away from me before I lose my patience.”

  Viktor grabbed her off of Alexi’s lap, “Miss, let’s go.”

   “NO! I don’t want to! I love you so much!”

   Alexi grabbed her by the throat and his eyes were like an enraged beast, “Do you love me enough to die for me?”

   Her eyes were full of water and bulging out of her head as she gasped for breath. Bella was terrified and he saw the intense fear in her eyes. He loosened his grip on her slender throat, “I didn’t think so.” 

  As she slumped down Viktor dragged her out of the room and down the stairs. She looked lifeless as they walked out the front door of the noisy Club.

  Merri ducked behind a group of men entering the Club and watched as Viktor roughly pushed Bella into the backseat of an expensive looking car. She hid behind a burly man thinking Alexi would be not far behind and she wanted to avoid him. To her surprise the car left with only Bella.

  Afraid of seeing Alexi she texted Claire  [I will be waiting in front of the coffee shop down the street from the Club.]

  As she looked up she saw a bright red sports car pull up to the curb. Ren got out of the passenger seat and hugged Merri, “Girl, you look like you are half frozen! Why didn’t you wait inside?”

  Claire leaned over, “Sorry you need to squeeze in, I didn’t have time to go get a different car.”

  Merri giggled as she looked at the gear shift, “Umm..I can get into the back.”

 “Not enough room, Ren’s golf clubs  and a suitcase are back there.”

“Why don’t you sit on my lap? We aren’t going far.”

 Merri bushed, “I guess that would be okay.”

 Alexi witnessed Merri getting into the Bugatti Veyron while giggling as she sat on a man’s lap and his face darkened. He stared at the license plate as the car left and took out his phone, “Check and see who owns a red Bugatti with the license plate #AW 7594.”

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