How Should I Punish You?

    Merri was on break and sitting in the staff room. She was exhausted and resting her head on the table when the manager came into the room.

  Nadia shook her shoulders, “”Merri…Merri.”

  Merri opened her eyes and lifted her head, “Is my break over already?”

  “Yes. I came to tell you Niko wants you to go to a private room upstairs.”


   “To play the piano of course.”

   “Alright. I will freshen up and go upstairs.”

   Merri took her purse and went into the employee bathroom and looked in the mirror. Merri, you look absolutely terrible. She took out a compact and dabbed concealer under her eyes. After applying a thin coat of pink lip gloss she took off a pink rhinestone hair clip then brushed her long black hair hair. Once she neatly pinned her hair into a fluffy bun, she fixed the pink and gray silk scarf around her neck covering the unsightly red marks.

   Merri gazed in the mirror and shook her head. How am I going to face Danny? Thank God he isn’t working tonight, I wouldn’t know what to say!

  Her phone rang and she took it out of her purse. When she answered she smiled, “Hey Claire, I was going to call you after work.”

   “I ran into your brother at the convenience store. Where the hell were you last night?”

   Claire got into her red sports car. She looked at herself in the rearview mirror and brushed her short curly burgundy colored hair behind her ear. “It is a good thing I am quick witted! The brat was going off on how I should have called him if you were staying over. He is like an old man the way he worries about you.”


  “Well, where were you?”

  Merri blushed, “Umm…long story, do you want to get a drink after I get off work?”

 “Sure. Call me when you get off and I will pick you up.”


  Merri put her purse back into her locker and exited the break room. I could use a drink. 

 Once she was upstairs she stopped a hostess leaving a room and asked, “ Lucy, which private room has a piano?”

  Lucy was one of the people kicked out of the room by Alexi and she said, “The last one on the left.” She knew Merri’s timid personality so in a barely audible voice she leaned down and warned. “Sweetie, be careful, that man is crazy.” 

   “What man?”

   Lucy saw Niko coming out of a private room not far away and quickly clicked her heels down the hallway without answering.

   Merri watched her hurry away and had second thoughts. Although she is intimidated by Niko she approached him, “Mr. Ninski, I have never played for a private party. I…I think you should have Katrina do it.”

   “Miss Winslow, Katrina had an emergency at home and left.” He noticed her squeamishness, “There is nothing to be worried about and the pay is much higher.” Alexi has Bella Fremont with him… the little girl should be safe. Looking at her innocent appearance he felt a little guilty about drugging her and sending her to Alexi. Niko probed her earlier and she seemed not to have any memory of last night.

  Merri had no choice but to agree and walked down to the last room. When she entered the room her eyes lit up because the piano was of extraordinary quality. She used to have a similar piano when she was a High School student in her practice room in the mansion.

The private room was luxuriously decorated and there were expensive looking paintings hanging on the walls. Filled with nostalgia she lifted the cover and happily ran her fingers across the keys. 

   Excited, she sat down on the piano bench and began to play. She was in her own world and didn’t notice Alexi and Bella come into the room. Her eyes were sparkling as her fingers glided over the keys reminiscing about the past. Infusing her soul into the melody she had a slight smile which was captivating. The music was a composition she wrote shortly after her father died. The melody evoked a sense of desolation and loneliness which was incongruent with her ethereal appearance and the smile on her beautiful face.

    Alexi stood frozen in place, bewitched by Merri’s beauty and the stirring song. His heart felt heavy and his heartbeat was erratic listening to the dark and oppressive music. It reminded him of the orphanage he grew up in and the death of his only brother. His eyes darkened and he clenched his fist in his pocket. He stormed over to the piano then bellowed, “How dare you!”

   He startled Merri and she trembled, “I..I’m sorry I didn’t realize you were here.”

  Bella was worried Alexi was attracted to Merri and was happy he was enraged. She had a malicious smile as she walked over and held Alexi’s arm. From the ugly expression on his handsome face he was furious “Such a depressing song. It is ruining my mood.”

 Alexi glared at Merri then wrapped his arm around Bella’s waist and walked over to the luxurious white leather couch.

  Merri desperately wanted to escape. She thought with Alexi’s volatile temper she could be in danger any moment. She stood up and walked towards the door without saying anything.

  Alexi barked, “Where the hell do you think you are going?”

  “Since I am spoiling the mood, I will ask Mr. Ninski to replace me.” 

  “I didn’t say you could leave.”

  Merri clutched the sides of her skirt and puffed out her cheeks. She was tired and in a bad mood because he was the customer and her Boss knew she was afraid of him. Merri’s voice was full of indignation, “Sir, I have met you twice and both times you have been rude. I don’t need this job that badly.”


   “Last night outside the Club and now.”

   “…”  I thought she was pretending not to know me because of Bella. The little woman doesn’t remember me fucking her little pussy all night? I guess I will need to remind her.

    Merri turned to leave and he grabbed her thin wrist, “Like I said, I didn’t say you could leave.”

    She tried to wriggle her small hand out of his grasp and he taunted her, ”If I exert a little more pressure you won’t play the piano again.”

    Terrified by his ruthlessness Merri was shaking.  “Let me go. FINE! I will play whatever you want.” He is insane! I have never met anyone who lacked any human decency. He is tormenting me for some twisted reason!

    Merri rubbed her wrist as he languidly leaned back on the couch and nonchalantly quipped, “Music to fuck to.”

    “…” Psycho! 

   A waiter came into the room with a tray of snacks and a bottle of red wine. After he poured the wine he asked, “Anything else?”

   Alexi motioned towards Merri, “Give the woman a glass of wine.”

    Bella wrinkled her thin eyebrows together wondering what was going on between Alexi and Merri. She lifted the glass of wine and took a sip, “This wine is delicious.”

   He ignored her and gulped down the glass of wine while watching Merri. She had her head lowered and her fanlike black eyelashes were fluttering. She was playing a romantic song and it was obvious she was uncomfortable because she made several mistakes. 

   After drinking the bottle of wine, he had a devilish gleam in his dark eyes. Suddenly he told Bella. “Suck my c*ck.”

   Bella was drunk and gazing at him with an infatuated look. She hesitated, she had been intimate with him before but there was another woman in the room. She rubbed hand on his chest and in a soft voice  complained, “But… what about her? Send her away.”


   She bit her lip then looked up at him with a pleading look in her eyes. “Alexi, I can’t…I really can’t.”

  He grabbed the back of her head and his mouth was close to her ear. His voice was cold and emotionless, “If you can’t satisfy me what use are you. Don’t appear in front of me again then.”

   Bella reluctantly knelt between his long legs and unbuckled his belt. She gulped looking at his huge erection. Pulling down his underwear she held his c*ck then began sucking the large mushroom head. She enjoyed giving him pleasure and expertly used her tongue to lick his thick shaft. He leaned back on the couch looking wild and unruly as he unbuttoned his shirt. His voice was hoarse as he said, “Little mouse, come here. Bring your glass of wine.”

   Merri’s face turned crimson red when she witnessed the lewd scene. She couldn’t believe that Bella Fremont was subjecting herself to such humiliation. Merri went to school with her and always thought she was a cold beauty who wouldn’t let anyone get into her eyes. She tightened her hands into fists on her lap but knew if she didn’t go over he might do something drastic.

   She picked up the glass of wine and reluctantly approached them. He patted the couch. “Sit.”

   Bella was still between his legs and half his c*ck was in her mouth. Merri was petrified, what is this pervert going to do!

  When she didn’t sit he pulled her down onto the couch.  He licked his lips as he pinched her chin, His voice was tinged with displeasure, “Little girl, I don’t like to repeat myself.” 

   Merri’s eyes widened in fear, “I am not a hostess. What do you want from me?”

   “Feed me the wine and you can go.”

    Merri was shocked, “ I won’t!”

    Alexi took her hand and played with her fingers. He lightly squeezed her little finger and Merri flinched. Pressing his lips on her ear he nibbled on her earlobe then bit her tender skin sending a strange sensation down her neck. He ran jis finger down her cheek. “Disobedient. How should I punish you?”

  Merri’s beautiful face contorted in fear and she lifted the wine glass to his lips.

He laughed as he held her hand on the glass, “Little fool, use your mouth.”

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