Sent To The Wolf

This chapter is for readers 18+ enjoy!

The bodyguard who tossed Merri into the backseat sat next to her. He took off his tie and using it as a blindfold he wrapped it around her head. “Behave and nothing will happen to you.” He had his doubts about her surviving the night but didn’t want to deal with any unruliness before she was delivered.

  In a daze and beginning to feel the effects of the aphrodisiac Merri wasn’t as concerned about not being able to see as she was about the heat engulfing her body. She was sweating profusely and wanted to take off her coat. Her fingers trembled as she removed her scarf and unbuttoned her coat. Smacking her lips she weakly asked, “Could I please have water.”

 The bodyguard grabbed a bottle then handed it to her. She gulped the refreshing mineral water down her scorched throat to quench her thirst “Ahhh…” She finished the bottle and leaned back in the seat. Inhaling the distinctly masculine scent radiating from the man she was consumed by lust. She leaned into him and  purred, “Help me…I’m so itchy and hot.”

  Not wanting to be tempted by the little vixen he pushed her away, “Slut, the Boss will satisfy you soon enough.”

  “I..I can’t wait..I need..” She didn’t know what she needed exactly but she knew she wanted this man to touch her overheated body. Merri touched his cool chest, “Pleaseee…”

  He growled to the man driving, “Speed it up!” What the hell…if she continues I don’t know if I can control myself. She is beautiful and the way she is clinging onto me I’m getting hard.

  The driver chuckled as he stared at them in the backseat, “The whore must be desperate to want you..hahaha.”

   “Fuck you.”

  The driver pulled into the garage of a luxurious mansion and parked. The flustered bodyguard yanked Merri out of the car and took off the blindfold. He suddenly let go of Merri’s arm and she fell to the floor. He sneered, “Such a weak woman.” The little thing will be torn apart by the Boss.

  Alexi was laying on the bed wrapped in a towel. He took a cold shower but couldn’t remove the surging heat in his body. His erection was throbbing and he had already taken care of himself two times. Where the fuck are they with the woman!

  There was a knock on the door, “Boss, we got the woman.”


  Merri was in a daze as she was shoved into the dimly lit room.  Sprawled on the thick carpet her body was on fire and her mind was clouded with desire.

Alexi didn’t even glance at her and commanded in a hoarse voice, “Hurry up and take a shower.”


  He was enduring a great deal of pain, through gritted teeth he barked, “Shower.”

Merri helplessly rolled on the floor scratching her body, “ many fire ants…Help me.”

 Listening to her soft voice Alexi sat up and looked at the woman rocking back and forth clawing at the black dress riding up her slender thighs.  With his ink black eyes riveted on her face he  laughed, how could it be the little mouse. She is one of Niko’s whores? Impossible…

  He stood up and walked over to the girl who was restlessly touching her body. She blinked a few times at the man towering over her wearing only a towel around his waist. “Please…”

  In a low and magnetic voice tinged with a Russian accent he responded, “Of course I will help you.”

   She pouted, “So hot…I want to take off my dress but I can’t…”

   He lifted her delicate body up with one hand and unzipped her dress. When it fell to the floor she was standing there in a pair of black lace underwear and matching bra. He unhooked her bra exposing two perfectly shaped breasts and with one motion ripped her underwear. Alexi’s scorching gaze landed on the sparsely covered mound glistening with lewd water between her legs. His large palm squeezed her sensitive spot and she moaned. Dark desire was reflected in his eyes as they devoured her delicious looking body...the little slut is dripping so much her thighs are wet.

    Standing behind her he pressed his sturdy body onto her slender back. Alexi’s warm breath covered her neck as he leaned down whispering in her ear, “Little mouse, your little pussy is already drenched.” He reached his hand around her thin waist then slid his hot palm down to her sensitive spot. He rubbed her clit and she moaned in pleasure. He sneered, ” You crave a man that badly.” 

   Merri twisted her legs and mumbled, “I don’t know…so itchy and wet.”

  Alexi abruptly scooped her into his arms, he had a devilish grin on his ruggedly handsome face. she must be an expert at seducing men with that innocent act. I wonder how she will taste. I am curious to see what tricks she has to please me.

   He gazed with a hint of fascination at Merri’s face. Covered in a layer of lust Merri’s green eyes had a smoky color that was bewitching. She looked dazed as she wrapped her thin arms around his neck and pressed her face against his hot skin. Aroused, he stroked her soft black hair, I am going to enjoy fucking this little whore.

  He carried her naked body into the bathroom then dropped the towel from around his waist. Stepping into the large shower he placed her on a protruding seat and turned on the water.  

  Alexi unhooked the hand held shower head and approached Merri who was unabashedly staring at his huge c*ck. He extended his hand holding a soapy cloth.

Merri was in a muddled state while twisting her legs back and forth. Experiencing a strange sensation she was rubbing her breasts and didn’t take the cloth. Anxious to fuck her he humphed then washed her body. When he pried her legs apart he roughly washed her pussy. Keeping them spread he smiled watching her face contort in pleasure as he held the showerhead close to her pussy. The feeling of the hard stream of water hitting her nub and sensitive spot made her gasp and arch her back. Alexi smirked, “Little slut, do you like that?”

 She hummed in pleasure then he threw the showerhead away and put his thick swollen c*ck in front of her face. He put her small hand on the thick shaft. “Lick me.”


  “Do it.”

  Merri opened her mouth and stuck out her small pink tongue. She clumsily held his throbbing c*ck  and began to lick the tip. She accidentally scraped the sensitive head of his dragon with her teeth and he groaned, “Slut do that again and you will regret it.” He winced then had a thought, “Idiot! Have you never done this before?”

   Her fragile body trembled in fear when she heard his dissatisfied tone. His domineering aura was frightening. If I do this wrong will he not help me get rid of the itch? I feel like I am going to die from the crawling ants under my skin. Merri continued to suck being careful not to bite him.

   “Stupid! Put my c*ck in your mouth.”

   When she did he began to thrust. He had his large hands on the back of her head as he quickened the pace. His c*ck was too long and thick, Merri was unable to take his length and thickness in her small mouth and gagged.

Unhappy he pulled his throbbing c*ck out and grabbed her into his arms, “Useless! Didn’t Niko train you?”

   Merri’s eyes were watery and although she was in pain from the aphrodisiac and wanted to be close to him she was very afraid of Alexi. She didn’t answer and lowered her head. When she began to cry he pinched her chin to make her meet his cold gaze. He thought he would like seeing her face covered in tears but was annoyed at the sight. “What are you crying for? What? Do the other clients baby you because of your pitiful appearance?”

   At this point Merri was quivering and her mind was unstable from the drug. She unable to make sense out of anything he was saying. 

    He turned her around and fiercely pressed her against the shower wall. “I am not going to go easy on you because of your innocent act! Little mouse, you better serve me well.”

    He ordered, “Lift your ass.”

    She felt a hard object plunging entering her small hole. Merri bit her lip so she didn’t cry out and anger him.

The tunnel was too tight and Alexi grimaced as he tried to thrust his swollen c*ck further inside, “Bitch, you are strangling my fucking c*ck.”

   Merri whimpered, “I’m sorry..”

  He was breathing heavily as her walls tightened refusing to let him enter any further. Frustrated he mercilessly rammed into her tiny hole. Merri couldn’t hold back and screamed as she wriggled her bottom. “Ahh! Hurts! Too Big… Get out!”

Her complaint only further ignited his desire to fuck her harder. When his throbbing c*ck was able to move further into her tunnel he felt a layer of resistance, the slut is a goddamn virgin? He suddenly stopped. Niko, you fucking bastard! Sending me a fucking virgin…no wonder she doesn’t know shit. Although I would like to break her body, I need someone experienced to satisfy me. I don’t want to kill the timid little mouse.

   He grabbed Merri’s shoulder and turned her around to face him. “Boring.”

   Alexi stormed out then tossed her clothes into the bathroom. “Get dressed, my man will drive you back to the club.”

   Merri stood there with a complicated expression on her face. No. I need him although he is mean and hateful, I felt some relief when he was inside of me.

   She ran out of the bathroom dripping wet and hugged Alexi around his waist, “No. I can’t go. I need you.”

    His face darkened and his eyes narrowed as he looked down at her, “Little girl, don’t provoke me.”

    She fluttered her eyelashes and pleaded in a soft kittenish voice, “I will do whatever you want…I will die if I leave.”

     Alexi pulled her arms off of his waist and smirked. “Idiot. You won’t die, you will just be miserable for a few hours.” I can’t deny I am not tempted…she is like a ripe peach ready to be eaten but I don’t need a clingy virgin.

     Suddenly standing on her tiptoes she kissed him. Startled, he pushed her away, “Leave.”

    Unwilling to suffer the torment she was in, Merri rubbed her petite naked body against Alexi’s rock hard c*ck. When her small hand touched his lower abdomen and she pressed her soft lips on his he wavered. Fuck…she is begging for it I might as well give it to the little slut. He picked Merri up and threw her down on the bed.

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