Back To The Black Swan Club

    Alexi pressed Merri’s delicate body underneath him and brushed the tangled wet hair off her face. Staring at her flawless face dyed red with lust he passionately kissed her half parted pink lips. Little Beauty don’t regret this.

  In the morning he lifted his arm from around Merri’s tiny waist and stared at the red marks he left on her body last night. He emotionlessly got out of bed and walked to the bathroom.

   After he showered he put on a black silk shirt and a custom made designer gray suit. Once he tightened a Limited Edition Rolex on his wrist he walked into the bedroom. Merri was still sound asleep and he raised an eyebrow as he passed the bed then turned back. He pressed an acupoint on her shoulder so she would not wake up.

  Once he went down stairs he saw his assistant in the living room.“ The woman is unconscious. Have the maid dress her then tell Viktor to dump her outside The Black Swan.”

  “…” Maxim, his assistant, stood up, “What do you want to do with Raul?”

  “I need him for the moment so I will take care of him after the deal is done. I am curious why he would do such a foolish thing. I don’t think it was his idea, there is someone behind the scene who manipulated him. I have more important matters at the moment that need my attention. Is Vladi at the warehouse?”

  “Yeah. He got back from Shanghai last night.”

  “I am driving myself today.”


   Alexi looked at his watch then reminded his assistant, “I will need the information I requested by noon.”

   “Boss…” Maxim scratched the stubble on his chin, “We worked all night and still couldn’t break the code.”

   “No later than tonight or there will be a problem.” Alexi picked up a folder on the coffee table then left.

   Maxim called the head maid, “Dress the woman in the Boss’s bedroom, then call Viktor.”

  The maid put down the stack of laundry in her hand and slowly walked up the stairs. When she entered the Master bedroom she saw a wrinkled dress on the floor and the torn pair of panties. She looked around the bedroom for another dress then frowned. The Boss is too bad. He didn’t even order a set of clothes for the woman.

  As she pulled the bedspread off Merri the middle aged woman saw all the glaring red marks and bruises on her thin body. Shameless!  Tsk…This girl is too young. 

 She went into the bathroom and wet a cloth to wipe off Merri’s body. After she finished she  called one of the young maids to bring a pair of panties.

  When Merri was dressed the maid called Viktor.

  He quickly arrived at the room and picked up Merri to take her to the Club. He had worked for Alexi for ten years and this was the first time he had seen a woman on his bed. He thought Alexi had finally found a woman he liked until Maxim told him to take her to the Black Swan and leave her at the door.

  Viktor stared at Merri and recognized her as the woman outside the club last night. He didn’t go with the other bodyguards because he needed to meet the informant from  Colton Technology. The corner of his mouth twitched, How did she end up here? The little thing was obviously terrified of the Boss.

 He picked up Merri and carried her down the stairs. He paused in the living room and asked ,Maxim “Are you sure Mr. Baralov said to leave this girl at the entrance of the Club? No one will be there at this time of the morning.”

  Maxim looked up from a report he was reading then pushed up his gold rimmed glasses, “That is what he said.”

 “Max, don’t you think that is… well..cruel?” He looks at the petite girl asleep in his arms and is reluctant…very reluctant. He has a sister that is probably close in age to Merri. 

 “Yes, but what can you do?”

 “Where does she live? I will take her home.”

 “How the hell do I know. Don’t be stupid. You have your orders follow them. If it makes you feel better I have to call Niko. I will casually mention the situation.”


 When they arrived at the Black Swan Club Viktor called Maxim, “Did you speak to Mr. Ninski?”

 “I did… he said he would go to the Club.” He flips a page of the report, that guy is too soft hearted. I can’t believe he is a trained killer.

 Viktor breathed a sigh of relief, “Good. I will wait here for him.”

  When Niko arrived Viktor carried Merri into the Club. “Should I take her to one of the private rooms?”

  “No. Follow me. I will send her home.”

   Niko walked back to his office and sat at his desk. When Viktor laid Merri on the couch Niko lit a cigarette. “Was Alexi happy with the girl’s service?” He thought it was strange he would have Merri dropped off at the Club. Why didn’t he just send the girl home in a taxi.

  “I have no idea.”

  “Hmm.” He handed Viktor a manilla envelope, “Give this to Maxim when you return to the mansion.”

   Viktor took the envelope then said, “Isn’t that woman the piano player? Why did you send her to the Boss?”

   “All the other hostesses had clients at the time.” He chuckled, “It isn’t like you to ask so many questions.” 

    Viktor gazed at Merri then replied,“Well, to tell you the truth she didn’t seem like she would do that kind of work.”

   Niko played with the cigarette between his fingers. “The money is good, why wouldn’t she?” He doesn’t want Alexi to know he drugged Merri in order to send her to him. “Anything else?”


     Merri slept all afternoon then woke up with a throbbing headache. She slowly opened her eyes as she rubbed her temples. Did I drink too much last night? 

  When she got off the bed her knees buckled and she felt a tearing pain. She was shaking as she staggered to the bathroom. She looked in the mirror and gulped when saw the marks on her neck. Her mind was blank and she had no recollection of last night after sitting at the bar talking to Danny. She blushed and turned on the faucet then splashed her face with cold water. Did Danny and I?

   Filled with anxiety that she might have been drunk and slept with her coworker, her hand was trembling as she turned on the shower. She slipped off the wrinkled dress and frowned when she saw the underwear she was wearing, what the heck!  Merri! what did you do last night!

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