Confrontation With Dr. Sloane

 After Li Tian finishes dinner he sits on the couch looking at a report about the Affordable Housing Project when he has an idea. That kid has the ability..but can I trust him? He gazes at Sara then makes a decision. He walks out into the hallway and calls Shizi.

  “I need you to meet me, I have something to discuss with you.”

   Shizi is behind the counter of a convenience store and answers,“Well, I am at my part time job right now. I can’t leave.”

  “Tomorrow I will pick you up after school.”

  “Okay. Can I ask what this is about?”



Li Tian hangs up and walks back into Sara’s room, I need to find out who did this to you and make them pay. I can’t wait any longer to fucking kill them.

One of the culprits, Yang James paces around in front of his desk aware that delaying the investigation into Sara’s kidnapping can’t be continued. He calls Alexandre, “Where are you?”

 “I am at Leo’s new hotel overseeing the renovation of the restaurant. Why?”

  Beads of sweat form on Yang James’s forehead. “We need to find a scapegoat. I can’t put off the investigation into the slut’s kidnapping any longer.”

 Alexandre goes into his office and shuts the door. “Hamid is in Morocco with Amir Malouf and the other kidnapper is dead. There is no way to find any clues.” He had planned on pinning it on Madam Olga and killing both her and Hamid but unfortunately needed her to complete a lucrative deal. 

 Yang James tightens his grip on the phone. “Li Tian has been too busy to actively pursue it because of the Bashu City airport and the ridiculous Affordable Housing Project but I just got off the phone with him. He wants answers.”

Alexandre reaches into his desk drawer for a lighter. “Scapegoat? What about Zhou Lanfen? I heard she has been throwing a fit because Li Tian has been ignoring Long Jinzi. He won’t commit to a date for the wedding.” 

 “That won’t work. It will only cause more problems. But…that gives me an idea. I am going to call Zhao Lanfen and have her stir up more trouble to divert his attention. That will at least buy time to figure out a plan. I will figure out something to steer Chen Wu in the wrong direction.”

 “Well, Leo told me to have the renovations finished because he anticipates Song Sara to wake up from the coma soon. He told me Dr. Ling brought in a new neurologist who has been successful in stimulating patients to come out of a comatose state. Who knows what she will remember of the incident.” He takes a cigarette from a half full pack. ” It is too bad we can’t just silence the bitch.”

“You don’t think I have considered that? He would go insane and not stop until he destroyed anyone involved. He spends all of his time in her fucking hospital room unless he is needed at the airport or that new building project. We just need to make sure to cover our tracks about the kidnapping.”

 Alexandre plays with the lighter in his hand, “Why not instigate Long Jinxi? Didn’t you say she tried to kill Song Sara once before?”

 “I said no. Killing her is not an option. I will keep you informed.”

 After he hangs up he calls Zhao Lanfen, yeah… if that annoying woman goes to Bashu City to pester Li Tian he will have his hands full.

In Sara’s hospital room Li Tian finishes his work and takes off his glasses. He rubs his eyes and looks at his watch then closes his laptop. After setting the computer on the small table by the couch he walks into the side room. He takes off his clothes then strides into the bathroom. When he finishes showering he puts on a pair of black silk pajamas and dries his hair then returns to Sara’s room.

  He climbs into bed and hugs her into his embrace. He licks and nibbles on her ear then softly whispers, “Baby, wake up okay?”

Sara inhales his familiar fragrance and hears his voice, her eyelashes tremble. He is here. 

Li Tian places his hand on her rounded  stomach, “I can’t wait to see you two.” He leans down and kisses her belly. “Tomorrow they are going to do another ultrasound. We will know if you are boys or girls or one of each.” He chuckles, “ I wonder if you will look like your beautiful mommy or me?”

He tightens his embraces and buries his head in her neck sucking and savoring her sweet taste. For the past few months he has been restraining his urge to enter Sara but never the less still indulges in her body. After he is satisfied he closes his eyes and falls into a deep sleep. 

In the morning he wakes up feeling refreshed and tenderly kisses Sara’s forehead. Ever since he has been sleeping with her he sleeps through the night and hasn’t suffered from insomnia. He hugs Sara then gets out of the bed. Following his usual routine he knows the nurse will be checking on Sara soon so he goes into the side room.

When he emerges he has transformed into Lu Zhen. The pretty nurse looks up from taking  Sara’s temperature and smiles, “Good morning Mr. Lu.”

 She has a crush on him and is excited because Dr. Ling told her to be Sara’s personal nurse. She is looking forward to spending time with him. Although he ignores her she continues, “I heard Dr. Ling says Miss Song has a good chance of waking up soon since Dr.Sloane is treating her.”

“Are you finished? You should go and check on your other patients.”

Her cheeks turn red from embarrassment. This is the first time she gathered her courage to speak to him and he looks annoyed. She twists the edge of her blue sweater,“Mr. Lu, I…I was told by Dr. Ling to stay. I am assigned to be Miss Song’s personal nurse.”

“No need. I’m here.”

Her eyes widen and she thinks about what Dr. Ling said. “I have my orders.”


Dr. Ling walks into the room followed by Dr. Sloane and she raises an eyebrow, “Mr. Lu, I think you are the one who should leave. It is obvious you are too emotionally involved with Miss Song and I recommended you be replaced.”

 His face darkens and the temperature in the room drops. The atmosphere is suffocating and Dr. Ling and the nurse start coughing. Only Dr. Sloane isn’t affected by the murderous aura surrounding Li Tian. He tells Dr. Ling and the nurse to wait in the hallway.

“Mr. Lu, it isn’t conducive for Miss Song’s recovery for you to frighten Dr. Ling and the nurse. I spoke with Mr. Tang about your overly protective attitude and he refused to change bodyguards. So I suggest you make an effort to step back while we are treating Miss Song. Patients in a coma can still be responsive to what is going on around them but unable to communicate.”

“When are they doing the ultrasound?” I have a meeting with a Russian arms dealer later that can’t be changed.

 “Did you not hear me?”

“Answer my question.”

 “It is scheduled for eleven.”

 “I want you to have it done within the hour.”

 Dr. Sloane clenches his fist at his side and loses his temper, “Outrageous! Do you realize if I walk away from this patient her chance for recovery is greatly reduced?”

“You won’t because if you do…well Young Master Sloane, I have no qualms about revealing your sordid past. I am willing to ignore your bit of temper here because you can help Song Sara.”

  No ordinary person could unearth my secrets. His amber eyes are filled with killing intent and he smirks, “Who the hell are you?”

 “Someone you don’t want to mess with.”

  Dr. Slaone smirks, “If you know what I am capable of, do you think you can intimidate me? Are you not afraid I will retaliate?”

  “Everyone has a weakness and I know yours…She must be quite a woman to cause you to annihilate all three branches of the Fong family in Shanghai that year.”

  Dr. Sloane’s eyes fill with rolling flames as he lunges towards Li Tian. He kicks out his leg, “Bastard! I will fucking kill you.”

  Li Tian dodges and laughs, “I have no intention of hurting your little lover if you continue to treat Song Sara. I just want you to realize my position… Song Sara is very important to me.”

  Dr. Sloane turns and stares at Song Sara, “Are you the father?”

  Li Tian’s eyelashes flicker for a moment and he hesitates then responds, “No. Start the treatment.”

  Taking a deep breath to calm himself down Dr. Sloane straightens out the white coat he is wearing. He says, “I am warning you to restrain yourself and not interfere with the treatment.”   He walks out of the room into the hallway to speak to Dr. Ling.

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