Treatment Part 2

The two doctors return with a nurse  pushing a cart on top is a small machine. Li Shaoting filled him in as to what the process would be so Li Tian silently watches from the side.

Dr. Ling was told by Li Shaoting that the bodyguard was allowed to stay. Since he threatened the research facility’s funding she acquiesced. 

Ignoring Li Tian’s piercing gaze  Dr. Sloane places several electrode pads on Sara’s head and turns a dial slowly. When he turns on the machine Sara’s body twitches and her eyebrows wrinkle. Li Tian panics and pushes the doctor, “What are you doing! She looks like she is in pain!”

Annoyed by Li Tian’s outburst the doctor’s face contorts in anger, “Unless you want me to call security, step back and let me do my job!” He is a well renowned neurologist that people wait months to see. “Don’t interrupt the treatment!”

  “Shaoting didn’t say she would be in pain. Stop now!”

  “…” Both doctors stare at him, Shaoting?

 Dr. Ling realizes this man is not ordinary, his domineering tone is as if he is used to being in charge. Referring to Young Master Li…is he a person favored by the Li Family? A relative?

 Composing herself she says, “Mr. Lu, the electrodes are stimulating her brain waves. It is normal for the patient to have some involuntary movements. I gave Miss Song a low dose pain medication in her IV, she shouldn’t be in any pain.” 

 “She is pregnant!  How will it affect the babies?”

She can’t hide her shock at his emotional outburst, “Mr. Lu! You are merely her bodyguard…Mr. Cadieux would not be happy to know you are growing abnormally attached to his sis…Miss Song.”

Li Tian’s hand in his trouser pocket is clenched and the veins on the back of his hand are bulging. He changes his expression and cocks an eyebrow, “Mr. Wu hired me…only he can fire me.”

“Well, let Dr. Sloane treat Miss Song without interfering.” I really want to kick this arrogant man out of the hospital! I have never seen such an overbearing bodyguard!

 The treatment continues for another hour and except for Sara’s initial reaction Li Tian doesn’t see any signs of discomfort. When Dr. Sloane finishes he tells Dr. Ling, “I am going to study the images and I will send my report to you.”

  “Very good.”

  A nurse comes into the room to wheel the cart out and the two doctors follow. When Dr. Sloane reaches for the door handle he turns around and he sees Li Tian holding Sara’s hand.

  While waiting for the elevator he remarks, “I think you should have Mr. Wu change bodyguards.” He noticed the possessive glint in Li Tian’s eyes and his interference was unprofessional. The man seems to be in love with Miss Song.

  Dr. Ling steps into the elevator with him and takes off her glasses. She has a worried expression,“You think I haven’t wanted to? I have been uneasy from the beginning! Leaving a man with a beautiful woman who is in a comatose state is unconscionable. But, it isn’t my decision. She was abducted and the culprits haven’t been found so Tang Wu insisted on having her guarded around the clock.”

 “She was kidnapped?”

  “Yes. I didn’t include that information in the report because Mr. Cadieux instructed me to conceal that information.”

  He furrows his thick eyebrows, “Dr. Ling when dealing with neurological problems it is best to have all the information. Have you ever considered the possibility the young girl was traumatized and her problem could be psychological?” He opens the folder in his hand, “According to the last analysis of the patient’s blood there is no trace of the Sombian. I assumed the drug did damage to her cerebrum.”

 She wipes her glasses, “I never considered that .”

 “I will know more when I study the images. For now I will plan on the treatment plan we discussed.” He steps out of the elevator curious about Sara’s abduction. When he enters his office he makes a phone call.

  The man who answers pushes the woman off his lap, “Damn! Young Master Sloane, it has been a long time! When did you return to China?”

 “How is your sister?”

 “She got married last year…are you jealous?”

  His lips curl up into a sneer and he ignores the question, “I need information on a woman named Song Sara.”

 The man lights a cigar, “A new love? Want her investigated? Haha…” 

 “A patient. She was a kidnapping victim approximately two months ago. I don’t have any more details.”

 “Oh. I thought maybe you finally moved on.”

 “The past is the past. Get me the information as soon as possible.”

  After he hangs up he takes a piece of candy from a bowl on his desk. As he unwraps it he leans back in the chair, bastard if you weren’t the best private investigator I know I wouldn’t call you! I need to know about what happened before I continue treatment!

In Sara’s hospital room Li Tian comes out of the bathroom with a warm wet towel. His eyes are full of pampering as he wipes Sara’s face, in a warm and gentle voice he says, “Did that hurt?” He kisses her eyes that are closed tight, “I don’t like that bastard’s attitude but if he can help you I will tolerate him.”

 There is a knock on the door then Kang Mingshun enters holding an insulation box. “Boss, I brought  dinner.”

 “Set it on the table.” He continues to run the washcloth down Sara’s neck, “Why is there no news about the kidnappers from Chen Wu?” 

  Kang Mingshun scratches his chin, “Ahh…Chen Wu…well, Vice President Yang told him to set it aside for now. He sent him to deal with the trouble in Shanghai.”

  Li Tian’s face darkens, he had a strange feeling when he was talking to Yang James. “Why wasn’t I informed?”

  “Boss, you said to listen to Yang James, you were only handling the matters in Bashu City. I thought you knew.”

  “Did you bring me the information on that greedy bastard Gao?”


  “Then you can go. Keep monitoring their mansion.”

   After Kang Mingshun leaves Li Tian walks over to the table. He opens up the insulation box and a fragrant aroma drifts over to Sara. She inhales and unconsciously licks her lips. Her mind is foggy. She doesn’t know for how long but she has been in a strange dream. She is like a doll lying motionless on a bed. 

    Sara can hear voices, people coming and going, the whirring sound of a machine. A man whose scent calms her down gently takes care of her, sometimes laying his head on her stomach. He embraces her and she feels comfortable in his arms. Why can’t I wake up? Who is he? Who am I? She struggles to open her eyes but only her eyelashes slightly flutter.



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