Treatment Part 1

It has been over almost two months and Sara has not awakened from the coma. Li Tian appears thin as he stands at the window of Sara’s hospital room looking out at the bustling city below.  Under the guise of being Sara’s bodyguard he spends most of his time in her room. During the day he patiently sits by her bed talking to her and doing his work, at night  he sleeps in the bed embracing Sara in his arms.

He successfully forced Leo to go back to France to deal with the turmoil he created in his father’s company. Because of the chaos Leo can only return occasionally to Bashu City to visit Sara. When Li Tian encounters him he keeps up the pretense of being Sara’s bodyguard and doesn’t interfere with him. Since the doctor said she needs stimulation he reluctantly accepts the fact

  After standing at the window for a while he walks over to the bed and fixes the blanket covering Sara.. Gazing at beautiful face he runs his finger across her tightly closed eyes gently touching her long black eyelashes. After leaning down and kissing her pale lips he has a crease between his sword like eyebrows, he strokes Sara’s growing belly and sighs, “When is your mommy going to wake up?” I miss seeing her changing expressions. When she is mad at me her crystal blue eyes deepen and are filled with sparks…when she is laying under me they are hazy and full of lust…driving me crazy with desire.

  Li Shaoting walks into the room and his heart tightens at the sight. It is strange to see his cold and aloof cousin looking helpless as though he has lost his soul. He walks over to the bed and doesn’t say the words in his heart. After returning from the film site he has tried to persuade Li Tian to take better care of himself to no avail. 

  “Filming is over?”


   Dr. Ling enters with a tall thin man wearing a white coat. “Mr. Wu, you are here… good.” Although she has seen Li Tian many times she believes he is only the bodyguard so typically she ignores him. “This is Dr. Sloane, a neurologist that recently joined the staff.”

  Reaching out his hand the foreign man smiles and Li Shaoting shakes it. Dr. Ling continues, “He has come up with a new method to treat patients in a vegative state.”

  Li Tian winces when she says ‘vegetative state’ he narrows his eyes staring at the blonde man standing next to her. He has had countless doctors come and examine Sara with no results. The only reason he hasn’t lost his mind is because the babies are growing normally and although she is in a coma her vitals remain stable.

  Li Shaoting’s eyes light up, “Dr. Sloane,- will  Song Sara wake up?”

  He calmly replies, “I believe Miss Song is a good candidate for treatment but there are no guarantees.”

Dr. Ling walks over to check Sara, “His  success rate has been excellent. I think this treatment is the best course of action.”

Li Tian wants to ask the specifics but knows his identity as a bodyguard doesn’t give him the right. He clenches his fists at his side, damn this charade! 

Li Shaoting can feel the oppressive aura surrounding his cousin at the moment and asks, “Can you give me the specifics?”

 Li Tian loosens his fists, very good… the brat is not completely useless.

 Dr. Sloane explains the treatment plan then says, “I have another patient to see. I will return later with the device.”

 Li Tian has lost his patience and blurts out in a domineering tone, “Now. Start treatment now. The other patient can wait.”


Li Shaoting immediately tries to smooth over the awkward atmosphere, “Haha..Lu Zhen…are you forgetting your place? I need to speak to you, step out into the hallway.”

 Li Tian glares at him and follows him out the door.  When they are in the hallway he growls, “You get your ass in there and convince that bastard to start treatment now!”

  “You didn’t give me a chance! Of course I will!”

  “I don’t want a delay! Go in there and threaten him that  the Li Family will withdraw their investment in this fucking hospital!” 

   Li Tian’s phone rings and he motions to Li Shaoting, “Do it.”

   Li Shaoting nods and walks back into Sara’s room.  They don’t know I am Li can I say that!

  Yang James responds, “Do what?”

 “I was talking to Shaoting. Why did you call? Have you found the people who plotted against me and abducted Song Sara?

 Yang James taps a gold pen on the desk, “ Not yet.”

 “When did you become so incompetent? It has been two fucking months!”

 “It is like they vanished into thin air. I am still having men look. But you need to come back to Catang City.”

 “I told you I am supervising the Affordable Housing Project,”

 “ The negotiations are at a standstill, if you don’t deal with her directly she said she won’t sell.” I know that is just an excuse to stay close to that bitch.

 “Then she doesn’t sell.”

 Yang James gnashes his teeth,“Tian, weren’t you the one who said the company needs that facility in order to expand?”

  “The expansion can wait.”

  “Wait for what? Song Sara to regain consciousness? You are going to waste our efforts for the last five years because of a stupid woman?”

   “Watch what you say! She is my beloved woman carrying my children!”

   “Tian, are you going to continue to neglect the company? It has been two months, she might never wake up!

   The veins on his forehead are bulging and he spits out,  “SHUT UP! SHE WILL WAKE UP AND SOON!” 

   After Li Tian hangs up he takes a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket and angrily strides to the end of the hallway. She has to wake up!

  He smokes three cigarettes to calm his nerves then returns to Sara’s room, only Li Shaoting is there.


  “They agreed and will start treatment immediately.”

  Li Tian walks over to Sara’s bed and sits down. He tenderly touches her cheek then kisses her forehead. His voice is soft and his eyes are filled with undisguised affection. “Baby, I know you will wake up soon.”

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