Let’s Divorce

Readers 18+ please enjoy!

    Rui opens his eyes and smiles gazing at LiMei’s beautiful face. I guess I can’t let you out of my sight or you will cause mischief. He takes her leg off his thigh then quietly gets out of bed thinking Yang Chenxi and Baobei are also in the cave.

When he sees the note on the table he has a devilish grin on his face and walks back to the bed. Very good.

Rui lifts the covers and lays on the bed. He caresses LiMei’s cheek then runs his finger across her half parted lips.  I should punish the little girl for making me worry. Kissing her soft lips he sucks and nibbles on them savoring the sweetness. Not satisfied he greedily enters her tempting mouth with his tongue and eagerly sweeps it across her teeth. While entangling his hot tongue with hers he lifts the oversized sweater and rubs her breast with his large palm. LiMei softly moans as her body heats up from his kisses. 

 Suddenly she wakes up and her eyes are blurry as she pushes Rui away. In an almost inaudible voice she mutters, “Old Hermit, are you crazy!”


 LiMei sees Rui’s handsome face and gulps down her saliva, “Rui? Whe..when..why..”

Listening to her garbled speech and seeing her adorable confused expression he chuckles, “What were you dreaming about?”

 She flutters her long black eyelashes and pulls down the sweater that has been pushed up to her neck. “Ah..I don’t know. Wait, where is Baobei?”

 He runs his fingers through her tangled hair and wraps a strand around his finger. He inhales the refreshing fragrance and his body reacts. “Yang Chenxi took him back to the Compound.” He nibbles on her ear and in a breathless voice whispers, “It is only the two of us.” He kisses her neck and his hand under the sweater roams up her flat stomach to her soft round breasts.

 LiMei remembers about him and Su Wanqing and turns her head. “Stop.”

 Rui’s pitch black eyes are hazy with lust, “Baby, I said we are alone.”

She puffs out her cheeks and in an aggrieved tone responds, “Well…you…you go back too. I don’t want to see you.”

  Roughly pinching her chin he forces her to look at him. There are rolling flames in his pitch black eyes as his pupils shrink dangerously. Unable to control his temper his deep voice reflects his inner rage , “Say that again.”

Covered with a thin layer of mist, LiMei’s deep green eyes flicker, “Go back. Go to your lover and leave me alone.” Tears start trickling down her cheeks and she bites her lower lip trying to control her emotions.

Rui’s expression changes and he strokes her damp cheek,” Baby, don’t cry “What are you talking about?” He touches her forehead with the back of his hand, “Do you have a fever?”

“I don’t want to come between you two now that you are back together.”

“LiMei you aren’t making any sense.”

 She clutches the blanket in her small hands, “You don’t have to pretend you don’t know what I mean. I will get a divorce as soon as we return to China.”

  Rui feels like he is losing his mind. His eyes are as dark as a bottomless abyss and filled with obsession. The thought of LiMei leaving him brings out his inner beast, he pulls LiMei into his arms and tightens his embrace, “No divorce! Never! I will never let you go! You are mine!

  LiMei starts crying uncontrollably and her body quivers. “It’s not fair…we shouldn’t have come here. I don’t want to share you.”

   He rubs her back to calm her down and softens his voice, “Baby, you aren’t making any sense. Share with who? You are the only one…I love you…only you. I will always only love you.”

   Her lips are trembling,“Don’t lie…Baobei saw you.”

   “Saw what? What did that brat say?” I will wring his fat little neck!

  “He saw you kissing Su Wanqing behind the bushes.”

   Rui blurts out, “I wasn’t kissing that woman! I was strangl…I was… warning her not to scare you with her damn snakes! There is nothing between us…I am only polite to her because she is Master Wong’s adopted daughter.”


   “LiMei, he is a kid with a big imagination. How could you believe his nonsense?” He licks the tears on her face then gently kisses her watery eyes. Gazing at her tear stained face in a low and magnetic voice he continues, “Baby, you are my everything. You know how worried I was when I heard you came to the mountain and a storm was coming. If anything happened to you…”I would fucking lose my mind. 

  LiMei wraps her arms around him and nestles into his chest. She sniffles, “I was so hurt…it felt like my heart was shattering. I saw the way Su Wanqing looked at you and she is very beautiful…”

   He buries his head in her neck and his eyes are overflowing with tenderness, “No one is more beautiful than you LiMei.”

   Crystal teardrops are glistening on her eyelashes and her cheeks are tinged pink. Rui’s heart races gazing at her alluringly delicate appearance. He tightens his embrace, pressing his lips on hers his heart is restless. Escape from me? Not is this lifetime or the next! Filled with paranoid possessiveness he deepens the kiss making LiMei feel dizzy. When he finally ends the domineering kiss LiMei is breathless and her messy suspicions are swept away.

  Rui caresses her cheek, “Promise me you won’t do anything so foolish again. You need to trust me…I would never do anything to hurt you.” He gently kisses her forehead then his soft kisses trail down her face .

   Unable to suppress his rising desire he presses LiMei underneath him and pulls the large black sweater over her head then deftly unhooks her bra. Tossing it to the side his lustful eyes flash red as her snow white breasts are exposed. He licks and sucks on her soft skin as LiMei arches her back. She moans in pleasure as his tongue twirls around her erect bud and his hand moves down her body. His touch is making her skin feel like it is on fire.

Rui spreads her thin legs and runs his hand up her thigh then squeezes her mound. He spreads her pink petals and as he inserts his slender finger into her tight tunnel he teases, “My Baby is so wet already.”

    His c*ck is throbbing as he enters LiMei and begins slowly moving inside of her. His gentleness doesn’t last long and his actions becomes more fierce as his turbulent mind keeps repeating the phrase ‘I want a divorce’. Consumed by possessive and dark desire there isn’t a bit of sanity left as he speeds up his thrusts ravaging LiMei’s body.

 Ignoring LiMei’s pleas for mercy he pounds into her tunnel like a madman. Grasping tightly on her slender hips he plunges into her depths, continuously hitting her sensitive spot. Honey flows down his thick shaft as LiMei’s petite body writhes uncontrollably on the bed. Overwhelmed by the intense heat burning in her body she begs, “Ahhh…too deep….slow down…Ummm…Ahhh..”

  Rui’s ink black hair hangs down messily and sweat drips down his forehead as he growls in a hoarse voice, “Call me Husband.”

    Her body convulses as she whimpers, “Husband…Pleeeaasssee… Mnnnn…” He repeatedly hits her wall where she is most sensitive and LiMei quivers as honey gushes out down onto the bed.

LiMei’s breathless soft voice is fuel on the fire and Rui turns LiMei over and lifts her hips. He continues his siege plunging his huge c*ck deeper and deeper. Dare to say you will leave me… I will fuck you to death!  His eyes are filled with turbulent emotions as he slaps her round bottom leaving red handprints.

The pain and pleasure of his huge c*ck poking her sensitive spot while his stinging slaps land on her tender skin sends an indescribable wave of pleasure through her body. Moaning and twisting her hips she softly complains ,“Husband…Rui…Ahhh…Ennn…Hurts..”

 Out of control Rui couldn’t stop if he wanted to because her wet pussy clamping around his throbbing c*ck is too stimulating. The sound of her bewitching voice combined with her honey flowing down his rock hard erection makes him want to drown in this ecstasy. “Baby…Ummm…your greedy little pussy won’t let me go.”

He leans down and kisses her back while continuing his fierce thrusts. He would pull out then slam back inside like an insatiable beast. She fills the void inside of him and is the only light in his dark world. Rui wants to crush LiMei into his bones so she can never run away from him. He manipulates the slender body under him while she delirious calls his name over and over, “Rui.. Rui..Ahhh…too deep…Mmmmm…soooo big. Ruiiii…Don’t…Ahhhh.

 Rui’s breathing is ragged and his heartbeat erratic as he gazes at the delicate woman under him calling his name. He reaches around kneading her breasts and LiMei’s body sways from his rapid thrusting. He has a slight smile as she tilts her head and he can see drool slipping down her chin. “Little slut…you know you don’t want me to stop. I’m going to fuck you harder to feed your hungry little pussy.”

 Feeling he is about to explode he wraps his large hands around her willow thin waist and wildly thrusts again and again. He leans back and groans in ecstasy while releasing his essence deep inside of LiMei. “Urghh..Hmmm….Sooo good…” Baby, your sweet little pussy is mine…mine alone. I will never let you go.

  LiMei has lost consciousness and Rui turns her to the side embracing her body limp tightly in his arms. “Baby, I love you so much.” Don’t ever say the word divorce again or I don’t know what I would do.


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  1. Rui: “I will never hurt you.” And what does he do next minute? 🤬They do not say that he often erased her wrinkle. Sometimes you just want to beat him.


    1. You can comment in your native language if you are more comfortable! Thanks for being a loyal reader!❤ yeah Rui has his flaws but he does really love LiMei


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