I Will Get Revenge

Su Wanqing and Liu Mo reluctantly lead Rui up the mountain as the storm rages. Yang Chenxi is next to Rui and warns, “”If it keeps storming there is danger of a landslide.”

“That is why we need to hurry.”

He grabs Su Wanqing’s arm with an iron grip, “How much further to the cave?”

 She winces from the pain and her eyes water, “Qiao Rui! This is insane! If they are in the cave they are safe! We should have waited until the morning.”

 “Answer my question!”

 “Should be around the next bend but that is the most treacherous part of the climb. I can barely see two steps ahead.”

  “Keep moving.”

  As they hike further up the mountain Su Wanqing slips and Liu Mo pulls her into his arms. “Qiao Rui, you are going too far. It isn’t WanWan’s fault your wife foolishly followed the little brat!”

 Rui grits his teeth, “I said keep moving.”

 In the cave LiMei can’t keep her eyes open and drifts off to sleep while hugging Baobei. Wang Kai covers them with another blanket then stokes the fire.

Sitting cross legged next to the fire he rubs his hands together gathering his internal energy. The soft little girl is Qiao Rui’s woman?…Hard to believe… but knowing that lunatic, the thunderstorm won’t stop him from looking for her if she is his wife. There is no way he is involved with Su Wanqing as she thinks…he hates her.

  I can’t afford to be discovered by him but in my condition I won’t make it back to the boat. I need to find the herbs to combat the poison that is flaring up. He puts on his coat and knit cap then heads out of the cave.

   Meanwhile, Rui and the others are digging through a small landslide blocking the last section of the path to where the cave is located. Covered in mud Su Wanqing glares at Rui but remains silent. Besides Master Wong he is the only man that she fears in this world.

Her pitiful appearances pulls on Liu Mo’s heartstrings. He places his large hands on her quivering shoulders and tenderly says. “WanWan sit on the boulder there, you don’t need to dig.”

  Rui sneers as he tosses a large rock and it lands by Su Wanqing’s feet splashing more mud on her, splattering across her face. Liu Mo angrily stretches out his arm to push him but Rui moves so Liu Mo falls forward. Yang Chenxi intervenes, “Liu Mo, don’t be played by that woman. She is not the innocent victim she appears to be.”

  “Yang Chenxi, WanWan is innocent. We came to get the medicinal plant Master Wong wanted. We never saw those two. There is no reason for Qiao Rui to bully her because he can’t control his own wife!”

  Rui’s eyes are filled with a murderous glint as he grabs him by the neck, “You are a brainless fool if you think that poisonous bitch didn’t have her hand in this.” He lets him go, “Both of you keep digging if you don’t want me to kill you right now.”

  Liu Mo and Su Wanqing can tell by Rui’s terrifying aura it is not an idle threat and they unwillingly resume clearing the path. When they finish they drudge up the final stretch to where Baobei’s cave is located. Once it is in sight Rui rushes up to the cave entrance.

 His heart is pounding when he sees the fire and anxiously scans the interior. When his eyes land on the makeshift bed he quickly strides over. Relieved LiMei appears unharmed he reaches to touch her cheek then retracts his dirty hand. He wants to take LiMei into his arms but he is muddy and she is comfortably sleeping. 

   Not far away Yang Chenxi notices Jack laying in the basket with his wing bandaged. He exclaims, “What the hell!”

  Su Wanqing apprehensively clutches her jacket, I can’t believe that damn bird didn’t die… she moves over to the side of the cave pulling Liu Mo along. Once they are shrouded in darkness she softly whispers, “Brother Mo, I didn’t lie to you that hawk tormented my snakes and killed my favorite. I was so mad when I saw the hateful bird I wanted it dead…I didn’t consider the fact it belonged to Yang Chenxi.”

  He smoothes her hair and his voice is full of tenderness, “I know. Don’t worry WanWan, you are my woman now, I will protect you. No one knows how the bird was injured.” 

 Liu Mo takes a handkerchief from his pocket then wipes her mud stained face, “And I will make Qiao Rui pay for the way he treated you.”

Su Wanqing wraps her arms around his waist and rests her head on his sturdy chest. He can’t see the malicious smile on her face as she coquettishly responds, “Brother Mo…I’m so happy I met you.”

  His face is beaming as he kisses the top of her head. I will make that bastard pay for hurting my sweet WanWan. 

  Rui walks over to them, “Leave.”

  Liu Mo is about to protest when Su Wanqing smiles, “Fine.” She looks up at Liu Mo, “Let’s go.”

  When they leave she holds his hand and says, “Brother Mo, there is another cave past the stream. I don’t want to stay with them anyway.” I can plan my revenge on that bitch Feng LiMei. Now that I have you for a scapegoat. It is all her fault! I will ruin her face and cripple her! Then Qiao Rui will come back to me!

  Rui puts some wood on the fire then he sees a bucket of water on a small table and a towel. He removes the filthy coat he is wearing then washes his face and hands. Afterwards he walks over to Yang Chenxi, “What happened to Jack?”

  “He has a broken wing and is unconscious.”

  Rui sits by the fire with Yang Chenxi,  “Well, it looks like LiMei did a good job bandaging him. He might have sustained a concussion when he fell.”

  “It seems suspicious, did you see the look on that kid Liu Mo’s face when I mentioned Jack at the cabin?”

  “Unfortunately for him he is under the snake woman’s spell. She drugged him and once a man has sex with her if his yang isn’t strong enough becomes bewitched. Su Wanqing is using him and he has no clue how vicious she can be. “

  When his clothes are dry he walks over to the bed where LiMei and Baobei are asleep. He lifts up Baobei and carries him to the other bed. Afterwards, he slides under the covers and lays next to LiMei. He wraps his arm around her thin waist and pulls her close to him. Inhaling her naturally sweet fragrance his anxiety dissipates. Baby, why do you make me worry? 

   Rui lifts her chin and tenderly kisses LiMei, licking and sucking her lips. He wants to possess her body but restrains himself because Yang Chenxi is not far away. He buries his head in her neck and tightens his embrace.  Slowly the exhaustion from the arduous climb and debilitating anxiety he experienced drains him completely and he falls asleep.

 Worried about the bird, Yang Chenxi is unable to sleep so at sunrise he decides to take Jake to the Compound. 

    As he is washing his face Baobei wakes up and  stretches his short chubby arms. He rubs his eyes, “Uncle Chenxi! When did you get here.”

  “Last night. Baobei, what happened to Jack?”

  “I don’t know. We were hiking up the mountain when Jack fell from the sky.”

  Baobei hops out of the bed, “Is Jack awake?”

  “No. I am going to take him to your grandfather. You be good. Don’t wake up Qiao Rui and Feng LiMei. You can go back with them.”

  Baobei shakes his head, “No…no..the mean guy will be mad because I brought Sister LiMei to my cave. I will go with you.”

Yang Chenxi glances at Rui and LiMei, the brat might be right. “Okay. Is there a pen and paper.”

“Yeah. Well..I have pencils.” He scurries over to a shelf and takes down a wooden box. He picks out a blue pencil then rips a sheet of paper from his drawing pad.

   Baobei anxiously puts on his shoes and jacket. Blinking his round eyes he stammers,  “Hurry..hurry…make it short.. he might wake up.”


He leaves a note then picks up the basket with Jack inside and puts it on his back. He lifts Baobei into his arms then teases, “You know you still have to answer to your grandfather.”

 Baobei wiggles in his arms and pushes his chest, “Let me down I will go back with them.”

  Yang Chenxi laughs and flicks his forehead, “Too late.”

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