Li Tian’s Scheme

Li Tian turns to the side and in a low threatening voice that only Li Shaoting can hear growls, ”Hallway.”

   He nervously nods then says,  “I’m going to step outside and give some instructions to Lu Zhen.”

    Once they’re outside the hospital room Li Tian grabs his cousin by the collar. “Do you want to die! “I like men?!?” I dare you to say that again! “

 “Calm down.” Li Shaoting blinks his eyes, “Tha..that was the first thing that came to mind. It was obvious he wasn’t going to let you stay. I had to think of something. “

   Li Tian lets him go thinking he might have a point. “You can leave.”

  “I want to wait until the doctor comes to check Song Sara.”

  Li Tian has an idea, “I am going to make a phone call. I will be right back.” 

  “Well… bring back two cups of coffee, it will look as though I sent you to get them.”


  Li Tian calls Kang Mingshun, “I need you to take care of something for me.”

  “Boss, where are you?”

   “I am at the hospital.”

   Kang Mingshun anxiously glances at Han Weisheng then asks, “Did you see Miss Song?”

  “Too many questions. Listen to me. I need you to contact Chen Wu. Have him disrupt Cadieux’s newest venture, the hotel by the waterfront. Create an urgent situation he needs to take care of personally.”

   “How are you feeling?”

  Li Tian notices Kang Mingshun’s worried tone. “What is wrong with you? Get on it.”

   Kang Mingshun hangs up and tells Han Weisheng, “The Boss is at the hospital. I don’t know what is going on with him.”

   “I will go check out the situation.”

  Li Tian has a faint smile on his face as he walks to the coffee machine. For now I will play the role perfectly but little cousin when the play ends I won’t forget your insolence. He presses a button on the machine then leans against the wall waiting for the coffee. When the coffee is finished, he repeats the process. Holding the two cups of coffee he lazily strides back to Sara’s room.

    When he enters he hands the styrofoam cups to Li Shaoting, “Sir, your coffees.”

   Li Shaoting’s mouth drops open, staring at his cousin in disbelief. I wish to fucking god I had this on video. The King of Hell serving me and his enemy…wait… did he do something to the coffee…

 Fidgeting in place for a moment Li Shaoting rules out that possibility then sets a cup on the table by Sara’s bed. Leo ignores him and continues to stare fixedly at Sara.

  Li Tian steps back by the door, immersing himself in his character. He stands straight with his hands back and a blank expression on his face. Soon that bastard  Cadieux will leave and I can be alone with her.

   Li Shaoting desperately would like to put distance between him and his cousin but wants to hear the update on Sara’s condition. He awkwardly sips the hot coffee, his eyes darting between the two men wishing the doctor would arrive soon.

   The heavy silence is broken by the sound of Leo’s phone ringing. He impatiently answers, “Duan, whatever it is you handle it.”

   “I wouldn’t call you if the matter could be taken care of by me. If you don’t placate the owner of the hotel in person, the deal is off for the purchase.”

  Leo reluctantly places Sara’s hand under the quilt and stands up. “It was a done deal. What happened?” His face darkens as he listens and the veins on his forehead bulge, “Motherf***er!” He stomps out the door and Li Tian has a devilish grin as he walks towards Sara’s bed, “Now you leave.”

  “What did you do?”

  Li Tian raises an eyebrow and smirks, “Is that something you should ask?”

  Li Shaoting inwardly curses him then calmly responds, “Cousin, I am only worried about Song Sara. What if Mr. Cadieux comes back?” He anxiously gazes at the door, “You shouldn’t be so close to her.”

  “Cadieux won’t be back. He will leave immediately thinking he will wrap it up quickly then return. But, there is no simple solution to the problem. By the time he comes back Song Sara will be moved to a different facility.”

  Stunned Li Shaoting’s eyes widen and he shakes his head. “ way. Are you insane? He will think I did it and retaliate against the family.” He raises his voice, “With his resources do you think it would be difficult for him to locate her?  Also, who knows if her condition would worsen by being moved? You need to clear your mind and be rational!  You are only creating problems because of your selfishness.”  

  “Do you think I, Li Tian, am afraid of that insignificant bastard? I can’t stand by and watch him touch my woman. I won’t!” He tenderly brushes a few loose strands of Sara’s hair behind her ear then bends down and plants a gentle kiss on her forehead.

   Li Shaoting fearlessly continues because he doesn’t want Li Tian’s scheming to cause problems for his family or Sara. Trying to reason with him he advises, “You need to look at the big picture. She will regain consciousness and return to my villa. This is temporary. TEMPORARY!”

    The door opens and Li Shaoting impulsively pulls Li Tian away from Sara”s bedside. Han Weisheng walks into the room and Li Shaoting rushes over to him, “You need to talk some sense into my cousin!”

   Han Weisheng glances around the room, “Where is Tian?”

  Li Shaoting’s eyes flicker and he doesn’t respond. 

 “I just saw Leo Cadieux exiting the hospital in a rush. What happened?”

 Li Tian has a smug expression, “Looking for me?”

 Han Weisheng recognizes his voice and his thin lips curl up. He steps closer and examines Li Tian’s face. “Hmmm…No flaws at all. As expected, her work is top notch. I never would have recognized you.”

  Glancing at Sara motionless with her eyes closed he asks in a concerned tone, “How is Song Sara?” 

  “The doctor should be here soon for an update. She is out of immediate danger but as you can see she remains unconscious.”

  “Kang Mingshun filled me in about the helicopter crash. What about you? He said you had a concussion.” And  you were delusional.

  “Some pain when I breathe and my shoulder is stiff, otherwise fine.”

  Dr. Ling is reading a chart as she walks into the room. When she looks up she is puzzled staring at the three men, “Where is Mr. Cadieux?” It isn’t like him to leave his sister with these strange men.

 Li Shaoting tells the truth, “He received a phone call and left.”

She has a stern expression, “You can stay but you other two gentlemen need to leave.”

 Li Tian is about to protest but Li Shaoting quickly responds, “Lu Zhen, wait outside with Han Weisheng.”

  Dr. Ling checks the IV bag then looks at the chart again. “Miss Song hasn’t awakened at all?”


    Li Shaoting patiently sits on the couch watching as she checks Sara’s vitals. A nurse comes into the room with an ultrasound machine.

   In the hallway outside of the room Han Weisheng sees his friend’s eyes filled with worry. “Dr. Ling is very capable.”

  Li Tian clenches his fists at his side. “I need to find the bastards that did this.”

 “Kang Mingshun said they were human traffickers?”

 “I don’t think so. They were targeting either me or Leo Cadieux. Do you have a cigarette?”

 Han Weisheng takes a pack of cigarettes from his pocket as they walk down the hallway. “Are you going to have Yang James investigate?”

 Li Tian flicks the lighter in his hand, “He is busy dealing with the opening of the Mega Mall. I am going to have Chen Wu locate the culprits.”

  “Are you going back to Catang City for the opening?”

  “No. I am staying here to oversee the Affordable Housing Project.”

  The corner of Han Weisheng’s mouth twitches, “Isn’t that project well…easily handled by a subordinate?”

    Li Tian lights the cigarette then blows out a thin stream of smoke.“I have my reasons.” I will win the disobedient kitten over by showing her that I am a compassionate and caring man. 

   After he finishes the cigarette he looks at his wrist then realizes he didn’t wear a watch today. The doctor should be finished examining Song Sara. I am going back to her hospital room. “Did you come find me for a particular reason?”

  “No. Now that I see you are alright I am going back to the hotel.”

They walk down the hallway together then Han Weisheng stops at the elevator.

Li Tian grinds his molars then knocks on the door to Sara’s room. In a polite voice he chokes out, “It is Lu Zhen.”

His cousin chuckles, “Enter.”

 Li Tian notices the sonogram in his hand and anxiously grabs it from him, “Are the babies okay?”

 “Dr. Ling said they are both responding well.”

  Li Tian gazes at Sara with a worried look “What about Song Sara? When will she wake up?”

 “Dr. Ling drew blood to have it analyzed. She said her vitals are all normal. But..”

  Li Tian’s eyes redden and his aura is terrifying, “Spit it out.”

  “The drug…well…she was injected with a megadose and although the blood transfer saved her and the babies. You need to be prepared…she might be in a coma for an unknown amount of time.”


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