Li Tian Becomes Lu Zhen

Kang Mingshun sat on the couch in Li Tian’s room the entire night. Every time he heard the slightest noise he would be jolted from sleep. He slept restlessly, afraid Li Tian would decide to go to the hospital.

  In the morning Li Tian wakes up and sees Kang Mingshun, “Why the hell are you here?”

  Kang Mingshun wants to see if Li Tian is back to normal and replies, “I know you wanted this mask urgently so I brought it to you.”

Li Tian yawns, “The mask..oh right. You can go.”

“Well Boss, umm..what are your plans for today?”

 He takes a water bottle from the table, “Get me some headache medicine. My head is killing me.” Did I drink too much last night? 

Kang Mingshun quickly rushes to the bathroom and picks up the bottle of prescription pills that Dr. Xie prescribed.He hesitates wondering if he should give Li Tian two. Well the Boss might go back to sleep and that would give me time to find out what is going on with Miss Song. He gulps down his saliva then takes out two of the small white pills.

Li Tian calls out, “What is taking you so fucking long?”

Kang Mingshun returns and hands him the medication, “Here Boss.”

 Li Tian swallows the pills then gulps down half the bottle of water. He sits on the edge of the bed trying to think about last night but his mind is blank. “Mingshun, did I meet Han Weisheng for drinks last night?” I must have, I slept in my clothes. It has been a long time since I got black out drunk… I can’t remember a fucking thing.

  Kang Mingshun guiltily responds, “Yeah.”

 “I’m going to take a shower then try on the mask. If it looks good then I will go to my cousin’s to see Song Sara. Wait downstairs.”

  Kang Mingshun breaks out into a cold sweat and stands motionless in front of the bed.

  “Why are you standing there? Go.”

  “Yes Boss.”

  Once he is outside the room he quickens his pace. What the hell..I can’t keep lying, the Boss will kill me..but if I don’t…

His empty stomach is in a knot as he nervously calls Han Weisheng. “It’s Kang Mingshun. I need your help.”

  Without leaving out the slightest detail Kang Mingshun tells him everything. Han Weisheng taps the silver pen between his fingers on his desk. “How is Miss Song now? What is her condition?”

  “I have no idea.”

  “If you gave him a sedative he should fall back asleep. I will find out the situation then drive over to Sun Zhi’s villa. Don’t let him go anywhere.” What a mess…Dr. Ling is an excellent doctor. I hope she was able to save the mother and babies. If anything happens to them that crazy bastard could actually lose his mind completely. Twins…wow..

  “I won’t.”

   Han Weisheng calls Li Shaoting, “Kang Mingshun just filled me in on the situation. How are Song Sara and the babies?”

  Li Shaoting is in the hospital cafeteria and puts the cup of coffee in his hand down on the table. “According to Dr. Ling, the blood exchange was a success but…Miss Song hasn’t regained consciousness. The babies…well she said they need to be monitored. It is too early to tell if there will be any heart problems.”

 “Is Leo Cadieux there?”

 “Yeah, he hasn’t left Song Sara’s room.” Li Shaoting has been worried his cousin will show up and cause a scene. “Where is Cousin Tian? I don’t think it would be good for him to come to the hpspital, Mr. Cadieux is well…agitated to say the least.” 

 “Kang Mingshun gave him medicine Dr.Xie prescribed so he should sleep. I will do my best to prevent him from coming to the hospital. Keep me informed.”

 “I will.”

 Han Weisheng tells his secretary to clear his schedule for the day and leaves the hotel. Kang Mingshun breathes a sigh of relief knowing Han Weisheng will take control of the situation and he can step back. He walks downstairs and runs into Tang Qiang.

He sees the black circles under his friend’s eyes and his messy appearance. He laughs, “You look like shit!”

  “Fuck off. You have no idea what I have been through. I am going to take a shower and clean up. Don’t let the Boss leave under any circumstances. I don’t have time to explain.”


   Tang Qiang sees Butler Mu carrying a large bag of trash, “I can get that for you.”

    Li Tian gets out of the shower and walks into the bedroom wrapped in a towel. The pills Kang Mingshun gave him were not sedatives but medication to stabilize his mind.

 After calling the hospital to check on Sara’s condition, he is anxious to go to the hospital and see her. No longer confused, he knows the situation between them and smiles as he opens up the package on the desk. He removes the skin mask and puts it on his face pulling it tight the way the woman instructed. He nods in satisfaction, no one will recognize me.  Not as handsome as my true appearance but good looking.

He picks out a simple black suit and white shirt then gets dressed. Looking in the full length mirror Li Tian straightens his tie. Out of habit he puts on a watch then changes his mind this Limited Edition Cartier watch is too eye catching, I need to look like a bodyguard.

 Li Tian walks out of the bedroom and calls Kang Mingshun, when he doesn’t answer he decides to drive. I can’t wait for that moron.

  Once downstairs he heads towards the garage and passes Butler Mu and Tang Qiang in the hallway. Neither of the men pay attention to him and Li Tian smirks, very good.

  When he arrives at the hospital he parks then calls Li Shaoting, “Where are you?”


 “Who else?”

 Li Shaoting puts down his chopsticks, “I am in the hospital cafeteria.”

  “I will be right there.”

  Shocked, Li Shaoting calls Kang Mingshun, “I thought you said Cousin Tian was sleeping!”

  “He is. Why?”

“He just called me.”

  Kang Mingshun runs out of his room and up the stairs, he knocks on the bedroom door. “CEO LI? Boss?”

  When there is no answer he cautiously opens the door and peeks into the room, Dammit! “He isn’t here. He must be going to the hospital.”

  “KANG MINGSHUN!I thought you said…” Suddenly someone grabs his phone from his hand and hangs up. Li Shaoting angrily looks up at the strange man, “What the hell! Give me my phone back!”

   Amused by his cousin’s exasperated expression Li Tian taunts him, “What if I don‘t?”

   Li Shaoting stands up and grabs for the phone, “I will call security. Who do you think you are? Give me back the phone!”

    Li Tian holds up the phone and chuckles, “Who do I think I am? I am your cousin of course.”

   “ What kind of shit are you trying to pull? I don’t know you. You aren’t my cousin.”

   Happy that he is unrecognizable Li Tian leans toward Li Shaoting and in a barely audible voice he teases, ”Little TingTing, let’s not make a scene. I am Tian… in disguise as the new bodyguard you hired for Song Sara.”

  LI Shaoting’s eyes flicker and he stutters, “Ti..Tian?”

  “This skin mask is worth the exorbitant amount of money I paid.”  Li Tian touches his face and grins, “Now where is Song Sara’s room eh? Take me there and introduce me as her bodyguard.”

  “Cousin, you aren’t going to make a scene are you? Leo Cadieux is there. I wouldn’t be good to disturb Song Sara when she wakes up.”

   Li Tian stares at Li Shaoting with a cold piercing gaze, “She is still unconscious?”

   “Yeah, Dr. Ling said she could be in a coma from the remnants of the drug.”

   “I called and they said she was out of danger!”

  “Well…yeah she and the babies are… but the effects of the Sombian haven’t completely resolved.” 

     They step into the elevator and Li Tian growls, “Incompetent idiots! They should all be fired!”

   Li Shaoting notices two nurses reacting to his outburst and he quietly advises, “Cousin, if you want to stay I think it would be best if you got into character.”

  Li Tian clenches the fist in his trouser pocket, he is right I need to play the part well so I can be by her side. I will stay calm and ignore that bastard Cadieux. 

  They exit the elevator and walk down the hallway to Sara’s room. Li Shaoting stops before they reach the door, “I will introduce you. Don’t talk. You have bodyguards, imitate their behavior. Got it.”


   Li Shaoting opens the door and Li Tian stiffens, Leo is sitting in a chair next to the bed holding Sara’s hand. His face darkens and the aura surrounding him becomes suffocating. Li Shaoting is exhausted and bravely kicks him in the shin forgetting his innate fear of his cousin. He warns through clenched teeth, “Get into character.”

   Li Tian takes a deep breath to reel in his murderous aura and follows Li Shaoting. Leo turns around and narrows his eyes behind his tinted glasses, “Who is this?”

  “One of my most trusted bodyguards, Lu Zhen. He will guard Song Sara.”

 “Get out. As long as I am here she will be safe.”

  “But Mr. Cadieux, you have business to attend to and you can’t be by her side 24/7.”



  Li Tian has no confidence in Li Shaoting persuading Leo but he calmly stands to the side.

 Li Shaoting has an idea, “Mr.Cadieux, I can sense you are quite skilled in martial arts but it is best to maintain your image in front of Miss Song. Also, when she is discharged she will be returning to my villa. If you are worried, well… I can tell you there is nothing to be concerned about…” Li Shaoting cautiously steps away from his cousin, “ Lu Zhen He..he likes men.”


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      1. If he can’t deal with Leo, how is he gonna deal with twins when they dominate their mother’s attention 🤣


      2. Hahaha I can only imagine Leo’s reaction to that comment and how pissed of Li Tian is by his assumptions 🤣👏🏽


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