Can’t Let Li Tian Go To Hospital

When they arrive at the hospital Dr. Ling tells Leo, “Everything should be prepared, I called ahead. The only problem is the hospital doesn’t have sufficient blood for the transfer. Since you and Miss Song have the same blood type, follow the nurse and they will take your blood. There is one bag which will be enough to begin the procedure.”

 Leo gazes at Sara’s face, her alabaster skin appears almost translucent and her heart shaped lips are devoid of color. “Once the blood is exchanged will she regain consciousness? What about the babies?”

  “Leo, first it is imperative to remove the Sombian from her blood. At the very least dilute the drug in her system. I explained to you the precarious position the patient is in because of the excessive amount of the drug in her bloodstream and the babies’ reliance on her blood. Go. You are only delaying the procedure by asking the same questions. It is unlike you to approach the problem with your judgment clouded by your emotions.”

  Leo holds Sara’s  small cold hand, “Save my sister. Don’t be concerned with the babies, she is young and can have other children.” He reluctantly lets go and follows the nurse.

Dr. Ling consults with a middle aged doctor next to her and they accompany the stretcher to a sterile room that has been readied. The male nurse effortlessly lifts Sara’s petite limp body onto the bed then moves a machine to the bedside

As they begin the treatment Dr. Ling doesn’t hold much hope to be able to save both Song Sara and the babies. From what she knows of this drug, the clinical trials proved Sombian had too many side effects and two pregnant women in the study had miscarriages.”

 Entering the elevator, Leo impatiently asks the nurse. “How long does this take, my sister needs the blood.”

 Li Shaoting followed the two doctors and is now pacing up and down the hallway outside the room where Sara is undergoing the blood transfer. He has a knot in his stomach because after Leo left Dr. Ling and the other doctor discussed Sara’s tenuous situation in depth. They were absorbed in their conversation and didn’t notice his presence. He overheard their analysis and the guilt he felt for leaving Sara by the boutique was overwhelming. 

Nervously biting his fingernails he wonders if he should call Li Tian. While he is debating his phone rings, he sees the caller is Li Tian and his heart races. Holding the phone like a hot potato his mind is whirling with what to say. Should I lie? He is injured, how will finding out Sara is in dire straits affect his recovery. The Li Group depends on him and the situation in Bashu City still needs to be wrapped up. Fuck! The phone continues to ring and he breaks out into a cold sweat. I can’t ignore him.

He composes himself and takes a deep breath, “Cousin, you are awake.”

 “How is my wife?”

Kang Mingshun glances in the rearview mirror at Li Tian and shakes his head. The Boss is delusional. Ever since he woke up he isn’t himself. He thinks he and Miss Song are happily married. I need to convince him to go to the hospital when we get to Bashu City, he needs to talk to a psychiatrist. 

 Li Shaoting has a puzzled expression, “Your wife? You mean Song Sara?”

“You moron! Do I have another wife!”

 He must be sedated and hallucinating. I will humor him.. “No. Well…she is undergoing the procedure now to exchange the blood. The doctors are confident she got here in time and they can reverse the situation. ” Anxious to get off the phone he advises, “You should rest and I will keep you informed.”

  “How can I rest when the woman I love and my children are in danger. I should arrive in Bashu City within the hour.”

  “You are on your way here?”

  “Yes and I don’t want to see that bastard Cadieux at the hospital when I arrive. I am calling my men to remove him.”

   “Wait! No!” What a fucking mess that would be! Does he want to start a war? “Ahh..they need him on stand by if Miss Song needs more blood. His blood type is compatible and the hospital is in short supply. Even if you hate Leo Cadieux you don’t want to risk Miss Song or your babies’ lives.”

   Li Tian’s veins jump on his forehead. “Get another hospital to send blood.”

   Unable to deal with Li Tian’s selfish attitude he blurts out“Cousin, you need to get your head on straight. This is an emergency situation and the fact his blood can be used is a godsend!” He can feel Li Tian’s murderous aura through the phone and he sttuters, ” I mean…don’t be rash.”

  Li Tian’s head is throbbing, “ are right. I can kill him later.”

  “…” Kill? 

  Li Tian hangs up and takes a bottle of pills from his pocket then pops two in his mouth. Dammit! I have to get to the hospital and be with my woman! I can’t let that bastard steal her away from me!

  Kang Mingshun slows down, I need to delay the Boss. Maybe those pills Dr. Xie gave him will put him to sleep and he won’t cause a scene at the hospital. If Miss Song wakes up and sees the Boss…I don’t want to think about how chaotic that situation would be! He doesn’t remember the little chick wants nothing to do with him.. she ran away and is in Bashu City hiding from him! 

Deep in thought wondering how he can prevent a disaster, he suddenly has an idea, if he falls asleep I will take him to Sun Zhi’s villa and call Han Weisheng. He will know what to do. I need to protect the Boss while he is in this delusional state… prevent him from appearing in front of Miss Song and ruining his plan to slowly enter her life again.

   He feels as though that is the best plan and has a slight smile as he drives at a leisurely pace towards the city.

 Li Tian doesn’t notice the slower speed of the car because he is in excruciating pain. He leans back then closes his eyes and slowly falls asleep.

   Relieved when he hears Li Tian snoring, Kang Mungshun heads for the villa confident that he is doing the right thing.

   At the hospital Li Shaoting walks to a coffee machine. He pushes a button and waits while the paper cup fills up. He is unnerved by the short conversation with Li Tian. He takes the coffee and blows on it to cool it off. The only important thing is that Song Sara and her babies are okay. Cousin Tian and Leo Cadieux…well..I would hope they would put her welfare above their hatred for each other. I can’t believe she got involved with my cold and heartless cousin. 

  Kang Mingshun pulls up to the iron gate at Sun Zhi’s villa. The guard recognizes him and opens the gate. Once he parks in front of the villa he steps out of the car and opens the back door. Putting Li Tian on his back he carries him to the front door and rings the doorbell. 

  Butler Mu is in the kitchen with his wife and walks to the front door. Looking at the monitor he raises an eyebrow then opens the door  when he sees Kang Mingshun with Li Tian on his back

“What is wrong with CEO Li? Should I call a doctor?”

 “No. I will take care of him. He had too much to drink at a business meeting.”

 “If you could direct me to his room I would appreciate it.”

 “Certainly, follow me.”

  Kang Minshun follows him to an elevator and the old man says, “The third floor, the second guest room on the right. Also a package was delivered earlier for CEO Li and I placed it on the desk in the room.”



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  1. Yay I’m so excited you’re back! How was your vacation?! I just started reading the chapter but I had to say that first!


      1. Ah that’s good to hear! Finished the chapter; so I’m betting that premonition given to Li Tian after Song Sara ran away is gonna come true sooner than we initially thought…🫣


      2. Well spoiler not quite yet that is down the road a bit lol. Right now we will get to watch Li Tian’s strange pursuit of Sara. Haha..😳


      3. Lol thank god. I just hope the twins can pass this huddle while their dad makes an absolute fool of himself. And I can wait until he realises Leo is his ‘brother-in-law’ that’s gonna be so funny! 😂👏🏽


      4. And jealous of what?! Him and Sara sharing the same damn womb?! Gosh his poor children 🤦🏽‍♀️


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