Crash Landing Part 2

   When Li Shaoting enters the filming site he doesn’t know what they will find so he says, “Lee Ani stay in the car. Feng come with me.”

   The two brothers rush over to the field and Li Feng gasps at the horrific scene. The helicopter is on its side and ablaze. Black smoke is billowing from the wreckage and it is engulfed in red and orange flames. A man Li Shaoting recognizes as a member of the crew is on his phone not far away. “Where is Li Tian?”

  The man has a frightened expression as he takes the phone from his ear, “Tang Wu, you know that maniac? I’m calling the police.”

  Li Shaoting grabs the phone from his hand “Don’t call. I know him… where is he?”

  “I drove over when I saw the helicopter swaying and spinning in the air. When I arrived the man was crawling out of the wreckage. I ran over and he looked dazed, blood dripping down his forehead, holding his right arm and his clothes were scorched. He growled, “ Where is your car? Give me the key. I was about to say I would drive him to the hospital but he fucking pulled out a gun! A fucking gun! I wasn’t going to argue with him. His eyes were bloodshot and his face contorted in anger. The man’s aura was terrifying. So I pointed to the company SUV, I will be in deep shit that is why I am calling the cops.”

   Li Shaoting hesitates then says, “Well, don’t call the police, he is the main investor in this film, CEO Li.”

  The man shakes his head, “No fucking way!”

 Li Shaoting pats him on the shoulder, “Forget what you saw.” 

  Over past some trailers, Li Tian grits his teeth and wipes the blood dripping down into his eyes with his sleeve as he unlocks the SUV. Suppressing the pain racking his body he lifts his leg slowly and gets into driver’s seat. He blinks a few times to focus then puts Snowflake Inn on the GPS.  Baby, I will be there soon.

He can’t lift his left arm and is in extreme pain as he holds onto the steering wheel with his right hand. Ignoring the phone ringing in his pocket he drives recklessly down the icy road towards the Inn.

  When he arrives the tires screech as he pulls into the parking lot. Li Tian’s face pales as he steps out of the vehicle, he uses all his internal energy to move forward. Opening the door to the Inn he looks around and there is no one in the small lobby.

  Frustrated that because of his injuries he can’t rush up the stairs he curses. “Dammit!” Holding onto the railing he slowly lifts his legs climbing up one stair at a time.. He ignores the pain radiating down his body, his only concern is finding Sara as he lumbers up the narrow wooden stairs. Finding the room she is in he bursts through the door. A thin layer of sweat forms on his forehead as he hurries to the bed then uses his right hand to lift Sara. He can’t restrain himself, kissing her face and hugging her tightly. Sighing heavily he buries his head in her neck. “Baby, I’m sorry. I’m late.”

  The man’s hot breath sprays on her skin and she inhales the familiar scent of mint and tobacco. Sara stirs and Li Tian loosens the arm encircling her waist. he panics that she will push him away when she discovers the person holding her is him. But when she opens her eyes she flutters her eyelashes and tears drip down from the corner of her eyes. Sara’s lips tremble, “Li Tian, my baby… What if my baby…”,she sobs uncontrollably and she clutches his shirt pleading, “Help me…please.”

   Looking into her beautiful watery blue eyes his heart melts and he wraps a strand of her long black hair around his finger, “I’m here…it will be okay.” He can tell by her dazed expression she isn’t fully awake. Mesmerized by her delicate and fragile beauty he kisses her forehead, “Stay by my side. I will protect you and the baby.” 

 She leans on his chest and continues to cry, “The man…he gave me medicine…what if the baby..”

  Hearing her disturbing  revelation, Li Tian’s eyes flicker with flames and his body stiffens. Although in his heart he is worried he reassures Sara, “Both you and the baby will be fine. I’m calling a doctor now.”

  Sara clings onto him and tears flow down her cheeks soaking his shirt., “Li Tian…I’m scared.”

  Hearing his name softly spoken from her lips he tenderly touches her cheek,”Trust me I won’t let anything happen to you or the child.”

 Nervously taking out his phone he makes a call, “Get over to the Snowflake Inn, room 35, immediately.” His scorching hot gaze isriveted on the pink baby bunny hat and he is filled with rage.  The veins on his neck are bulging, the bastard drugged Song Sara! What if the baby is affected? I will find them and make them suffer a life worse than death!

   Nestled in his warm embrace Sara falls unconscious again. He silently holds her against his bruised chest then calls Li Shaoting, “I found Song Sara. Come alone to the Snowflake Inn, room 35.” 

   “How is…”, before he says anything else Li Tian hangs up the phone. Li Shaoting looks at his brother, “I have a trailer on the film site. You can wait for me there.”

  “ Was that Cousin Tian did he find Song Sara? How is she? Why can’t we go?”

  “Don’t ask so many questions and do as I say. When I know more I will call you.”

  Li Tian struggles to remain conscious and when there is a knock at the door he calls out in a hoarse voice, “Enter.”

   A handsome blonde man wearing a windbreaker and casual pants lazily enters the room. “Old Li, what is going on?” Xie Yubai is the doctor employed by the production company and Li Tian’s friend from University.

   “She was drugged and is pregnant.”

Xie Yubai exclaims, “What the hell!”

 “I will explain later but you need to examine her.” Li Tian winces in pain as he lays Sara on the bed.

  Dr. Xie lifts Sara’s eyelid and points a small light into her eye. “If she was drugged there is a clinic in the town. It is small but it has the diagnostic equipment to identify the drug and I can treat her there. But, you look like you are in worse shape than the girl. What happened.”

  “Helicopter crash. I will be fine. I’m more worried about Song Sara.”

  “Who is she to you?’ He sets down the medicine bag in his hand and his expression changes,” she carrying your baby?”

  “Yes. No one can know. It is complicated.”

   Dr. Xie sees Li Tian’s arm hanging limply at his side, “I will call an ambulance.”

   “No. Shaoting is on his way here now. We need to be discreet. She was kidnapped when she was with him. For reasons I can’t go into, it would be best if he accompanied you two to the clinic. I will follow.”

  After he examines Sara Xie Yubai calmly states, “I can’t say about the fetus but her vitals are within an acceptable range. If I were to hazard a guess I would say she was given a sedative.” He reaches into his medicine bag, “ As for you take these two pills and let me check your arm, it looks like a dislocated shoulder. They can take x rays at the clinic to see if any bones were also broken.” Li Tian bites his bottom lip as Dr. Xie pops his shoulder back into place. “See if you can move your arm.”

Li Tian knits his eyebrows together, “Why do I feel you enjoyed that?”

   Li Shaoting frantically rushes into the room, “Cousin, how is Song Sara?”

  Dr. Xie has a faint smile, “Shouldn’t you ask about Tian’s injuries first?”


Li Tian gives his friend a harsh look, “ Yubai, wait outside I need to talk to my cousin.”

  After he walks out the door Li Tian says, “What I am going to tell you can’t be repeated to anyone, especially to that brat of a brother of yours. Song Sara is my woman. We quarreled and that is why she left Catang City. The baby is mine. She isn’t ready to forgive me so I don’t want you to mention me.Obviously she thinks you are Tang Wu not Li Shaoting or she would have nothing to do with you. Make sure you keep up that charade.”

  Li Shaoting listens with his mouth agape and gulps down his saliva. He points his trembling finger at Li Tian as he stutters, “You…you are the man Song Sara was running away from?”

   He doesn’t hesitate admitting, “Yes .For now I can’t let her know I am in Bashu City or she will run away again. I am counting on you to keep this secret.” He stretches out his arm and rotates it, painful but I can carry the little girl. He stands up and hugs Sara in his embrace. “Let’s go.”

   When they leave the room the corner of Xie Yubai’s mouth twitches, “Are you crazy? Give me the girl.”

Li Tian glares at him and walks slowly down the hallway. 

   Lost in thought, Li Shaoting absentmindedly walks alongside him towards the stairs. He clenches his fists at his side witnessing Li Tian kiss Sara’s forehead. This must be a fucking nightmare. How could that sweet girl be involved with my cold and heartless cousin! I can’t agree…no… I will find her a place to hide. Nothing good will come of her being with him. He is engaged to that bitch Long Jinxi and I know Uncle Hong would never accept a bastard into the family!

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  1. Hahaha Li Shaoting’s horror is just golden. I feel like his brother and parents would wholeheartedly agree with him and work together to his Song Sara.


      1. Oh I bet…especially if he finds out his crazy ass cousin keeps disguising himself to be her like a stalker 🤣👏🏽


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