Crash Landing Part 1

Li Tian argues with the helicopter pilot then takes a gun from his pocket. “I said we are flying up to Washnu Mountain.”

 The pilot points to the sky, “CEO Li, you might as well pull the trigger because that will be a quicker death than crashing in the mountains. I am telling you it is suicide to take off right now.”

  Li Tian’s face darkens as he barks, “Get out of my way! I don’t need you. I know how to fly this piece of shit.”

  Kang Mingshun rushes up to the hanger, “Boss. I just talked to Yang James, he said he is working on finding out the little chick’s whereabouts.”

  Li Tian narrows his eyes glaring at Kang Mingshun, “Do you think I can sit around and wait? Every minute counts, I’m concerned that Song Sara could lose the baby if she gets too stressed. I saw she had anti anxiety medicine and sleeping pills when I was in her room. She must be very afraid. Dammit! Shaoting said the man forcefully threw her into the back of the SUV.”

  “Boss, think logically, they won’t hurt Song Sara. Whoever took her wants something…we will meet their demands, get the woman back then take care of them.”

  “No one knows she is pregnant. They could be too rough and harm the baby. I’m going. If Yang James hears anything contact me.”

   Li Tian hurriedly gets into the pilot’s seat and starts the engine. As the blades whir he readies for takeoff and looks off into the distance. Baby, I’m coming for you.

  Sara awakens and rubs her temples then glances around the room. Where am I? She picks up the pink knitted hat next to her on the bed and touches her stomach. Nervously surveying the room she wonders where the man is who grabbed her from outside the shop. Suddenly the door opens and she clutches the knit cap tightly and her heart starts racing.

   Hamid walks over with a tray of food and a cup of tea. He smiles  “Don’t look so frightened. I am not going to harm you. I was waiting for you to wake up to have a little chat.”

  Sara’s eyes widen as he sets the tray on the nightstand. “You should eat.”

   She stares at the tall dark skinned man standing by the bed and stammers, “I…I am not hungry.” 

  He grins, “You should eat for the baby.”

  The hair on the back of Sara’s neck stands up and she anxiously blurts out, “Who are you and how do you know I am pregnant?”

  He plays with the knife in his hand, “As for who I am you don’t need to know. How I know you are pregnant, you are clutching a baby hat and protectively placed your hand on your belly.”

 “What do you want?”

   He sits on the edge of the bed and runs his finger down her cheek, Sara shivers from his touch. Hamid looks into her eyes with a piercing look, “Little beauty, I want you to forget you saw me. My plans changed and you are no longer valuable to me.” He takes a syringe from his pocket and flips off the protective cap and pins Sara down. Her eyes widen filled with extreme fear, she  cries and struggles to break free, “Don’t! Don’t! This could harm the baby! I won’t say anything I promise!”  

   Sara pushes his chest as the needle comes closer to her arm, “I’m begging you don’t. I won’t say anything!”

   Hamid ignores her pleas, after the needle pierces her skin he puts the point of the knife on her stomach, “I trust you won’t because I will personally cut this baby from your womb if you do.”

    He watches as her eyes roll back in her head and she falls unconscious, then stands up and walks towards the door. He looks back at Sara sprawled on the bed, It’s too bad you are that maniac’s sister. I would have enjoyed tasting you.

     Lighting a cigarette he approaches his partner leaning against the wall outside of the room. “We need to ditch the car and head back to Bashu City.”

  The man furrows his bushy black eyebrows, “I don’t like this, Madam Olga said to secure the girl, now we are just leaving?”

  Hamid lightly slaps his cheek, “Do you want to fuck with Leo Cadieux?  It  turns out the slut is his sister. Even my mother is afraid of that lunatic so you should be happy we found out now while we can escape disaster. He laughs, “Let’s go.” I wonder if Li Tian knows he knocked up his nemesis’ sister?

   Li Tian fearlessly flies the helicopter towards Washnu mountain. He turns on the anti ice system,  I should be there in less than an hour, I might be able to make it before the storm worsens. He calls Li Shaoting, “Is there any word from the kidnappers?”

  Li Shaoting nervously responds, “No.”

 “I will arrive in a half hour, meet me at the  filming site, I will land in the field there. I haven’t seen any cars on the road; they must still be in the town.”


  When Li Shaoting hangs up he has a strange expression as he tells his brother,  “We need to meet Cousin Tian at the filming site, he said there are no vehicles on the road.”

  Li Feng anxiously replies, “Shouldn’t we contact the police?”

 “I did, they are useless. Do you think I wanted to call Tian? But he is the only person I could think of at the time. He knows how to handle these types of situations.”

 “ I guess you are right but I am surprised he responded so quickly.”

  “To be honest he actually sounded worried. Probably because since he is here to handle the problems with the airport he doesn’t want any negative publicity.”

  “Makes sense, your identity could get exposed. Do you think Song Sara was kidnapped because they mistakenly believe she is your girlfriend?”

    Li Shaoting pulls out onto the highway to drive to the filming site.  “I don’t know. I just hope she is alright.”

     Hovering above the filming site, Li Tian struggles to see where he can land the helicopter. He can barely see because of the heavy snowfall and the field is surrounded by large trees. While he is considering the best way to approach the snow covered field, his phone rings. He presses the button and a distorted voice says, “The woman is in room #35 at Snowflake Inn. She is unharmed. If you want her to stay that way don’t investigate.” The call abruptly ends, Li Tian’s face contorts in anger, she better be…but if you think I won’t pursue this you don’t know me very well. I will make you pay for snatching my most beloved woman!

  Without taking more time to consider the best route  Li Tian impulsively begins his descent. Anxious to find Sara he disregards how dangerous maneuvering through the surrounding forest is. One of the blades hits a large tree and the helicopter begins to shake. Li Tian tries to stabilize the helicopter but all he can do is attempt to avoid hitting other trees.

   When Li Shaoting turns the car into the filming site, they hear a loud crash and see flames rising into the air. 

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      1. And Hamid is such a dick! Someone needs to take care of him and he’s stupid to not think that neither Li Tian nor Leo would investigate who was behind it 🙄


      2. True! He is on drugs..haha never in his right mind.😰 Madam Olga is in for a surprise…Alexandre isaware tgere will be consequences


      3. Oh yeah and I have no doubts he’s gonna throw Yang James under the bus when the moment is ripe and I wouldn’t be surprised if Leo tries throwing the brother card and telling Li Tian to stay away from Sara. Though now I wonder how Sara’s biological father’s gonna feel knowing he had a daughter who was kept from him this entire time. And I’m so interested in how Sara and Leo’s dad met their mother 😵‍💫😵‍💫


      4. This arc will definitely be a crazy…so many secrets will come out. First one- Leo confronts Li Tian that she is his sister.😰


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