Take Me With You Part 1

    Liu Mo is on top of Sun Wanqing groaning in ecstasy, completely out of his mind from the effect of the aphrodisiac. He is wildly thrusting into her when Rui kicks open the door of the cabin. Rui’s eyes are filled with rolling flames as he storms over to the bed.

Su Wanqing pushes Liu Mo off of her naked body as Rui growls, “Bitch! Where is LiMei?”  He grabs her by the hair and yanks her off the bed. Liu Mo snaps out of his daze and attempts to intervene by stepping between them and gripping Rui’s arm.. “Let her go!”  

   Rui turns the palm of his other hand and Liu Mo flies across the room from the force of the strike. Liu Mo slumps to the floor with blood coming from his mouth, unable to breath, he can only helplessly watch as Rui puts his hand on Su Wanqing’s throat.

 With his handsome face contorted in anger Rui repeats, “If you don’t want to die tell me where my wife is!”

   Su Wanqing has a faint smile, “I don’t know where Feng LiMei is but if you kill me you will have no clue as to where to look.”

  “Tell me.”

 Su Wanqing meets his eyes, “Take your hand off my neck first.”

  Rui removes his hand, “Speak.”

  “Can I put my dress on first?”

  “No. You are wasting time.”

  “There is a cave. I’m not quite sure where, further up the mountain.”

   Lui Mo staggers over holding her dress, “Qiao Rui! Leave WanWan alone! She has nothing to do with your wife, we came to get herbs for Master. We haven’t seen her.”

  Rui smirks as he gazes at the boy’s hazy eyes. “She drugged you and you still defend the slut? Fool.”

  Liu Mo has a puzzled expression and gazes at Su Wanqing. She doesn’t deny and he stammers, “WanWan?”

   Rui continues, “Get dressed. You are going to lead the way.”

  Yang Chenxi says, “Did you see Jack? He didn’t return to the compound. The bird knew I was setting off today. It isn’t like him to disappear.”

  Su Wanqing nervously glances at Liu Mo, “No.”

 Rui notices her eyes flash with fear and twists her arm, “You must have seen the black hawk. What aren’t you telling us?”

 She winces in pain, “Brother Rui I didn’t see Jack!”

  Liu Mo anxiously gulps down his saliva, the black hawk I killed… He quickly sobers up and pulls on his pants, “Let her go.I will help you find them.”

  “You don’t know this mountain like she does.” He loosens his hand on her arm. “Bitch, hurry up and put on shoes so we can leave.”

  “In this storm the path will be treacherous. It is better to wait until morning.”

  “I’m not waiting. There is no guarantee they made it to the brat’s cave.” 

   In the cave Baobei is fast asleep laying in LiMei’s arms. Wong Kai puts more wood on the fire then walks over to them. He wants to know more about LiMei so he can judge what he should do. The poison has weakened him considerably and he needs to recuperate.“Who did you come to the Island with?” He wants to know who will come looking for her. “ Who is your husband?” 

  LiMei is half asleep, “I doubt you would know him.”

 “I might.”

 “Qiao Rui.”

 Wong Kai stops in his tracks, “Repeat that.”

 “My husband is Qiao Rui, do you know him?”

  “…”  I not only know him, I want to kill the bastard!

Wong Kai responds, “Familiar.”

 LiMei lays Baobei on the bed and covers him with a blanket, “You don’t look well. When the rain stops you should come with us down the mountain.”

“I will be leaving soon.” I am not in any shape to deal with Qiao Rui.

“You can’t go out in this rain.”

 “Why did you and Qiao Rui come to the Island?”

  “Rui wanted to see Master Wong.”  LiMei suddenly thinks about Rui and Su Wanqing and her face pales. Maybe I should leave the Island if Rui wants to be with that woman I can’t bear to watch. 

  Wong Kai notices LiMei’s change in expression, “Is something wrong?”

 “ No. Well, do you know Su Wanqing?”

 His eyes narrow suspiciously, “Why?”

 LiMei hesitates then wrinkles her brows together, “Did Rui and she..well..did they have a relationship?”

 He has a mischievous smile looking at her worried expression. I should at least sow some seeds of discord. That is the least I could do for my old enemy.

 “I don’t think it is my place to say.”

 LiMei takes that answer as a yes they did. She impulsively asks, “Can you take me with you when you leave?”


 “I will be honest with you. I don’t want to be an obstacle for Rui to be with Su Wanqing. I think by your evasive answer you know they did.” Tears form in her eyes and silently begin to fall.  “And…well Baobei saw them kissing. I can’t face him. It hurts too much to think of Rui with another woman.”

 Seeing her upset Wong Kai regrets teasing LiMei, “I think you should talk to your husband. It might be a misunderstanding. Get some sleep.”

 LiMei is exhausted and lays down next to Baobei. “I am serious, I want to leave.”

  He shakes his head as he walks to the entrance of the cave and looks out at the rain still falling. How in the world did that cold bastard marry such an innocent and naive girl ? Listening to Baobei’s nonsense… I doubt he was kissing Su Wanqing, he hates that woman to his very core. But it would be sweet revenge to steal his wife. 

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