Cancel Filming

  Li Tian walks into Sun Zhi’s villa and Mr. Mu greets him, “CEO Li, the guest room clean up hasn’t been completed so the Young Master said to move you to the East wing.”

  “Very well.” He follows Mr. Mu and as he passes by the presumptuous maid who entered his room he glares at her. She feels his oppressive aura and hurries down the hallway. She quivers, I need to stay far away from that terrifying man !

  Once inside the guest room he sits on the couch and takes out his phone. “Mingshun, I want you to install cameras in my cousin’s villa. Place them in Song Sara’s bedroom, the living room and the kitchen.”

  Kang Mingshun is driving back from Catang City after personally delivering the documents from Old Man Guo to Li Hong. He turns down the music in the car, “Boss, what did you say?”

 The corner of Li Tian’s mouth turns down, “I said I want cameras installed in Song Sara’s bedroom, the kitchen and the living room at my cousin’s villa.”

  Kang Mingshun hesitates and Li Tian growls “If I have to say it a third time, there is a vacancy in the Tunisian office.”

  “I heard you Boss…but…”

 “Do it.”

 Kang Mingshun hangs up, the Boss is going too far. If the little chick finds out she won’t forgive him. Why doesn’t he think like a normal man. Buy her flowers and beg the girl to forgive him.

 Li Tian lights a cigarette and gazes at the picture on his phone of Sara in bed. He has a satisfied smile thinking about being able to watch Sara, until I can be by the little girl’s side this will work.

  Sara is in the kitchen making breakfast and Li Shaoting is sitting at the table. “Song Sara do you want to go to my friend’s house with me for dinner tonight?”

  She flips the sausage patties over then looks up from the frying pan, “Thanks for asking me but I am meeting a friend tonight. He is leaving to go back to Catang City in the morning so we are going to have dinner.”

 Li Shaoting has a surprised expression and Song Sara notices, “He is one of the few people who know about my situation.”

  “You can bring him along.”

  Sara giggles thinking about Leo’s cold personality, “Well, I think he has something he wants to discuss with me.”

  Li Shaoting smells the delicious aroma of the food cooking and has a worried expression, “He wouldn’t want to take you back to Catang City would he?”

  Sara puts the sausage patties on a plate next to an omelet with a smiley face drawn in ketchup. “No. I can’t go back.” She sets the plate down in front of him with a glass of orange juice.

  “I hope you are happy here.” His lips curl up looking at the smiley face, “I am considering staying in Bashu City.” I haven’t been this relaxed in a while…it would be great to live here with Song Sara.

  Sara sits down at the table opposite him, “Don’t you need to film soon?”

  “I do but I can commute to the location they are filming the first half of the drama by Washnu Mountain.” He picks up a piece of the omelet with the chopsticks, “Do you want to come with me this afternoon? I am going to meet with the Director and film two fight scenes. It is really beautiful there.”

   Sara’s blue eyes sparkle,“ I have always wondered how they do the flying fight scenes.”

  Li Feng lazily walks into the kitchen. He is wearing an Adidas blue and white tracksuit and has a pair of headphones around his neck.  “I will come with you.”

  “Don’t you need to meet with a tutor this afternoon?”

  “Bro, I’m on vacation, I don’t want to study.”

  “No. I don’t need the headache if Dad finds out.”

  He takes a piece of sausage from his brother’s plate and  Li Shaoting swats his hand, “Get your own!”

  While he is chewing Li Feng says, “Take the nanny van and she can come with us. I will study while you meet with the Director.”

  Sara stands up, “I will fix you an omelet. Sit.”

  “I’m good. Is there any more sausage?”

  “Yes, but you should eat breakfast.”

  “I had a banana and toast earlier.”

   Li Shaoting asks, “Did you see Cousin this morning?”

  Li Feng shivers and his boyish face reveals his irritation, “Yeah. Why doesn’t he just stay at Sun Zhi’s villa.”

  Sara’s ears perk up when she hears his name. “Your cousin is friends with Sun Zhi?”

“They are friends. Sun Zhi lives behind me, the large villa on the side of the mountan. He is out of town right now so our cousin is staying there.”

 Both the brothers look at Sara, “Do you know him?”

  “Well…yes. I am acquainted with him. We worked for the same man briefly. My Boss lent me to another company… the Li Group. it is a long story. One I definitely don’t want to think about.

The two brothers stare at Sara and Li Shaoting stutters, “The..the Li Group?”

“Hmm.. The Mega Mall cooperation.I worked for the Zhou Group and CEO lent me to Li Tian as an assistant.”

Sara puts the last two sausage patties on a plate. “Are you sure you don’t want eggs?”

“What did you think of Li Tian? I heard he is a difficult man to work for. He is one of the investors in the film I’m working on right now.”

Sara scoops out a spoonful of rice, “I think I rather not comment.” My God where would I begin? Li Tian is the reason I ran away from Catang City!

The brothers can see by her expression Sara had been bullied by their cousin. Li Feng blurts out, “If you meet the rest of the Li family don’t judge them by that arrogant tyrant!”

“…” She eats a bite of rice and wonders why Tang Feng would be so agitated. Maybe he is friends with tthe Li family.

“Haha..I did meet his mother and father they seemed much more..ahh..normal.” She opens the refrigerator and takes out a carton of milk. After she pours a glass she leans on the counter.

   Li Shaoting jumps up from his seat, “Are you okay?”

   Sara’s face pales and her face contorts in pain. “My body feels a little achy. Probably just the weather.”

  Li Shaoting turns to Li Feng, “Go get Song Sara a sweater. Should I take you to the hospital?”

  “ maybe I did a little too much yesterday.”

   He holds her arm and helps her to the table, then carries over the milk. “I will call Mildred to return.”

  Sara smiles, “No. Honestly I am okay. My waist and legs are sore that’s all.”

  Li Feng rushes back into the kitchen with a sweater, “Song Sara do you need to go to the hospital.”

  She laughs, “Calm down you guys, I am fine and please call me Sara.”

  “Maybe you should stay home and rest today. You can accompany me another day to the filming site.”
  “Actually I would like to go. I have a few things on my mind and it would be good to be distracted.” I keep thinking about that annoyng man. I had a spring dream about him last night. When you mentioned Sun Zhi I was reminded of him again.

   “Li Feng call the tutor. I want to leave in an hour.”

   The Housekeeper walks into the kitchen, “Young Master there is a man at the front door saying he is here from the security company to check our monioring system. Apparently, because of the storm several people have complained about a disruption in their systems.”

   “Check his identification then let him into the house.”

     The Housekeeper opens the door and Kang Mingshun enters. Li Feng walks past them while talking to the tutor on the phone, “Yeah, we will be going to Washnu Mountain to the filming site. My brother and his friend invited us to go.”

   He listens then says, “No. His friend Song Sara is going also.”

   Kang Mingshun frowns, the Boss isn’t going to like this. He says to the Housekeeper, “Show me to the monitoring room.”

   Once he is inside the room he takes out his phone and calls Li Tian, “Boss, ahh..Mis Song..well..”

   Li Tian is driving to a house outside the city to meet the woman who will make the human mask for him. He turns a corner sharply, “Spit it out. What about Song Sara.”

   “She is going to the filming site with Li Shaoting and his brother.”

   “What! The roads are terrible. I almost skidded off the highway on my way out of town. The haven’t properly cleared the roads yet after the snowstorm. Stop them.”

   Kang Mingshun knits his eyebrows together as he replies, “How am I supposed to do that?”

   “What do I pay you for? I don’t know but do it.”

   After he hangs up Kang Mingshun stands frozen in place stymied as to how to prevent them from leaving. 

   Li Tian slams his hand on the steering wheel then calls Kang Mingshun back, “Don’t let Song Sara discover you. I will take care of it. He calls the Director, “It’s Li Tian.  Shaoting said he is going to the filming site today. I’m worried about my cousin’s safety the roads are treacherous.. Postpone until tomorrow.”

  “CEO Li, normally I would acquiece but everyone has been assembled and I need to start filming. I have to leave for Hungary next week for my daughter’s wedding.”

   “This isn’t a request.”

   The Director breaks out into a cold sweat, “As you wish. One day won’t disrupt the shooting schedule too much.”

    Satisfied that Sara won’t be going anywhere, Li Tian hangs up as he checks the GPS. He narrows his eyes looking at the men milling about in the driveway at the address Han Weisheng gave him.

Li Shaoting and Sara are talking in the kitchen when his phone rings. He thinks the Director is impatient to begin shooting his scenes. “I am leaving soon.”

 “No need. We won’t film until tomorrow.” The Director angrily watches as the crew breaks down the equipment silently cursing Li Tian. The weather is clear and the conditions are perfect to shoot the fighting scene between the two rival cult leaders.

  “I thought you said you need to do the scene today.”

  “Well, the second female lead has a cold. We will resume tomorrow.”

  “Okay.” After he hangs up he wants to spend the afternoon with Sara. “They delayed filming but would you like to still go to the mountains?”


  Kang Mingshun is busily working on the monitoring system to divert the footage to Li Tian’s phone. When he finishes he calls Li Tian but he doesn’t answer.

   Li Tian is sitting in a chair and a stunning woman prepares a cast to put on his face. “CEO Li, I know you want a rush job but there is no way to speed up the process.”

   “How long will it take?”

   “The earliest is forty eight hours.”

“It better be perfect.”


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