There Is A Cabin

  When Rui reaches the bottom of the mountain he quickly dismounts. The lack of visibility and heavy rain doesn’t deter him, he slaps Diablo on his hindquarters, “Go back”, and starts to climb.

   Yang Chenxi arrives a few minutes later to see Diablo but no Rui. Dammit! There is no way in this weather he will be able to find those two idiots!

  Diablo nervously neighs and stomps his front hoof as though he is chastising his Master for being a lovestruck fool. 

Yang Chenxi hops off the red chestnut horse, “Both of you return.”

   The horses stand still and Yang Chenxi shakes his head, “Go. There is nothing you can do.” He swats Blaze then starts up the mountain. 

   Rui pulls down his cap and tightens the coat around him. LiMei, I pray to Buddha you found a place to get out of this rain. Why wouldn’t you come and tell me you were going to the mountain? I would have forbidden you to go. During this season the weather can change quickly. 

  Yang Chenxi is breathing heavily when he catches up with Rui. “Brother, the kid knows this mountain and Jack is with them. He will protect the little chick and the brat.” 

   Rui grits his teeth and ignores him as he continues his ascent up the slippery mountain trail. The path is muddy, littered with broken branches and hard to navigate in the darkness. Rui’s heart is racing thinking about LiMei. He finally breaks the silence, “Does that poisonous bitch have a place on the mountain? If she frequently harvests the herbs and collects snakes she must have, Su Wanqing isn’t stupid, these thunderstorms can’t be predicted. The Island’s torrential rain comes out of nowhere.”

   Yang Chenxi scratches his beard, “Come to think of it a few years ago she had the other disciples help her build a small cabin, but I don’t know where it is located.”

   Rui’s voice reveals a glimmer of hope “Would the kid know? He accompanied her often, right?”

   “He would.” Yang Chenxi’s eyes light up, “The kid is smart. If it started to rain as they were climbing he would go there.”

   In the small cabin Su Wanqing is undressing behind a screen while Liu Mo starts a fire. As he puts water on to boil he glances over and his throat rolls at the tempting sight. Su Wanqing’s naked silhouette can be seen through the flimsy material.

   She can feel his scorching hot gaze and  seductively touches her breasts and arches her back while drying her wet body. Today is a good day, I got rid of that pesky bird Jack and the little nuisance, as a bonus Brother Rui’s little wife. I should reward the little puppy with a taste.

   Su Wanqing spreads her legs apart and rubs her sensitive spot with the towel as she faintly moans. Lui Mo can barely control the urge to run over and grab her into his arms. He stokes the fire as his mind is filled with lustful thoughts.

  Su Wanqing calls to him in a soft voice as she pulls on her dress. “Brother Mo, could you help me?” She walks out from behind the screen with a lavender floral dress hanging off her shoulders and her cleavage exposed. “My zipper is stuck.”

   Lui Mo hesitates by the fireplace and she teases, “It is very uncomfortable like this. Please.”

   He slowly walks over and she turns her back to him then lifts her long damp hair. He lowers his head inhaling the intoxicating scent of gardenias floating from her body. Gulping down his saliva, his trembling hands quickly pull up the zipper. 

   Disappointed Liu Mo didn’t take the bait, she turns and faces him. She wrinkles her forehead as she coquettishly pouts her lips “Brother Mo, you scratched me with the zipper.”

   “Sister WanWan, I’m sorry…” He blushes, “I was too rough… I..I have never zipped a woman’s dress before.”

   She looks at him with watery eyes and flutters her eyelashes, “I know you didn’t mean to but I will need to bother you to apply ointment.” 

   He watches her sway her hips over to a small cupboard and he clenches his fists at his side admonishing himself, You stupid idiot! You wanted to kiss her neck and didn’t paying attention! Now you hurt WanWan!

  Su Wanqing takes a small porcelain bottle from a shelf and then palms a few leaves she picked last time on the mountain. “I will make tea first. I’m very cold and thirsty.”

 Concerned about injuring her with his negligence he worriedly asks, “Shouldn’t I apply the ointment first?”

  “The water is ready for the tea.It will be fine.’

   She takes the hot water from the small cooking space in the fireplace and says, “Bring two cups from the shelf over there.”

   While he is getting the cups she puts the crushed leaves into the tea .Her lips turn up into a wicked smile. The shy puppy will be fun to train.

  Liu Mo brings the cups to a small wooden table and she leans over as she pours the tea. He uses all his internal energy to suppress his growing desire as her ample breasts are slightly displayed.

  She smiles, “Sit. This tea is very delicious.” She wraps her hands around the steaming cup, “ I pick the leaves in the Spring and this is the first time I have made it.”

   He lifts the cup to his lips and a sweet aroma fills his nose. He doesn’t particularly like sweet tea but since she poured him a cup he tastes it. He feels a warmth flow through his blood and replies, “ Very good.”

   She takes a small sip of the tea and her body begins to heat up, she doesn’t want to lose control only heighten her pleasure. Su Wanqing gazes over the teacup to see his reaction. When she meets his eyes she can tell the aphrodisiac is beginning to work. His pupils are dilated and small flames can be seen in their depths.

   “Can you apply the ointment now? The pain is worsening.”


   “You will need to unzip me.” She girlishly giggles. “You are too strong…Slowly…okay?”

   Liu Mo has an intense uncontrollable desire building inside as he stares into her bewitching eyes. WanWan thinks I am strong?

His face is beet red as he unzips her dress. She hands him the porcelain bottle. After putting the creamy white ointment on his fingertip he gently runs his finger across a small scratch. Touching her jadelike soft skin he can’t resist lingering. Tracing his finger along her skin over and over as though in a trance his tense body stiffens. WanWan’s skin is as soft and tender as I imagined. Fuck! This is bad!

He suddenly jumps back, “I am going to..going to..go outside for a minute.”

   Su Wanqing grabs his hand with both of hers and her voice is tinged with worry, “It’s storming. You can’t go out. Brother Mo, what’s wrong?” She touches his forehead,  Do you have a fever?”

  Looking into her beautiful brown eyes tinged with worry, Liu Mo hates himself for his evil thoughts. She treats me like a good brother and all I want to do is kiss every part of her luscious body and fuck her to death! “WanWan..I’m not feeling well. I need to cool off.”

  “Come lay on the bed. Let me examine you.”

  He shakes his head, “”

  She pulls Liu Mo by the hand to a small bed, “Don’t be silly. You are talking nonsense. Your face is flushed red and you are burning up.”

  He reluctantly lays on the bed and closes his eyes trying to dispel the heat within him. Maybe I do have a fever. Why else would I be burning up and my mind completely consumed with these lewd thoughts about Sister WanWan. Even when I watched her bathe I never considered what I am thinking now.

  Su Wanqing licks her lips staring at the boyishly good looking man laying on the bed with his eyes closed. You are too cute Liu Mo…you are the first man I actually wanted since Brother Rui. Until I can get him in my bed you will do. The huge bulge in your pants says you will do quite nicely.

  She leans down and her hot breath sprays on his face, his eyes layered in lust open. Her breasts are pressing on his chest and her lips are dangerously close to him. He innocently stutters, “WanWan, please don’t be so close. I…I”

  Su Wanqing puts her finger on his lips, “Brother Mo, kiss me.”

  He widens his eyes in disbelief thinking the fever made him delirious, this must be a dream..a sweet dream. Staring at the beautiful woman’s red full lips he gives into desire. He frantically flips her over and begins awkwardly kissing. She inwardly sighs, I at least thought he had kissed a woman before. Su Wanqing wraps her arms around his neck and takes control, sucking and biting his lips.

   Wantonly teasing, she stimulates the virgin boy, making him go crazy with desire. Having lost all sense of rationality, he rips off her dress and begins sucking on her large breasts. Never having experienced the taste of a woman and under the influence of the drug his body is on fire Burying his head between the soft mounds he thinks this is the best dream he has ever had.  Su Wanqing, though is not satisfied and takes his large hand placing it between her legs.Guiding his long slender finger inside of her she moans, “Ah..Brother Mo…deeper.” 

   While they are in the throes of passion Rui and Yang Chenxi are getting closer to the cabin. Yang Chenxi recalled that one of the disciples said Su Wanqing wanted the cabin built close to a stream. 

    Yang Chenxi wipes his face with a handkerchief then opens a bottle of water.  “Rui, I think if we go to the left there is a stream about half a kilometer away. The only other stream I know of  is by the top of the mountain.” He lazily drinks the water, “ I doubt any of the disciples would agree to that location. It had to be hard enough carrying all the supplies this far.”

  “You are wasting time, let’s go.”

  “…”  I haven’t had a sip of water in three hours, I’m thirsty. 


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