Leo Wants To Meet

    After Li Tian wiped off Sara’s body, erasing the evidence of his plundering, he gently applied ointment to relieve the redness and swelling.

Hugging Sara’s soft body in his embrace he played with her hair, wrapping the silky black strands around his finger. I need you to see I am the only man for you. You are my woman and the baby in your belly is mine. After you ran away I realized how much you mean to me. We are a natural  fit…your body perfectly suits my taste. . I will give you anything you want to stay by my side. 

   Inhaling her intoxicating fragrance he presses her body against his bare chest. More comfortable than he has been in weeks his eyes slowly close. He hasn’t slept well since she left and after tossing Sara on the bed he is exhausted.

   In the morning  Li Tian wakes up in a panic, he hadn’t planned on spending the night.

   He nervously gazes at Sara who is still under the influence of the sleeping pills and sleeping soundly.Gently lifting his arm resting across her thin waist he is tempted by her half parted lips. Resisting the impulse to kiss Sara, he gets out of the bed. After picking up his pajamas crumpled on the floor, he pulls on the pants then like a thief  silently slips out of her room.

  Once back in his room he walks to the bathroom to shower. He doesn’t want to run into Sara so he plans on returning to Sun Zhi’s villa then contacting Han Weisheng to see about the human mask. I will return as the newly hired gardener. 

   After he showers and changes into a dark gray suit he looks at his watch.  Energized after a good night’s sleep he leaves the guest room and takes long strides down the hallway. He doesn’t realize he has a satisfied grin on his face until he runs into LI Feng coming up the stairs.

   Li Feng is eating a banana and has a cup of coffee in his hand. Half asleep and startled by Li Tian’s appearance, I didn’t think the cold bastard could smile like that, he looks…happy. he forgets his inherent fear of Li Tian and quips,“Cousin, what makes you so happy this morning?”

  Li Tian doesn’t rebuke him as expected and replies, “The bed was very comfortable. I will be sleeping here tonight.” 

  “…” Just because of the bed he looks like a satisfied cat that just ate a big fish?

 After he walks out the door of the villa Li Tian takes out his phone then gazes at the picture he took of Sara in bed. His dark eyes have an extremely possessive glint as he runs his finger over her stomach, mine..both of you are mine.

 In a good mood he calls Yang James, “Hold off on publicizing Li Group’s involvement in the Affordable Housing Project here in Bashu City.” I don’t want the little kitten to be frightened I might be here in the city.

  Yang James wonders what Li Tian is planning. Obviously all his efforts are for that unworthy woman.  “Are you coming back to Catang?”

  “Not right now. I sent the documents from Old Man Guo to my father. I am going to make sure they don’t try to interfere with the airport in any other manner. Old Man Guo agreed but that doesn’t mean his avaricious sons or the other branches will stand back. The old fart’s motive was revenge but they of course planned to scoop up the project after we were stymied.”

  “I mentioned Alexandre arrived in Catang. Are you not planning on cooperating?”

  “I think I made it clear I won’t. His partnership with that bastard Cadieux makes the deal appear to be a trap. There will be no shortage of buyers. I will contact you later today on how to proceed.”

  “Alexandre won’t like being snubbed.”

  “Too bad. I let my guard down and the last shipment was hijacked which was a pain in the ass. Even though the merchandise was recovered, it caused me problems due to the delay in delivery. The mole hasn’t been uncovered and until I find out how the information was leaked I am going to be cautious. Do you have any new leads?”

  Yang James pours a cup of coffee while trying to think of a viable reason for Li Tian to return to Catang City.

 When he doesn’t respond Li Tian impatiently looks at his watch, “Well?”


 “Keep working on it and find out why Cadieux is in Bashu City.”

 “Will do.”

 Li Tian opens the door of a black Maybach and gets into the driver seat then lights a cigarette. On the way to Sun Zhi’s villa he calls Han Weisheng. “When will the mask be ready?”

 Han Weisheng was eating breakfast when his phone rang.

He puts down his chopsticks and smirks knowing why his friend is calling. Why does this guy think when he wants something it should magically appear in his hands.“You need to meet so she can match the mask to the contours of your face if you want it perfect.”

  “Tell the woman to meet me now.”

  “Tian, she works at a Club and won’t be awake at this hour.” He laughs, “She probably just went to sleep. I told you that you can’t rush.”

   “Wake the woman up. I will pay double.”

   “If you offer to pay five times the price Maggie won’t get up. I will contact her this afternoon and set up a meeting.”

  Li Tian slams his hand on the steering wheel. “Contact me when you have made the arrangements.”

   At Li Shaoting’s villa Sara flutters her eyelashes as she wakes up. She rubs her eyes then shakes her head, what a crazy dream. Why would I dream of him? I thought I blocked him out of my mind. Reaching for the bottle of water on the nightstand she notices the sleeping pills, is it because I took two last night? I am not taking them again! She shivers as she gulps down the water,  I don’t want to think about CEO Li!

  She puts her hands behind her head and stares at the ceiling. Baby, is Mommy crazy? Why would I dream that he and I…it felt so real except for when he was tender and loving..haha..I guess dreams are partly wish fullfillment. If he had treated me with any respect maybe I could have told him the baby isn’t his and we could have stayed in Catang and lived peacefully.

  Sara’s phone rings and she sees the caller is Leo. Her voice is slightly hoarse when she answers, “Hi.” She chuckles, “Why are you calling so early?”

  “I have to return to Catang City and I wanted to see you.”  Leo decided it was time for Sara to know the truth about their true relationship.

   “Well, I need to work today. Could we meet this evening after six?”

   “Tell Tang Wu you have an appointment.” He doesn’t want her to know Tang Wu is Li Tian’s cousin as much as he does.

   “I can’t do that. His regular cook is on vacation. Tang Wu has been good to me and I don’t want to shirk my responsibilities.”

   “I will send a chef.”

   Sara starts laughing, “Can’t we meet for dinner?”

  “Fine. I will pick you up at six o’clock.”


  Leo hangs up and takes off his tinted glasses revealing his different colored ireses. He narrows his eyes as he looks across the table at an old woman. “I have to go out for awhile.”

  Sara’s grandmother says, “You might regret your decision. Sara might not give you the response you want.”

  “Aren’t you more afraid she will know you have lied to her all these years?”

 “I did it for her own good. You are evil…you have been evil since you were a child. The best thing my daughter did was to give you to that man to keep Sara safe.”

  Leo slams his hand on the table. “Maybe by throwing me away into that viper’s nest the bitch created the monster that I am. When I am with Sara I don’t feel the rage inside of me. The desire to destroy the world. Do you know the hell I grew up in..do you have any idea?”

  Sara’s grandmother calmly replies, “I don’t care.”

  Leo suddenly grabs the old woman by the throat then lets go.His piercing glare is filled with hate. “I will kill you but not yet.”

 Unfazed staring into his disturbingly cold eyes, the old woman laughs as she mocks him, “You want to kill me but you can’t. Just like Li Tian, you hate him for being the father of Sara’s child. Jealousy and envy corrodes your soul because you want your twin sister to only see you..only love you.  Can you imagine if you grew up together? You would have isolated Sara. She is a loving and caring person, compassionate and her heart is pure. Look at yourself are you worthy of being her brother?”

  Leo screams, “SHUT UP!”

  “For Sara’s sake and..your own…don’t tell her the truth.”

  He motions to Wong Duan, “Lock her in the room.”

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    1. Well given to his father. The story will come out. They were born at midnight on the winter soltice. A fortune teller warned the Grandmother…😰


      1. Still that’s truly horrifying and their Grandmother may have overestimated how Song Sara might feel. Especially since that’s her twin and the bond between twins is very special and something most ppl can’t understand 😖


  1. Yeah. That is why when they met at Alexandre’s Club they felt an instant connection when they touched hands. Sara also said how beautiful his eyes are. She wasn’t afraid like most people. I think it will be an interseting few chapters.😳


    1. I’m truly curious if Song Sara will feel hurt to being lied to by her mother and grandmother. Especially since her so-called father isn’t her father and she had to deal with all that bullshit


      1. Definitely will cause chaotic feelings when everything is revealed. Wong Duan has a few words of advice for Leo in next chapter haha


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