Desire Satisfied

  The juice of the sweet apple fills his mouth as he thinks about the delicious flavor of Sara’s body. After setting the plate on the rosewood table by the couch, he hurries towards the bathroom shedding his clothes on the way. Soon my little kitten, I will be able to hold you in my arms again.

     Anticipating the pleasure he has been longing for since she disappeared, Li Tian gets into the hot shower to quickly wash. When the water sprays on his taut body he looks down at his c*ck that has already risen just by the thought of tasting her luscious body. He has a faint smile as he washes his short black hair, disobedient girl, I wiII will never let you escape my grasp again.

    Without wasting any time he quickly turns off the water and steps out of the shower. Droplets of water slide down his long lean body as he reaches for a towel.

   In the next room Sara has no idea Li Tian plans on slipping into her bed. She sleeps soundly dreaming about the future with her baby. She dreams that she opened a Bakery and her baby has grown into a handsome little boy. He sits on a chair next to her watching her make brownies. They are laughing and talking about him starting kindergarten and all the friends he will make.

   The pleasant dream turns into a nightmare when the door of the Bakery opens and Li Tian comes storming into the shop followed by his bodyguards. He has a domineering tone as he demands to take the little boy, saying she stole his seed. She cries and pleads, “He isn’t yours!” He scoffs as he lifts her chin to make her look into his cold and unforgiving eyes, “All you need to do is look at the boy to know he is mine! He looks just like me!” He tosses her away and she lands on the floor, without sparing her another glance. She crawls towards her son and Li Tian motions to his men to restrain her as she struggles to grab back the little boy.

   Sara wakes up in a cold sweat mumbling, “No! No! You can’t take my baby!” Tears are in the corners of her deep blue eyes as she sits up in bed trembling. She reaches for a medicine bottle on the nightstand. Fumbling with shaky fingers she finally opens the bottle and takes two pills out. After she swallows them she gets up to go to the bathroom.

  Deciding to take a soothing bath to help calm down before the pills take effect, she turns on the bath. Sara nervously touches her stomach. Baby, I will protect you. I will never let anyone take you away from me! She walks to the counter and picks up a porcelain bottle then pours the white powder into the warm water. She slips off her nightgown and when the bath is ready, slides down into the soothing medicinal bath.

 Sara leans her head back on the bathtub and closes her eyes. I can’t let stress affect my baby, it was a dream, the evil man has no idea where I am. I covered my tracks well. I can’t let my subconscious worries cause any harm to you my precious baby. Li Tian can’t find us…he would have by now.

  Li Tian put on a pair of black silk pajamas and now is sitting on the couch in his room a wall away from Sara, smoking a cigarette to calm his nerves. After he smokes half the cigarette he crushes it out in the ashtray then stands up. Taking long decisive strides towards the door he is anxious to go to Sara. His deep bottomless eyes fill with desire and lust as he walks out into the hallway. He glances around then stealthily moves towards Sara’s room like a leopard stalking its prey.

 Slowly opening the door a crack, he gazes into the bedroom. His face darkens when he doesn’t see Sara in the bed. He tightens his grip on the doorknob. Where is she? The bed is messy so she was in it. He glances towards the bathroom door, Dammit! He stands for a few minutes without entering  while deciding if he should go back to his room then return in a while.

 When she doesn’t emerge from the bathroom he begins to worry. He creeps into the room trying to think of an explanation if he comes face to face with Sara. Well…I will deal with it. His fear of being exposed eclipsed by concern.

  The bathroom door is ajar and he peers inside. FUCK! Forgetting his plans when he sees Sara asleep in the bath he worriedly rushes over and reaches into the bathtub scooping up her petite body into his arms. Is the little girl stupid! The water has turned ice cold! How long was she asleep?

  After lifting Sara’s almost weightless body out of the water he wraps her in a large white towel which completely envelopes her petite body. So fucking thin…are you so busy feeding those two idiots you don’t have time to eat! I will clean up those two lazy bastards for working you so hard!

Li Tian lays Sara, who is tightly wrapped in a towel like a dumpling, on the couch. He walks to a drawer and takes out a light blue nightgown that looks warm instead of the thin cotton nightgown neatly folded next to it. 

  Unconcerned that she might wake up, he opens the towel then stares unabashedly at her naked body. Noticing her stomach slightly protruding, he has a faint smile as he puts his large palm on her soft belly. His dark eyes are filled with a gentle gleam as he tenderly rubs her stomach. My baby… you are having my baby. He is suddenly overwhelmed with a strange feeling knowing his heartless words in the hospital pushed her out of his life. Maybe if she hadn’t felt afraid she might have stayed in Catang City and we could have…well, no use thinking of what ifs. I will show the little girl I am not the unfeeling monster she thinks I am. I will stay in Bashu City and oversee the Affordable Housing Project.

  After slipping the thick nightgown over her head he hugs her into his embrace then carries her to the bed. When Li Tian sees the bottle of the prescription pills opened on the nightstand he reads the name of the medication then shakes his head, Foolish girl, taking pills then getting into a bath. Don’t you know how dangerous that is!

  Once he places Sara on the bed he stands at the edge staring at her beautiful face. Now I know I need to stay by your side and protect you and our baby.

  He takes off his wet pajamas then gets into the bed next to Sara and pulls her body close to him. He intertwines his fingers with her long black hair and smells her refreshing fragrance. When he does his heart races and his body heats up, I have waited so long to hold you again. Assured she won’t wake up because of the medication, he traces his finger down her face and across her pink lips.

Not enough. He presses his lips onto Sara’s as his hand glides up under the nightgown. He tenderly kisses her lips while his long slender fingers find Sara’s sensitive nub. Li Tian’s breathing becomes heavy as his lips slide down her swan like neck. Licking and sucking on her sweet skin not caring he is leaving evidence with the red love bites. The taste is addicting and the pleasurable sensation coursing through his body ignites the fire burning within him. I need you…I want to feel my c*ck inside of your sweet pussy again. My beautiful little girl, it has been too long. 

 He skilfully moves his finger inside of Sara and in her sleep she softly moans. Honey flowing out from the intense stimulation coats his finger and he becomes bolder, inserting another finger into her slippery tunnel.

 Sara instinctively arches her back slightly as he thrusts the two fingers in and out. Like a man lost in a desert who finds an oasis he can’t control himself, his enlarged c*ck throbs and pulsates, eager to quell his thirst. He removes his fingers and gently turns Sara over onto her stomach. The lustful beast inside of him recalls the indescribable feeling of being inside her beautiful body. He can’t be calmed until he fucks the delicious woman pressed under him. Li Tian lifts her nightgown, exposing her perfectly rounded bottom. Breathing erratically his eyes redden as he aims his huge erection at the tiny pink folds at the entrance to paradise.

  He loses control of his rationality as he plunges his scorching thick shaft into her small tight tunnel. All his pent up desires unleashed as he squeezes her tender cheeks. Selfishly forgetting the little girl under him is pregnant he fiercely thrusts, pounding his c*ck deep inside to her inner depths…her core. “Ahh…your tight little pussy feels so fucking good.”

  Deep in a dreamstate Sara feels as though she is being torn apart as Li Tian  fiercely pillages her flower hole. But, at the same time her body is consumed by a familiar ecstasy. She writhes unconsciously on the bed as his movements intensify. Li Tian holds her hips as he growls in satisfaction, “ tight. Your wet little pussy is strangling my fucking c*ck.”

  Li Tian is out of control as he grabs a pillow and puts it under Sara to elevate her hips. He reaches his hands arounf to fondle her firm breasts. As he  pinches her erect buds, he moans, “Baby, Ummm..I missed you…missed this body so much.”

  His messy ink black black hair hangs onto his forehead that is covered with beads of sweat. He looks unruly and wild as he continues to selfishly ravage Sara’s body, his handsome face flushed from his vigorous movements.

  When he can no longer restrain the urge to shoot his essence into Sara he convulses and groans, “Urgghh..Mmnn.. Ahhh..”, as he hits her cervix again and his seed pours into the deepest part of her core. He stays inside of Sara and turns her sideways, hugging her soft limp body to him. With his head buried in her neck he inhales her intoxicating scent and utters three words he never thought he would say to a woman, “I love you.”

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  1. Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ such a messed up way to say I love you to the mother of his child…oh wait, she doesn’t even know he’s the father!


    1. Haha..He’s a messed up guy! One minute minute selfishly ravaging the pregnant girl. Love? He doesn’t understand what it really means to love someone.


      1. Yeah. Slowly realizing how important Sara and the baby are to him as her pregnancy progresses and he gets to know Sara as a person not just a satisfying bed partner.


      2. I’m still looking forward to him having to deal with his prospective brother-in-law…also I have so many questions about Leo and Sara’s dad 😳


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