Where Is Sara’s Room?

   Li Tian finishes the tasteless meal envious of his cousins who Sara fixed a special dinner for tonight. He drinks a glass of wine, “Did Zhen Sihao change chefs? The filet mignon is as tough as beef jerky and the vegetables are too salty and overcooked.”

  Han Tingfeng responds after he dips the last piece of chicken into a savory brown sauce. “Same chef, I think the food is good.”

   The server has been waiting for her chance to drug Li Tian and walks over to the table. She carefully pours the drugged wine into his glass without any remorse. This is my chance to climb onto a high branch…not only is he a billionaire he is also incredibly sexy…gorgeous. A win win. Unexpectedly, Li Tian looks at his black diamond watch and suddenly stands up. “Weisheng, I will pick the package up tomorrow afternoon. Have it ready.”

  Han Weisheng puts down his chopsticks, “Tian, I told you it can’t be rushed.”

 “Tell your man I will pay triple.”

 “It is a time consuming process.”

  “Call me.” He walks out the door anxious to go to Li Shaoting’s villa. Song Sara should be asleep by now.

  The server looks at the glass of wine with wide eyes, why did he suddenly leave? What should I do now? She smiles at Han Weisheng, “Is the gentleman leaving?” I better get rid of this glass of wine immediately.

  “I assume so.”

  She picks up the glass of wine and the plate of food Li Tian hardly touched. What is that witch going to say? She will want her money back. Well, nothing I can do.

  The server has a malicious gleam in her eyes, how will Long Jinxi know I didn’t drug him?  She hurries out of the room then dumps the untouched wine into a planter in the hallway. The server confidently opens the door to the room where Long Jinxi and Jiang Wenli are eating.

  Long Jinxi jumps up, “Is it done?”


  Long Jinxi winks at Jiang Wenli, “Showtime. You should leave.”

  “I haven’t finished eating.”

  “I can’t have you here. Eat when you get back to the hotel.”

  “Fine. But don’t forget the Hermes Limited Edition purse you promised me.”

“I won’t. Leave.”

 Jiang Wenli stands up with a fork in her hand then greedily eats one more bite of the Shrimp Scampi. She puts on her coat then opens the door. “Remember you need to have just a bit of the aphrodisiac so you appear to be a victim also.”

   “Wenli..” She hesitates then chokes back the question she wants to ask, ‘will the aphrodisiac harm a fetus?’ She realizes that the secret must be kept if her plan is to work. Right now only her mother and her know about her pregnancy.


  “I want to be in control. Do I need to take the drug?”

 “You are a good actress but the symptoms…a flushed body…rapid heartbeat… hot skin…can’t be faked. You only need to take a small dose. Li Tian isn’t stupid he will notice those details even if he is drugged.”

  “That makes sense. Okay, shoo. I need to prepare.”

  She takes a deep breath then reaches into her purse, unaware Li Tian has left the Club and is heading to his cousin’s villa. He is at the moment in a daze imagining holding his soft little kitten in his arms again.

  At the villa Sara is in bed reading a book she picked up after she was at the hospital. The book describes what a pregnant woman should expect as the baby grows. She touches her slightly swollen belly, Baby, mommy will do everything she can so you grow healthily. Sara drifts off to sleep still holding the book in her hands.

  When Li Tian arrives at the villa he enters through the back. He stealthily looks around to make sure Sara is not in the kitchen. Li Feng walks into the room to get a snack and is startled, “What the hell? When did you come? I thought you were staying at your friend’s villa.”

  Li Tian responds in a cold and indifferent tone, “When is it your business what I do?”

  Li Feng stutters, “It..it’s not. You just scared the shit out of me. Everyone is sleeping so I didn’t expect anyone would be in the kitchen.” He reaches into the refrigerator and takes out a small fruit platter Sara had prepared earlier. 

  Li Tian arches his eyebrow gazing at the beautifully arranged fruit on the blue patterned plate. Song Sara you made cute shapes out of the fruit for this brat! When I was in the hospital you cut uneven slices of an apple and practically threw the ugly pieces at me!“Did the cook prepare the fruit?”

  Li Feng has a perplexed expression, who else would?. “Yes.”

  Li Tian grabs the plate out of his hand, “I will take that. It’s not good for digestion to eat late at night.” He picks up a piece of pineapple cut into a heart shape and pops it into his mouth.


  Li Tian has a slight smile on his face as he leaves the kitchen savoring the sweet piece of pineapple in his mouth. Delicious.

  Li Feng’s broods, pouting his lips in dissatisfaction as he watches as Li Tian leaves the kitchen holding his plate of fruit.  He cries in his heart, Sister Sara even cut the apples into little animals. I didn’t get to taste one! Not one! First the delivery man robs me… now Cousin Tian! He is ruining my vacation!

  Once upstairs Li Tian realizes he doesn’t know what room Sara is in and looks down the hallway. There are two guest rooms besides the one arranged for him, then he considers the fact she is the cook. Would she be sleeping in the servant’s quarters? That could be a problem.

His question is answered when Li Feng comes up the stairs and notices his cousin standing outside Sara’s room. “Cousin, your room is next door. Shaoting is short of rooms to accomodate the new cook in the servant’s quarters so she is temporarily staying in that room.” Don’t scare the girl!

  Li Tian acts disgruntled , “A servant… sleeping in a guest room?”  This is great! Right next to my room! I can easily slip in and out!

  Although Li Feng is deathly afraid of his cousin he feels the need to protect Sara. “Listen cousin, Song Sara is special. Don’t embarrass the girl so she wants to leave. She is very nice and an excellent cook. Mildred is on vacation, so if you drive Song Sara away, we would be left without a cook.”

  ‘Well, since I will be eating my meals here I will disregard how inappropriate this situation is. Make sure she doesn’t enter my sight.” 

  “I will tell Shaoting.” 

  “Good. I don’t need a servant trying to climb into my bed when she discovers the head of the Li Group is in the room next to hers.”

  Li Feng clutches his fists at his side, “Cousin, Song Sara is not like that! She is a sweet and innocent girl! If she wanted to climb into someone’s bed she would have with my brother! You know how popular he is with women!:

  Li Tian’s face blackens and the vein on his neck bulges. Li Feng feels suffocated from his oppressive aura and stutters, “Plus, she thinks our surname is Tang..not Li.

Any..anyway, she isn’t like that so you don’t need to worry.” He runs down the hallway to his room. Once inside he leans up against the wall to catch his breath, Fuck! I need to make sure Song Sara  doesn’t come into contact with that arrogant lunatic!

 Li Tian grabs a piece of apple shaped like a bunny and bites off the head, Song Sara you dare to think of climbing into anyone bed besides mine you and the man are both dead!

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