Li Tian angrily quickens his pace as he enters Harborview Hotel. The more he thinks about Song Sara living with his pesky cousins he wants to throw the two annoying brats to Africa. Let them work in the Tunisian office. He storms past Han Weisheng’s secretary’s desk while still dressed as a delivery man. She tries to stop him, “Hey! You can’t go into the CEO’s office!”

   He ignores the woman as he pushes open the heavy wooden door. He rips off the knit hat and throws the thick black glasses onto the floor. 

   The Hotel Kitchen Manager is discussing the arrangements for the banquet. When he sees Li Tian wearing the Harborview Hotel’s uniform, the man points at Li Tian as he sputters, “ can’t barge into the CEO’s office. Are you crazy? Do you want to keep your job?”

  Han Weisheng motions for the man to leave and the man nervously looks at him in disbelief, “CEO Han, shouldn’t I call security?” That delivery man looks furious and I can feel an icy chill down my back.

  “Go. Follow the menu according to what the wedding planner gave you.”

  The man turns his head as he opens the door to leave and sees the delivery man pouring a drink. What the hell?

   Han Weisheng smirks, “Did it not go well with your little runaway woman?”

  Li Tian gulps down the fiery whisky. “You should have seen those brats! Hanging around my woman like goddamn flies.”

   Han Weisheng’s phone rings and he picks up. “Speak.”

  Marie in Human Resources received a call from the kitchen and the man said they don’t have a delivery man surnamed Lu. “CEO Han, ah..the delivery driver in your office earlier… well there is a problem. Dong Si said we don’t have a delivery driver named Lu. A Miss Song called from the Li residence and wants Mr. Lu to return for his tip and well..a coat he left there.” She tells him about the conversation between Song Sara and Dong Si.

  “I will take care of it.”


   He hangs up then leans back in his chair with his hands behind his head. He curves his lips into a sarcastic smile  “Mr. Lu, you forgot your tip and coat at Shaoting’s villa. The little cook was worried about you and called. She told Dong Si the Supervisor in charge in the kitchen that in this weather she was afraid you would need your coat.”

 Han Weisheng takes a cigarette out of the pack on his desk and fiddles with it in his hand. “According to him, she is quite worried about you catching a cold.”

He chuckles, “ Every female in this hotel who came in contact with the ‘ugly delivery man’ was repulsed. You wouldn’t believe the vicious gossip about your frightening face and the chill surrounding you. Haha..the little cook wasn’t put off by your god awful looks but worried ‘the big ugly man’in other’s mouths might catch a cold.” He starts laughing at the strange expression on his friend’s face, “Tian, you shouldn’t play with such a sweet and innocent girl.”

  Li Tian pours another glass of whisky, “I’m not fucking playing! She is my woman and that’s my baby in her belly. Song Sara is mine!”

  Han Weisheng lights the cigarette, “What do you plan on doing?”

  Li Tian walks to the floor to ceiling window and stares out at the cityscape. “I am going to let her see another side of me through the ‘ Bashu City Affordable Housing Project’. I will show her that I am a caring person and not as cold and heartless as she thinks.”

  “…” Han Weisheng stands up and grabs his coat, “Let’s go to the Club. I need to hear more about the new and improved Li Tian. Wait. Don’t you have a meeting with Old Man Guo?”

  “I took care of the situation. I sent Kang Mingshun to pick up the paperwork for the lawyers.” He unzips the overalls and underneath he is wearing a black silk shirt and black trousers.

 “How did you control the old fox?”

 He fixes the black diamond cufflinks as he answers, “I threatened him with prison. He didn’t seem to like the idea of spending his remaining years behind bars.”

  “I’m sure you did it in a very ‘caring’ manner..haha..” He opens the door, “Tian, I am going to warn you since you are not very familiar with the Guo family, their roots run very deep in Bashu City. They have politicians in their pocket and control other influential and powerful families, merging together through marriage contracts. So they are all tied to the same boat.

    You might have derailed the Old Man’s revenge plan but there is still Guo Mohan. He won’t take this setback sitting down. I’m sure the prick intended to use the Old Man’s grievances against your family to ruin the Li Group’s new airport then pick it up at a low price.

Guo Mohan probably put the bug in his grandfather’s ear in the first place to use the airspace as leverage to avenge old debts.” 

   They walk out of the office towards the elevator and Han Weisheng’s secretary has a confused expression on her pretty face. I only went to the breakroom to get a cup of coffee when did this extraordinarily good looking man arrive? Where is that ugly deliveryman? Did he leave while I was gone?”

   When they are in the elevator Li Tian says, “I have dirt on that bastard too. I didn’t reveal the damning evidence because it wasn’t the time.Eventually, I will bring down the entire Guo family for threatening my Grandfather.”

   “I will help in whatever way I can. Frankly, I’m tired of their underhanded tactics. I am fairly certain they were behind the death of the City Prosecutor last year. He was a good and honest man, he left behind a wife and two daughters. The men they hired did a good job of burying the evidence so the case has been left unsolved.”

  Li Tian has a surprised look on his face, “Not enough evidence? You would think being the City Prosecutor the men under him would diligently try to solve his murder.”

  Han Weisheng laughs, “I’m fairly sure his right hand man colluded with the Guo family. Since I returned to the city a couple months ago I have been investigating on my own. I went to school with his wife. She called me and begged me to find justice for her dead husband. Of course before they had him killed they planted evidence he was corrupt and accepted sexual favors. She was devastated and moved with her daughters to live with her aunt in Catang City to avoid the backlash.”

  The door to the elevator opens and Li Tian knits his eyebrows together, “Why are you here?”

  Long Jinxi smiles and pulls over Jiang Wenli, “We are here to shoot an advertisement. What a surprise! I didn’t expect to see you here.”

   The veins in his head pop looking at the two women , “Forget you saw me.”

He brushes past them and Long Jinxi swivels around on her heels. She smiles brightly, “Wait. Now that I have seen you..well..we should have dinner together.”

  “No.” He continues to walk towards the door and she chases after him. “Li Tian, how would it look if you ignore your fiancee. There are photographers over there.”

  “So. Unless you want me to make a statement that our marriage contract is null and void. I suggest you stay out of my sight.”

  Long Jinxi puffs out her cheeks then smiles when she sees her mother approaching. Zhao Lanfen brushes the snow off of her black mink coat then sneers, “Boy, you better put on a good show or your Grandfather will find out about your little mistress. No… better yet…the press, My Jinxi is very good at crying on cue. Do you want that little slut Song Sara vilified for destroying the Nation’s Sweetheart’s upcoming marriage.”

  Han Weisheng holds Li Tian’s arm as he reaches towards Zhao Lanfen’s neck. “Dinner sounds good. We are going to the Black Dragon Club. Ladies, looking forward to seeing you.”

  He drags Li Tian away and Long Jinxi holds her mother’s arm, “Mommy, you are the best! Now all I have to do is follow the plan. If he sleeps with me, Grandfather Li will set the date of the marriage.”

  Zhao Lanfen fixes the collar of her daughter’s white mink coat, “Honey, just remember what I said. If this doesn’t work you will need to..”

  “Don’t say it Mom! I will succeed and that stupid man will believe this baby is his and that rotten scumbag will have served his purpose.”

   Jiang Wenli is watching from the sidelines and inwardly laughs at the irony. She was stunned when Long Jinxi asked her where she could get a strong aphrodisiac. It is fitting that with your status, you drug and sleep with Li Tian and  become his wife. When  I drugged that lowly bitch, Song Sara and she slept with Li Tian all she got was the title of mistress.

  Jiang Wenli pulls her suitcase next to Long Jinxi and acts surprised, “That man is Li Tian, your fiance? I have never seen a picture of him.” I did see the man in person when he was carrying that fucking bitch up the stairs the night I drugged her drink.

 Long Jinxi knows her only chance of marrying Li Tian is trapping him. Any other man would be ecstatic to be engaged to me but not that cold and arrogant bastard! She sighs, “Yes.”

 Jiang Wenli whispers in her ear, “You won’t be at a loss sleeping with such an incredibly handsome man. But I need to warn you that the drug is very potent. You should only take a sip so it appears you were drugged also.”

 She nods, “I will.” I can’t! I don’t want the baby to be harmed!  Long Jinxi’s eyes sparkle thinking of the possibilities, Although I hate the thought of being pregnant, passing the bun off as Li Tian’s I will get all the wealth and best resources I could buy the Best New Actress Award! Then I will unfortunately have an accident and lose the baby. It will be the very best most touching performance of my career

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  1. SMH 🤦🏽‍♀️ Li Tian hopefully he isn’t stupid enough to fall for the Long sister’s ridiculous plot


  2. Oh god…well, at least he’s a one track mine. Too bad that’s gonna totally destroy his image-building mission 🤣🤣


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