In The Kitchen

 Li Tian leans against the truck watching Sara through the window and calls Yang James. “I will take care of the situation.”

  “ found Song Sara?”


  Watching the little girl through the large window as she neatly folds the empty bags he wants to rush inside and take her into his arms. He has the urge to confess that he is the man who she slept with in the Black Jade Club that night…he is the father of her baby. 

  Oblivious to the fact he is standing on the snowy driveway in the freezing cold he takes out a cigarette to calm his raw nerves. After he finishes the cigarette he takes the last two boxes from the refrigerated truck.

   Sara sees him come in the door and as he places the boxes on the counter by the refrigerator she asks, “Is that the Kobe beef and lobsters?”

  Li Tian nods and she says, “You were out there so long you must be cold.” She feels guilty he gave her his coat. “  I brewed a pot of tea, before you leave, do you want  a cup? Are you hungry?”

  He wants to say yes, but if he removes the mask she will recognize him and the game will be over. I can’t give in to my impulse to stay. There will be more chances to be with the little kitten.

  “I need to get back to work.”

   “You worked hard.” She looks at his employee badge and smiles at him. “Mr. Lu, this isn’t much but I hope you accept my sincerity.” She extends her slender arm then takes his hand and puts a few bills on his large palm.

    He gazes at her small delicate hand touching his hand, “Thank you Miss.” 

   Li Shaoting comes into the kitchen and glances at Li Tian.”The groceries are delivered? Good.”

  Sara says, “Brother Wu, Mildred mentioned your cousin is very picky about his food. Could you give me his number and I can discuss the menu with him for tonight. To be honest I have never prepared Kobe beef or lobster.”

   Li Tian clutches his hand in his pocket holding the money Sara gave him that still has her warmth on it. Brother Wu! Are they that close? And the old bat said I am picky! 

  Li Shaoting takes a bottle of orange juice from the refrigerator. “I will call.” No need for you to be subjected to his overbearing attitude.

  “Okay. After you find out, I will search for a delicious recipe. I feel terrible about the cake last night. I thought the Strawberry Cream Cake would be more festive since your parents arrived.”

  “Don’t worry about it. My father and mother really enjoyed the cake. My cousin…don’t concern yourself too much about him. He is leaving tomorrow.”

   Li Tian knits his eyebriws together as he listens to the conversation. Who the fuck said I am leaving? I’m moving into your goddamn villa you little shit!

   Li Feng walks into the kitchen wearing a tracksuit, “Is there any of the cake left?”

   Sara responds, “Yes. There is one piece, do you want?”

   Li Feng plops down in a chair by the granite topped island, “Yeah. I just got back from playing racquetball with Han Chao. I’m starving.”

   Sara takes a bottle of Scream Sports Water out of the refrigerator and hands it to him. ”You should hydrate.”

  “Thanks Sister.”

   “If you are hungry I can make lunch. You shouldn’t just eat sweets.”

        Li Tian’s face behind the face mask darkens and the corner of his mouth twitches watching the three of them. He uses his internal energy to suppress the overwhelming urge to explode and kick the two brothers out of the kitchen. Brother Wu? Sister? What the fuck! Song Sara is my woman! How dare you!

       Li Feng feels Li Tian’s piercing ice cold gaze and turns around. He sees the tall ugly delivery man and gives his brother a look thinking the man is waiting for a tip.

     Li Shaoting realizes the delivery man hasn’t left. He takes out his wallet and pulls out a wad of money. “Here you go.”

   Li Tian wants to break the outstretched hand but sees Sara out of the corner of his eye. She is putting the last piece of cake on a plate for Li Feng. He takes the money from his cousin then walks over, “Thank you Miss.” He picks up the piece of cake, places it on a napkin then strides past Li Feng towards the back door. Both brothers are stunned by the deliveryman’s insolent behavior, Li Feng’s mouth is agape seeing his cake walk out the door.

    Once Li Tian reaches the truck he tosses the money Li Shaoting gave him on the ground. He gets into the truck and carefully sets the squished cake on the passenger seat. He takes out the money Sara gave him and smiles then puts it back in his pocket. My little kitten is so cute. The way she shyly smiled as she gave me the tiny bit of money… so sweet.

   Sara sees the two brothers are angry at the delivery man’s rude behavior and defends him. “Well, I did ask him first if he wanted the cake. Sorry. He said no but must have changed his mind. Li Feng, I can bake you another cake.”

   She looks towards the door and realizes the deliveryman forgot his coat. She picks up the coat and runs out the door but the truck is gone. She frowns when she notices the money scattered on the ground. Mr. Lu must have dropped his tip from Tang Wu.

   Walking back in the door she is holding the money and the coat. “The deliveryman forgot his coat and dropped the money you gave him. Can we send over to him at the Harborview?”

  Li Feng is irritated about the Strawberry Cream Cake, “When he realizes he lost the money he will be back.” Fuck him! Who gave the ugly motherf****r the guts to steal my cake!

  Sara looks at Li Shaoting with a concerned expression “Maybe you should call Mr. Han. If there is another delivery in this area Mr. Lu can stop by the villa.”

  Li Shaoting sees his brother pouting about the cake and laughs, “I can do that.”

  “Thank you Brother Wu. The deliveryman probably lives paycheck to paycheck and needs the money. The coat doesn’t look cheap, because he does deliveries in the cold he must have spent a week’s pay to buy it.” Little does Sara know Li Tian’s designer coat cost more than a deliveryman would make in five years.

  Li Feng growls, “Sister you are too kind.” He gulps down the water, “He obviously saw I wanted the cake and grabbed it. I got the impression that he is an angry spiteful man…and petty.”

  Sara thinks, who is the one being angry and petty..haha. “Li Feng, Mr. Lu was very helpful and polite. I think you are reading too much into it. Haha.. I promise I will bake a cake especially for you.”

  Li Tian is driving down the highway and gazes at the piece of cake on the passenger seat. He smirks thinking about the infuriated look on Li Feng’s face as he walked by him while holding the last of the cake. Hmmph…soon I will also steal Song Sara away from you two brats.

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