Grocery Delivery

    Han Weisheng bursts out laughing when he sees Li Tian, “Are you serious?”

    Li Tian is wearing a hotel uniform that is a little short on his 190cm body and a knit cap. He is practically unrecognizable with a pair of black glasses with thick lens and a mask covering half his handsome face.

   “Very.” I want to see the little girl up close…smell her intoxicating fragrance and look at her beautiful face. I have been going crazy not knowing where she is… wondering if she is with that bastard Cadieux or another man…I want to hear her sweet voice and see her dazzling smile. 

  “You look ridiculous. Hahaha…More like a robber than a delivery man.”

   “I need an employee badge.”

   “What? Aren’t you taking this a bit far? Or did you want to come to work for me? Hahaha..”

    “Just fucking get someone in here to take my picture and make the damn badge.”

    Han Weisheng calls the HR department then pours a glass of whisky and hands it to Li Tian.

   Li Tian puts the glass down, “I can’t drink. I don’t want to smell like alcohol.”

   Shaking his head Han Weisheng says, “Why don’t you just get a human mask?”

   “Hmmm…good idea but no time today. Get on it and I will pick up tomorrow.” Then I could get a job at Shaoting’s villa…maybe a driver? No someone who works in the villa...gardener…no it is Winter no need..


    The woman from Human Resources knocks on the door.


     She has a stunned expression looking at the unattractive delivery driver standing next to the CEO. Jeez..those outdated unsightly glasses... he must be blind without them.

   “I need an employee badge for..what is your name?”

   “Lu..ah.. Lu Zixin.”

    She looks at Han Weisheng, “CEO Han, Mr. Lu  should come to HR and fill out the paperwork first.”

   “No need. He is temporary. I need him to make a special delivery.”

   “Well, then he doesn’t need a badge.”

   Li Tian’s temper is about to flare. Who is this ugly noisy woman! Your boss told you to do something so woman, fucking do it!

  Han Weisheng has a faint smile, “Miss Gufason, make the badge.”

  “Oh. Yes Sir. Sorry.” She takes the cover off the camera and in a pleasant voice says, “Mr. Lu, remove the face mask and look at the camera… smile.”

   Li Tian growls, “Take with mask.”

   “But..” She looks at Han Weisheng and he nods.

   Han Weisheng is having difficulty not laughing, the expression on the woman’s face while gawking at Li Tian is priceless…confused… frightened…obviously repulsed by his appearance. He has never seen her mask crack before, she usually maintains a professional appearance and at the very most will act coquettish occasionally hoping to catch his eye.

   Once she takes the photo she nervously says, “I will send Marie up with the badge.” She feels like loosening her collar from the suffocating feeling in her chest. Why did the CEO hire such a creepy man?

   After she leaves Li Tian quips, “Noisy! That is why I only hire men. You tell them to do something… they don’t ask questions.” 

   Han Weisheng lights a cigarette.“Well, in the hospitality business, your absurd business model definitely wouldn’t work. haha.” I think in your company it’s more likely the men don’t want to be punished severely for questioning your orders.

   Marie wondered why Miss Gufasan threw the badge at her and told her to deliver it to CEO Han. Normally she would welcome any chance to see the handsome man. When she enters the CEO’s office she can see why, the delivery man with the CEO is scary.

  She bows, “CEO Han, I have the badge you requested.”

  ‘Put it on the table.”

  “Yes Sir.”

   She glances at Li Tian and trips on her high heels running for the door. Once outside the door she leans on the wall, Oh My God..when the delivery man looked at me with his ink black eyes narrowed dangerously behind those horrible glasses I got goosebumps.

  “Tian, go before you scare any more of my female employees. The delivery truck is loaded and ready to go.”

  “Get me a human mask. I want to be handsome… but not as good looking as I am..”

 After he leaves Han Weisheng fiddles with the cigarette in his hand and flicks an ash in the crystal ashtray on his desk. What a fucking crazy bastard. He has totally lost his mind over Song Sara. Leng Shuai told me he hired Clear Sky to design a baby’s room and the woman wants nothing to do with him.

  Li Tian gets into the delivery truck then pulls out onto the road. I can’t believe my men couldn’t find the little girl and she was right under my nose!

   Sara is talking to Mildred in the kitchen about the menu for dinner. “Sorry to trouble you before you leave on your vacation. Mr. Tang informed me the food delivery will be here this afternoon. He said his cousin ordered Kobe Beef and Lobster. I have never prepared either so I will need your guidance.”

  Mildred gazes at the young girl and wants to warn her about the Young Master’s cousin. If he ordered the food specifically it must be prepared well. Luckily, I leave today for my vacation to visit my sister in the countryside. If I had to deal with that intimidating man again I am afraid I might lose my job. The man’s dark aura was very terrifyingso different from the Young Master’s gentle demeanor. That reminds her about the cake.

   “Miss Song…umm..The Young Master’s cousin is very picky. He was upset that the cake was Strawberry Cream and not the one he asked for. So maybe to please him you should ask what he wants for dinner.” You are such a sweet and mild mannered girl he might scare the living daylights out of you. I was petrified by his abnormal reaction.

  “That is a very good idea! I could look on the internet for recipes then after I speak to him.”

  Sara takes a package from the refrigerator and a thermos from the counter.“Mr. Tang said you travel by bus to your sister’s home. I made you some special medicinal tea to help you relax on the trip and some snacks.”

  Mildred is very moved by Sara’s thoughtful gesture. She smiles and holds Sara’s hand in hers, “Thank you Miss Song. You didn’t have to do that.”

  “You have been a big help to me.”

   “Well Miss Song, you are a pleasure to work with and it’s no bother at all.”

   “Have a safe trip and thank you for your suggestion.”

   The doorbell at the back of the kitchen rings and Mildred says, “The delivery must be here. I can stay and help you put the groceries away.”

    “No. I can do it. You don’t want to miss your bus.”

   “Well let me get the door, its tricky.”

   “Okay. I will make space in the refrigerator”

   Li Tian can feel his heart racing knowing in a moment Sara will answer the door.

   The door seems to be stuck and when it finally opens his face darkens,  What the hell! The fucking old woman from last night.

   Mildred shivers from the icy wind, she pulls his arm, “Son, don’t just stand there! Hurry inside, it is freezing!”

    He raises an eyebrow and his forehead is full of black lines glaring at the woman’s hand on his arm. He is about to throw it off when Sara appears. She smiles as she wipes her hands on a kitchen towel.

   Li Tian stands there in a daze staring at Sara’s exquisite and delicate face. The beautiful woman he has only been able to see in his dreams.

    Sara looks at his blank expression, “Brrr..come in you must be cold!  The door is troublesome. I hope we didn’t leave you standing out here too long. ”

   He absentmindedly replies in a barely audible low voice. ”Not long.”

   Li Tian follows the two women into the kitchen and Mildred picks up the package and thermos. “Thank you again Miss Song. I will enjoy the snacks and tea.”

   “Have a safe journey.”

   Sara sees Li Tian still holding a large box. “Oh my goodness. That must be heavy. Put it on the counter.”

   Li Tian doesn’t like the fact Sara prepared snacks and tea for that old woman. She should be resting and taking care of his baby. He sets the box down and Sara grabs a sharp knife to open it. He quickly takes the knife from her hand, “Let me.”

    She gazes up at him, her blue eyes are sparkling, “Okay thank you. I will be sure to give you a good tip.” 

   “…” Is the little girl this nice to everyone?  Hmmph…except me..

   He walks out to get more food then carries two bags into the kitchen. He sets them on the counter and his phone rings. He ignores the call from Yang James.

    Sara glances over at him when the phone rings again, “You can go ahead and answer your phone.”

  “Not necessary.” He turns off the phone.  I told him I would be busy…why the fuck is he calling?

   Sara walks over and takes the vegetables out of the bag then puts them in the refrigerator. The other bag is the chicken. She feels a scorching hot gaze on her back but when she turns around the delivery driver is not in the kitchen. 

   Li Tian knows it must be urgent so he returns Yang James’ call. He is on the phone with him discussing the situation with Old Man Guo when  Sara runs over to the truck. She is shivering, “Oh.. I was afraid you were leaving and forget the Kobe Beef and Lobsters.”

    He quickly hangs up and takes off his coat, wrapping it around Sara’s thin body he says, “Miss, it is too cold for you to be outside. I had to take a call from work. I will be right in with the other groceries.”

    Sara tries to take the coat off, “You need your coat.”

   . “Go inside.” It is good he is wearing the mask which muffles the sound of his domineering voice or she would recognize it. .

  “Well hurry in, I will make you tea.” 

   When she is in the kitchen she takes off the large warm coat. She holds the coat to her nose because the scent seems very similar to the fragrance on Li Tian’s body. Draping it across a chair she chides herself for having an overactive imagination. She rubs her slightly swollen belly. Baby, am I crazy thinking about that annoying man?  How could a delivery driver afford a designer fragrance? I must be thinking about him because Mildred said Tang Wu’s cousin is picky. She chuckles, no one is pickier than that arrogant man.

  Li Tian leans against the truck watching Sara through the window and calls Yang James. “I will take care of the situation.”

   Yang James distinctly heard Sara’s voice in the background when Li Tian called him back. “ found Song Sara?”


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