Spring Mist Cafe

   Li Tian gets dressed then picks up his phone to call Yang James. He sees the missed call and text from Shizi. The kid actually found information on the disobedient little kitten? He didn’t say he found Song Sara…is he trying to stall for more time? Curious he texts [What information?]

   Shizi is unwrapping a piece of toffee on his way to the nurse’s office. Worried about Li Tian’s intentions towards Song Sara, he plans on meeting Li Tian when he returns the call.  He pops the toffee in his mouth when the phone in his pocket vibrates.

   Shizi responds: [Relevant. Can we meet?]

  Li Tian texts:[Don’t be cryptic. What did you find?]

  Shizi swallows the toffee, what should I say? I think you might want to harm or kidnap the woman? I’m not down with that..I can’t have a pregnant woman’s bad fate on my head…

  He tightens his hand on the phone then answers: [I want to meet in person.]

  Li Tian sits on the edge of the bed, the two chairs in the room are broken.[It better be good. Are you at school? I will pick you up in forty five minutes.]

  No..no..that’s not good..what if someone sees me getting into his car? We should meet far away from school. [Meet me at Spring Mist Cafe on Harbor Blvd. I can be there in an hour.]

  [Don’t be late, I have a meeting scheduled at three.]

  [I won’t.]

  Shizi squeezes his face into a painful expression as he enters the infirmary. The nurse looks up from a folder, “Student, what is wrong?”

  “I think the fish I ate last night was bad. I have stomach cramps and diarrhea.”

   “Sit and let me examine you. The stomach flu has been going around also but I need to make sure it isn’t a bout of appendicitis.”

  While Shizi is acting his heart out so the nurse will send him home, Li Tian is talking to Yang James. “I saw the information you sent me last night. Proceed with the purchase.”

   “The crew has completed the demolition of the warehouses on Baying St. Do you want me to start making preparations for them to go to Bashu City?”

   Li Tian walks downstairs and into the dining room. “No. We won’t be tearing down the building. I plan on renovating the existing building and converting it to affordable housing.”

   Yang James takes a moment to stabilize his emotions. He taps a gold pen on his desk and clenches his jaw then calmly asks, “Why would you do that? It is a money losing proposition.” When did you become so fucking civic minded!

  “We will be partnering with Han Construction and it can be counted as a charitable donation. Li Group won’t lose much but will gain recognition from the project. It will highlight our willingness to address the current trend to destroy Middle Class neighborhoods to accommodate the rich.”

  Yang James’s voice is tinged with sarcasm “If you were aiming to build a reputation as a civil minded company wouldn’t a project in Catang City be more suitable?” You fucking crazy bastard. I know something else is going on here. You have never cared about public opinion!

  “Well, I have my reasons. I will be in Bashu City for a while so I can oversee the project.”

  Yang James is seething, I should have stayed in Bashu City. Boss isn’t thinking straight. He is sleep deprived and obsessed with that slut! “I thought you were wrapping it up today with Old Man Guo and returning. Alexandre is in town and wants to discuss a rather lucrative deal.”

  “Tell him to fuck off.”

  “You should hear him out.”

  “Since when do you question my orders? Send me an update on the opening of the Mega Mall and the progress that bastard Cadieux has made on the competing Mall.” He hangs up, Fucking Alexandre, I don’t trust that prick since the last shipment got hijacked. 

  Yang James calls a man who works for him. The man is eating a bowl of noodles at his mother’s restaurant. Xu Donghai  frowns when he sees the caller and puts down his chopsticks. Dammit! I haven’t eaten Mom’s Spicy Pork Noodles since I got back from Hong King! “Yeah?”

  “I need you to go to Bashu City and find out why Li Tian purchased a shitty apartment building. See if it is related to a woman named Song Sara.”

    “I just got back. Now I need to go to that fucking town? I hate Bashu City.” Xu Donghai stares at his bowl of noodles getting cold and soggy, The fucking whore lives here and every time I go to that city I have the urge to seek her out and commit murder.

  “I will pay double. Leave now and report back as soon as you find out.”

  “Double? Okay, I will leave immediately.”

  Xu Donghai ’s mother sees him stand up, “Where are you rushing off to? You haven’t eaten half your noodles.”

  He walks over and kisses his mother’s cheek. “Emergency. I will eat two bowls when I return.”

   The little girl she is holding takes the strawberry lollipop out of her mouth. She coquettishly blinks her round eyes, “Little Uncle, don’t I get a kiss too?”

    He rubs the little girl’s head then gives her a peck on the cheek, “Be good for your Grandma.”

    After he leaves the little girl points at his back with the lollipop, “Grandma, why is Little Uncle walking like an old man?”


   The woman has a worried expression, Xu Donghai is limping and looks haggard. She has no idea what he does for a living.  Depressed because he found out his wife was cheating on him when he was on a mission after he got out of the military he divorced the woman. He moved into his mother’s house and listlessly laid on the couch. He didn’t work for a few months then suddenly took a job with a wealthy looking young man.

    She saw Yang James pick her son up at their house. When she asked who he was Xu Donghai answered, “My employer”, then didn’t respond to further questioning.

     Yang James is staring at the phone, he is pissed, a highly valuable asset like Xu Donghai is reduced to being a driver to spy on Li Tian. He has no choice because Li Tian doesn’t know him and won’t be suspicious. If the Boss knew I was monitoring him…even if it is with good intentions he won’t let me go, I know that. But… I have no choice because of that pregnant bitch! He is losing his edge. I could tell by Alexandre’s tone and the mother*****r   had the balls to insinuate Li Tian’s hold on the Organization was tenuous. I can’t let all our work go down the drain because of that little twat! I won’t! How the fuck did a simple woman like Song Sara mess with the Boss’ head? 

    While Yang James is stewing about the situation, Li Tian finishes breakfast and calls for the driver.  Passing by Mu Fu in the hallway, the old man stops him. The old housekeeper has been with the Sun family for over thirty years and has never been so angry. After dealing with the guard who Li Tian knocked out last night and the maid’s account of the mess he made in the room he is livid.

   “CEO Li, the Young Master asked that you restrain yourself for the rest of your visit. I have instructed all the guards to allow you to enter without seeking permission. I have compensated the injured guard and he won’t pursue the matter. The guest room will be cleaned and the furnishings replaced by this afternoon.”


    Mu Fu has the urge to kick Li Tian in the butt as he nonchalantly strides towards the front door. I have met countless arrogant Young Masters before but that man #$@%!!!

     Li Tian walks outside and James opens the back door of the Rolls Royce Phantom. “Drive to the Spring Mist Cafe on Harbor Dr.”

    Inside the Spring Mist Cafe Shizi is helping the owner, Lu Ying Yue, with a delivery. “Miss Lu, don’t try to lift that I will get it.”

   “Thank you Fan Ji. You have grown taller since the last time I saw you.”

  He reaches to the top shelf and puts a sack of flour there. “Haha..maybe. How is your new apartment?”

  “Good.  It is close to JunJie’s kindergarten.”

  “ I wondered where was…Little Yi  misses playing with him. Since you moved he only has the little girl in 706 as a playmate and she is always crying about something.”

   Lu Ying Yue smiles, “I remember her..she was a little spoiled. If you can stay for a bit, my friend Ruan YaoYao is picking him up from school.”

  The bell out front rings and she says, “ I really appreciate your help.When you finish I will treat you to a piece of chocolate cake I made this morning.”

  “Sounds great! There is only one more box.”

  Li Tian walks into the small cafe as Lu Ying Yue comes out from the kitchen. When their eyes meet Lu Ying Yue’s heart skips a beat. Li Tian has a surprised expression, “It has been a long time.”

   She nervously takes off her apron, “ Five years.”My wedding…you were with your dreadful  fiancee Long An.

    “You work here?”

   “Well, it is my cafe. I opened it after the divorce.”

   “You and Si got divorced?”

   “Hmm. Come sit, what would you like to drink? Do you still like Blue Mountain black?”

    “You remember?”

  “How could I forget..haha..anything else and you wouldn’t drink even a sip.”

  Li Tian sits at a small wooden table by the window and gazes out at the Harbor. He thinks about meeting Lu Ying Yue at a piano competition when he was attending University in England. Lu Si was head over heels in love and took him to watch her perform. She was shining under the lights as she played a difficult piece and he kept saying, “I am going to marry that girl.”  Now they are divorced? I thought she quit performing to stay at home. He never mentioned they divorced. 

   Shizi comes out of the back room, he gulps down his saliva when he sees Li Tian by the window. He tells himself not to be intimidated and find out the truth, “CEO Li.”

“I said don’t be late.”

   Shizi scratches his head, “I..”

   Lu Ying Yue sets the cup of black coffeeon the table and points back and forth at them, “You two know each other?”

   Shizi says, “I told you I was meeting someone.”

   “Oh.” I thought it would be one of your school friends not Lu Si’s friend.

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