Film Emperor Tang Wu Is Trending

   Li Tian wakes up in the morning stark naked and with a splitting headache.

    Last night he trudged through the heavy snow to Sun Zhi’s villa after angrily leaving his cousin’s home.Once he got to the gate the guard asked for his ID. He checked in his pocket and realized he left his cousin’s abruptly without getting his bag out of the Rolls Royce Phantom that was under three feet of snow. 

When they stepped into the guard room no one answered at the villa and the guard wasn’t going to let him enter. Frustrated, Li Tian stripped the gun from the man’s hand and used the butt of the gun to knock him out.

   Afterwards he was drinking heavily while sitting on the enclosed deck looking out at the night sky.  Sulking while thinking about how any other woman would be begging him for his attention yet the little kitten ran as fast as she could to hide from him.

He was staring at the sonogram and becoming increasingly agitated. My baby.. Mine and Song Sara’s..I have rights as a father! She can’t unilaterally make decisions…Dammit! How dare the little thing steal away with my child! The last thing he remembers is stumbling to the bed. 

   He sits up on the bed and sees the room is destroyed, the lamps are broken and the table is upturned. There is a smashed bottle of whisky on the stained white carpet. Black and white shreds of paper are scattered in the midst of the mess.He squints his eyes staring at the floor..what is that.. “FUCK!”

Realizing what the papers are he quickly gets off the bed and picks up the torn pieces with shaky hands. No.. He runs his fingers through his hair. I tore it up..the only … FUCK!

   Li Tian walks naked to the table and spreads out all the ripped shreds of paper.. He rubs his red eyes then meticulously puts the pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle; regretting he got so drunk he lost his mind. A piece is missing and he frantically looks on the floor. He finds the small piece by the bed and sighs.

   There is a knock at the door and a soft woman’s voice says, “CEO Li? Are you awake? I made you hangover soup.”

  Li Tian’s throat is dry and his voice sounds hoarse, “Get me tape, clear tape.”

    Deng Chun opens the door a crack.Staring at Li Tian’s perfect body and his majestic dragon swollen and standing upright in a dense black forest her eyes are full of lust. She gasps then covers her mouth to prevent any further sounds escaping. Soooo BIG!

   She silently closes the door and takes a moment to compose herself. “Yes, CEO Li”. God I want him to fuck me so bad. He is incredibly handsome and his c*ck is huge! She can feel her honey drenching the lace thong she is wearing under her uniform’s conservative black a-line skirt. Last night she wanted to seduce Li Tian when she saw him stumbling to his room. The black silk shirt he was wearing was unbuttoned exposing his beautiful strong chest and eight pack. 

   Excited by the prospect of rolling in bed with such a perfect man she changed into a red lace teddy. Unfortunately, when she returned and opened the door the room was in shambles. Li Tian’s dark aura made her unable to stand and want to vomit blood. He wasin a rage, tearing something up and cursing loudly. She was frightened by the intense bone chilling  feeling engulfing her body so she returned to her room.

  She touches between her thighs and bites her bottom lip, “I will get the tape.. but.. I brought Hangover Soup, may I come in.”

   “I don’t want soup. Get the tape. Leave it on the table.”

   He walks into the bathroom and turns on the shower. Looking down at his throbbing erection he slams his hand on the tiled wall.Song Sara where the hell are you! He steps under the shower head and lets the cold water spray on his face.

Wrapping his large hand around his c*ck he thinks about Sara’s petite snow white body flushed red from the heat of passion.The little girl tangled with him and her beautiful face filled with lust.

Groaning while he rubs his thick shaft, he imagines Sara’s small mouth licking his scorching hot c*ck and her soft hands stroking him. He growls,”Sara Baby…Ahh..Sara.”

   Deng Chun is hiding behind the bathroom door drooling while watching Li Tian in the mirror. She only had to go into the study next door to get the tape and rushed back knowing he was going to shower.

The thirsty woman plays with her drenched pussy as she fantasizes he is calling her name. When she sees him release she leans against the door. I have to have that man! I have been so bored since the Old Madam sent me to report on her grandson, Sun Zhi.

   Li Tian washes his taut body as she continues to watch, when he turns off the water she quickly goes into the bedroom. She stops and looks at the pieces of paper neatly arranged to complete the picture. A sonogram..his baby?

Deng Chun nervously hurries out the door forgetting to leave the tape. CEO Li was in a rage last night because of the woman carrying his baby? Who is she? Not Long Jinxi his fiancee or Long An his former fiancee, there would be a wedding announcement. They must not know about the baby.. His mistress..Sara..Sara who? Maybe I could blackmail him into sleeping with me.

    Sara wakes up feeling refreshed. She went to sleep shortly after eating last night. She had a peaceful night sleep unaware a picture taken at the hospital by a fan of Tang Wu’s is trending on the internet… her world could come crashing down at any minute. Stretching her arms she gently touches her stomach that is  slightly protruding. “Baby, you are one day older.”

    Meanwhile in the heart of Bashu City Shizi has no choice but to go into the school when his father drops him off at the school gate. Two of his friends come up to his side, Shorty is bouncing a basketball “Shizi! The big game is today. Are you ready?”

   “Yeah..yeah.” Shit I forgot. Dammit I need to figure out a way to at least use the computer in the library. He walks up the stairs into the hallway by his first period class. A group of girls are outside the door squealing while looking at their phones. “Emperor Tang is so kind! I love him even more now!”

   “Oh my God. Look at his profile! So perfect!’

   “My hubby is so cool!”

    “Look at the way he is supporting her arm when she stumbled.”

    “I was pissed at first I thought the little fairy was his girlfriend until I read the post.Ahhh.. my baby Tang Wu is the best!”

     Shen Lin kisses her phone, “Remember when that 18th line star he was working with got sick after filming a water scene in “The Concubine Runs Away’? I heard my darling hubby paid all her doctor bills. He is an angel! A beautiful angel!”

   Shizi scoffs when he hears his childhood friend Shen Lin stimulating the other girls with her nonsense. Hubby..Angel?  my ass.. “It was probably a publicity stunt. Isn’t Tang Wu playing a doctor from a poor village in his next film?”

    She Lin stomps her small foot and pulls him over, “FAN JI! This picture was taken by a fan! A fan! Not the paparazzi or from his company’s publicity team. Look! Look! The picture isn’t even that good…grainy..not a good angle. They would have taken a much better shot.

The fangirl overheard him talking to the nurse. He didn’t even mention his name. She heard the woman and him talking about what she was going to make for dinner. The woman is his cook! His cook! He took her to the hospital for a checkup.”

She angrily waves her phone, “ Stupid! Fan Ji.. You…you are an Idiot! If it was for publicity don’t you think Tang Wu would have been more showy!”

   Just to annoy Shen Lin he grabs the phone the little girl is waving in his face to point out the suspicious aspects..You are the idiot little fool! Pfft! It has publicity stunt written all over it. 

   She jumps up to get her precious phone, “FAN JI! I NEED TO GET INTO CLASS! GIVE ME MY PHONE!”

  He holds her thin arm easily restraining the little girl. “Little Mouse,. I just want to see the picture. I will give the phone right back.”

   Shizi wants to scream, I found the little ghost! I found the little ghost! He hands the little girl back the phone and hugs her into his arms twirling her around. The other girls are jealous but she knocks his chest, “Pervert! Let me down!”

   He affectionately rubs her head, “I owe you one Little Mouse.”

   She kicks him in the shin, “I told you not to call me that!”

   The crowd of students rushes in the classroom right before the bell rings. Shizi walks up to the teacher trying to act calm. He holds his stomach, “Mr. Liu I need to go use the bathroom. Maybe go to the nurse, I have a bad case of diarrhea. “

   Mr. Liu looks over his glasses and sounds annoyed, “If you are sick why didn’t you stay at home?”

 He holds his stomach and bends over a little while moaning. “It came on suddenly.”

  Mr. Liu waves his arm, “Go before you poop your pants.”

  Shizi runs out the door and goes into a stall in the boy’s restroom. He takes out his phone and his hand trembles as he dials Li Tian’s number. “Answer..answer.”

  He texts [ Call me.Have information about Song Sara]

   He leans on the wall and starts thinking. Wait. I didn’t actually find the woman but with this information Mr. Li should be able to locate Song Sara..does that still count? Yes. It should. Find Tang Wu..find Song Sara. In the picture it was definitely Bashu City Heights Hospital..definitely Song Sara..and well Little Mouse, his obsessive little follower, knows everything about Tang Wu so if she says that was him..that was him. 

   Shizi has a bout of conscience, what if he wants to hurt the woman. Mr. Li doesn’t seem like the type of man who would be forgiving if a woman put a green hat on him. Fuck. Dammit! What should I do? Ask him? Ask him why he didn’t mention she is pregnant?

  Li Tian has a towel wrapped around his waist as he dries his hair. He drinks a bottle of water and presses a button on the intercom, “Send someone to clean the guest room. I will have the furnishings replaced.”  He looks at the sonogram. “Also I need tapet.”

   Mr. Mu looks at his wife, “What’s wrong?”

   “The Young Master’s friend, you know the man he said he worked for in Catang City needs the room cleaned. But..he also said he would replace the furnishings.” She finds Li Tian to be terrifying and avoids contact with him. “Fu, when is the Young Master returning?”

  “Should  be back in two days.”

    She notices Deng Chun. “Take tape to the Young Master’s guest.”

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  1. Train wreck Li Tian needs to get his shit together. Also, will Li Tian’s aunt and uncle be there when he finally catches Song Sara? If so, I feel bad for Wei Minnie who was routing for her son and Sara 🤣👏🏽


    1. It will be slow haha. Spoiler alert: Li Tian will stalk his little prey slowly so she doesn’t run away again. Coming soon-Look for a tall delivery driver who diligently helps Sara put away the groceries. Lolol


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