Li Tian Arrives

   Li Feng’s stomach is growling and he looks at his watch. Screwing up his face and puffing out his cheeks he whines,“Dad, do we need to wait for Cousin Tian? I’m starving.”

   Li Liang hugs Wei Minnie’s thin waist and with a pampering tone asks, “Are you hungry?”

   “Honey, we should wait.” She doesn’t want to anger her volatile nephew and ruin the harmonious atmosphere. That boy’s temper could  frighten Shaoting’s cute little girl.


  “Feng’er you know that man’s personality. He will scare TingTing’s little sweetheart to death with his cold aura. She looks fragile as a delicate porcelain doll. Your brother finally has a girlfriend. Do you want her to see how terrifying our family’s Tian can be? ”

  Resigning himself to the fact his empty stomach will need to wait to be filled with delicious food, he starts to play a game on his phone.“You’re right about Cousin Tian. After school I was with a group of my friends working out at his gym on Yuying St. I didn’t expect him to be there at that time of day and he scared the shit out of my friends. You know Lu Ming?”

   Wei Minnie taps her slender white finger on Li Liang’s thigh. “Hmm..Lu Ming.. The ruggedly handsome boy who always wears basketball jerseys and likes to flex his muscles? No that is Han Weishing’s nephew Han Shi Oh.. I know! That feminine looking kid…the tall willowy one with the flawless jade like skin and naturally red full lips?  TingTing got a modeling job with Henri Armand? He is so adorable.”

   Li Liang pinches her waist and his voice is tinged with jealousy, “MinMin, I didn’t realize you pay such close attention to Feng’s friends.” I will have to forbid Feng bringing those stinky bastards to the house.

    She squirms in his lap and has an innocent expression on her beautiful face. “I don’t. I mean Weisheng is your friend so of course I pay attention to his nephew. And…and… I just saw an ad Lu Ming did for Henri Armand in Beautiful Lifestyles Magazine and I remembered the frail looking kid.” She mentally fans herself…that was close.. Liang is still so jealous…but he looks so sexy when his eyes are like a bottomless abyss filled with only me. I will need to show him later that he is the only man I need.

     Li Feng puts down his phone. “Back to my story.”  Mom enough with the fangirl description. Dad is getting mad. Married for so long and he still acts like a jealous idiot when you tease him. 

    “Yeah, that guy.” He shivers, “And Mom, don’t say feminine looking…” Li Feng thinks about the stares they get when they are we are a fucking couple. “Anyway, Ming has a weak heart and when Cousin Tian approached…get this..he hadn’t said a word and Ming fainted. Boom..straight to the floor. Cousin Tian stepped over poor Ming… he was a piece of wood.”

   “My goodness! That boy should get some therapy. I don’t know where he gets that heartless dark aura. Your Uncle Hong is stern but has a calm rational personality and your Auntie, well..I don’t know a more gentle and kind woman.”

   Li Tian sneezes as he presses the passcode to the door then enters the villa.

   Li Feng and his mother have guilty expressions when they see Li Tian.

   Li Liang chuckles when he feels his wife stiffen in his embrace and her heart beating erratically. He playfully nibbles on Wei Minnie’s ear then teases, “Don’t be afraid. I’m here.”

   She swats his chest, “Not afraid.”

   He lifts her chin and looks into her beautiful amber eyes, “MinMin,you have never been a good liar.”

    She snuggles into his embrace and in a barely audible voice she mutters, “Now I know why Little Ming fainted.”

  Li Liang laughs and kisses her half parted lips, my little wife is still so damn cute. I can’t wait to get this dinner over with and take her to the bedroom

  He is not intimidated by his nephew’s imposing aura. “Now that Tian has arrived let’s eat.” He stands up and carries Wei Minnie to the dining room.

   Li Tian is slightly drunk and sneers as he watches the loving couple. “Uncle, what a surprise. I thought you were unable to come to Bashu City. You and Auntie look very… free.”

  “Nephew, don’t be petty. You lost. I won.”

  Li Tian sits down across from Li Feng. “Where is Shaoting?” I have questions about the cook.

  Li Liang answers, “He had to take a call from his agent. Feng, go tell your brother dinner is being served.”

   Li Feng happily leaves the dining room and runs up the stairs..

  Mildred walks out of the kitchen carrying a platter of the Spicy Chicken Wings and in her other hand the Ginger and Scallion Noodles.

  Li Tian sees the plump older woman and narrows his eyes, “You are the cook?”

 Mildred looks around for Li Shaoting. He specifically told her not to reveal Song Sara. She has a apprehensive expression, the man’s piercing gaze …so terrifying…should I lie…oh mama…what should I do?

  Li Tian is impatient. “Answer. Not a hard question. Are you the cook?”

  Mildred nervously twists her hands in her apron. I am the cook..  But not the cook who prepared these dishes.

  “Bring me the cake.” 

  Wei Minnie and Li Jiang stare at him wondering why he is bullying the poor woman. Li Liang lifts his sword like eyebrow, “I thought you don’t like cake.”

  “I don’t”


  The Li brothers walk into the dining room, with his powerful father here to counter his cousin’s aura Li Shaoting doesn’t feel as intimidated. He sits down next to his mother and Li Liang points to the chair across the table. Hmmph! So much for feeling Dad will protect me.

  Mildred returns with a piece of Strawberry Cream Cake and places it in front of Li Tian. He growls, “What’s this?”

   She blinks her eyes, “Cake.”

   “I can see it is fucking cake but not the fucking cake I wanted.”


  He glares at Li Feng, “Did I not make myself clear last night. I wanted the goddamn cake in the photo.”

  Li Feng has a helpless expression as he pleads with his eyes for someone to save him.

  Li Liang  calmy responds, “Cake is cake. Don’t bully the poor woman or Feng’er.”

  Standing up, Li Shaoting says “Mildred, come with me to the kitchen.”

 Once inside the kitchen he apologizes, “Sorry Mildred. My cousin is very prickly. Did Song Sara make another cake? You can be off, I will take care of the rest of dinner.”

  “Young Master! I can’t let you serve the food! It isn’t right!”

  “Mildred, you do a great job. I just think it would be best if you retired for the night.” I don’t need this old lady having a heart attack. There is a raging snowstorm and the roads aren’t cleared.

  “I didn’t see another cake, only the one on the counter.”

  “Okay. Do as I say. You are off work for the night.”

   She bows respectfully, “Yes, Young Master Li.”

   After Mildred leaves he looks around the kitchen. I thought I told Song Sara to prepare the same menu but whatever. Why does the stupid tyrant want that particular cake? The man doesn’t like sweets!

  Li Shaoting walks back into the dining room and sits down. Li Tian glares at him, “Well?”

  “Cousin, my cook misunderstood and thought that cake was too plain for a guest. She made the Strawberry Cream Cake instead.”

   Li Tian has an icy look in his pitch black eyes, “Fire the woman. She blatantly disregarded your instructions.” I know that the cake in the photo was similar to the one I ate when I was in Zhou Mo’s office, made by Song Sara. It’s far fetched but I thought Song Sara might be working in a bakery…or had some relation with the brat’s cook. I might have a lead to the disobedient kitten.

  Li Liang puts down his chopsticks, “Enough. I don’t know what your problem is Tian, but Shaoting doesn’t need your advice on how to handle his servants” He sticks his fork in the creamy cake covered with strawberries then puts it in his mouth. “This cake is light and delicious.”

  Li Tian angrily storms out of the dining room and grabs his black cashmere coat. Kicking off the slippers on his feet he grabs his black leather shoes from the rack.  

  Li Liang watches him leave, “Where does he think he is going? The snowstorm has made the roads impassable.”

   Li Shaoting looks towards the door. “Cousin Tian’s friend lives in the community.” Perfect! Now I don’t have to deal with that mental case and my parents.

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  1. Thank you Thank you 😊 i enjoy your stories so much I grab my blanket and stepped in a different world 🥰🥰🥰


    1. Wow! Thank you so…sooo much! ❤ ❤ ❤ I really enjoy writing and it makes me happy my readers like my stories!😊 I appreciate you!


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