One Day

  “Grandfather, why…why am I not good enough.”

 “What are you talking about, Little Nuan is the best.”

  Guo Nuan picks up the empty bottle of wine and three drops trickle into her wine glass. She pouts, “Then why did Li Tian invite me to lunch then before we ordered he left without even one word of apology. I am sitting here at the restaurant so embarrassed. The lowly waiter even looked at me with pity in his eyes. I want to die..die..”

  Old Man Guo crushes a cigar in the ashtray. “Don’t cry, Grandfather will clean that arrogant bastard up for you.”

   “No you can’t…I want to marry him. He is so handsome and powerful.”

   Old Man Guo knits his thick white eyebrows, “Well… what do  you want me to do.”

   “I don’t know, I just wanted to call you.”

   “Little Nuan! Have you been drinking?”

  “Umm..just a little.”

  “Come back to the mansion immediately.”


  After he hangs up he twirls the Black Jade ring on his finger, that cocky bastard! He seduced my little granddaughter with his looks then left her at the restaurant drunk! See if I don’t make him pay!”

  Li Tian thumbs through the report, relieved that Sara is doing well…no complications. Now, I need to find her and tell her about the baby’s room and my plans. He screeches out of the parking lot headed to the address on the form. He calls Kang Mingshun, “Take several pictures of the baby’s room and send them to my phone.”


    Li Tian is smiling as he looks at his GPS and follows the route to the address on Sara’s medical form. When he drives down the street directly before he should turn, he grimaces, the buildings are run down and the streets are littered with debris. There are several gangsters standing in front of a convenience store. He narrows his eyes, it appears they are selling drugs to a disheveled man who is nervously twitching. SONG SARA! YOU RAN AWAY FROM ME TO LIVE IN THIS FILTH WITH MY BABY! Well.. I will be taking you home as soon as I find you.

   He drives into a dilapidated community and parks the Rolls Royce Phantom in front of an old apartment building.

Several teenagers are playing basketball not far away and stop, staring like a pack of angry wolfdogs at the expensive black car. They snicker with their heads together when they see Li Tian step out of the car and walk into the apartment building. “Looks like another real estate fucker come to look at this shithole. We should spray paint the car like we did to the Maybach a couple of weeks ago. The look on that fat Baldy’s face was priceless.”

    One of the tall young boys dribbles the ball, “Assholes! Once they redevelop the area where will we live! My mom works two jobs and I have a part time job just to pay for our broken down piece of shit apartment.”

   Another boy wearing a faded Celtics jersey over a long sleeved white t shirt exclaims,  “Junior is right! Those rich motherf****rs are all a bunch of greedy bastards.”

  “This clueless idiot didn’t bring any bodyguards like those other pricks after the incident, lets fuck him up.”

  A tall handsome boy knocks him on the head, “Are you stupid! What good will that do? Let’s finish the game. My dad will beat me if I am late picking up my brother from Auntie’s house again.”

   “Shizi is right. There is no way to stop those developers. They want to cater to the rich fuckers who come to Bashu City to have a condo by the ocean. They don’t even live in them during the winter, the condos are empty most of the year. Fuck it! This neighborhood is bound to get gobbled up sooner or later.” 

    The boy named Shizi grabs the ball and shoots a three point shot. “Fuck em! Fuck all those greedy mothers!  One day I am  going to be richer than all those assholes! But I won’t fuck with the little people just trying to get by! Hell! I will build affordable housing for all the poor worker drones!”

  They look over and the tall man is walking towards them and they gulp in unison. This man’s aura is terrifying. Nothing like those other dandy looking real estate developers. Li Tian has a pitch black aura that is suffocating and Shizi steps back, “Hey man..what is your problem? You don’t need to kill us with your fucking silent Kung Fu! We were just trash that a fucking crime?”

   Li Tian realizes these boys could suffer internal damage from him and reins in his rage. He holds up his phone, “Have you seen this woman?”

   The boys gather around and exclaim, “Who is she? A new celebrity? She looks like a beautiful fairy. A model?”

  Li Tian grimaces, “Answer. Have you seen this woman?”

  They all shake their heads, “Nah..never seen.”

 Shizi has an idea, “Mister, you aren’t a real estate developer to check out the apartment building?”

 Li Tian looks at the boy who is only slightly shorter than him. He was the mouthy brat earlier. “I am looking for this woman. I thought she lived here.”

  Shizi is very astute, from assessing Li Tian’s clothes, car and the almost indistinguishable hint of desperation in his voice he has an idea.  “If I could find the little fairy for you would you buy this building and rent the apartments at an affordable price? You wouldn’t lose much on the deal.”

  Li Tian glances at the eight story building behind him and then at the boy. He doesn’t hesitate, “Yes.”

After seeing the condition of the building and calculating the costs he thinks that will only cost between fifteen million to twenty million to renovate to make it livable and affordable. No need to tear down. The structure itself appears well constructed it merely has never been taken care of by whoever owns the building. Using Zhen Construction and possibly partnering with Weisheng..he likes philanthropic shit.

  The boys all look at Li Tian like they are seeing a ghost. Shorty shouts, “What the hell!” While the other boys have their mouths wide open staring at Li Tian with horrified looks, who the fuck is this man…find the woman I will buy the building! Shizi! He might want to kill the woman! A lunatic! Don’t get involved.

  Li Tian says in a domineering voice, “All of you leave except him.” He points to Shizi, “You stay.”

  Shizi glances at his friends who haven’t budged. “You heard the Boss! GO!”

  They all leave immediately and Shizi tells Li Tian. “I need the information you have. The woman’s picture and your phone number. I have to pick my little brother up at my Aunt’s house and get home for dinner. Give me two days.”

   “One day. I am buying a building in exchange for a woman’s whereabouts. I think one day is fair.”

   “One day? I’m good but not a goddamn magician.”

   “You find the woman in one day and I will buy the building, additionally give your family an apartment rent free for a year. You will need to sign a confidentiality agreement and cannot disclose any of the information. Believe me you can’t afford the penalty if you do..”

   Shizi’s eyes light up, “Mister it is a deal!”

   “Li Tian.”

   “Mr. Li, let me see what you have.”

   They walk to the car and Li Tian says in an imposing tone,  “Get in. I will take you to your Aunt’s house.” He takes out his laptop from a bag and opens a file with various standard forms. He chooses Confidentiality Agreement. “Full name?”

  “ Fan Ji…Shizi is my nickname.. cause I’m fierce and fearless like a lion..”


   Li Tian asks a few more questions and after the form is filled out he hands the computer to Shizi, “Your electronic signature.”

   Shizi signs and hands the computer back to Li Tian.

   Li Tian cautions, “Boy, remember what I can’t afford the penalty if you betray me.”

   The air in the car suddenly turns frosty and yet Shizi breaks out into a sweat. The usually overconfident boy suddenly feels a little squeamish. He wonders if he should have been so impulsive to make a deal with this man. No… with my hacking skills and connections I can do it! Finding this woman will be a piece of cake if she is in the City. He gulps down his saliva when he suddenly realizes what if she isn’t?

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