Call Me QingQing

   Su Wanqing and Liu Mo are walking through the field of wildflowers when Liu Mo says, “Miss Su do you want to rest? Sit in the shade and cool off? There is a large fig tree over there.”

  “No. I want to hurry. Get the berries and other herbs and return. It looks like rain. The mountain path gets very slippery when it storms and is dangerous because the  path is by the cliff.”

  “Maybe we should go back and come tomorrow. Or if you describe the berries I could go myself.”

  She is getting impatient with this stupid man. Master said pick the berries so I need to fucking go pick the fucking berries.

  “Stopping for just a few minutes should be okay, you look hot Miss Su.”

  She dabs the sweat on her forehead with a beautiful handkerchief embroidered with hibiscus flowers. Liu Mo watches and his heart aches that the Big Beauty needs to suffer in the heat. Why didn’t the Master send one of his disciples… Miss Su is too delicate to be in this heat.

  “Fine.” She is thirsty and a few minutes won’t matter.

  They walk over to the shade tree and she frowns because she didn’t bring a blanket today. Liu Mo sees her expression and takes off his outer shirt. “Sit on this.”

   She looks at his muscular chest, he is only wearing a white sleeveless undershirt that is clinging to his body. She gulps down her saliva and smiles brightly thinking about rolling with him later. “Thank you Liu Mo. Can you hand me a water bottle from the backpack.”

    Su Wanqing intentionally rubs his calloused palm as she takes the water bottle. Liu Mo’s boyish face turns red and the heat dyes his ears the same crimson color. He flutters his curled black eyelashes that are as dense and beautiful as a woman’s, flustered he says, “Oh…let me open it for you.”

   His hands are trembling as he unscrews the top. He hands the opened water bottle back hoping she brushes her fingers across his palm again. Su Wanqing doesn’t disappoint, this time she squeezes his large hand. She gazes at him with watery eyes, “Liu Mo, I am so happy I met you today. It is lonely always going by myself to the mountain. Although I bring Baobei with me…well..” She leans on his arm making sure to press her large soft breast on his chest…”to have a strong man like you help me..” She gazes up at him and all he can see are her luscious red lips as they open and close, “Means so much to me..”

She squeezes out a few crystal tears that hang on her eyelashes then slowly trickle down her cheek. She sounds weak and pitiful, “I get so tired carrying the basket…but I must do whatever Master asks of me. He did rescue me when I was an orphan so I am very grateful. I owe him my life. I lived in a dirty orphanage without enough to eat, wearing the same filthy clothes everyday. I was bullied by the bigger kids everyday. They would steal my food and kick me.” Su Wanqing actually begins to shed real tears recalling her life before Wang Hu took her away from that horrible stinking place.

  Liu Mo wants to take the sad beauty into his arms and lick the tears on her cheek. She can see a tent forming in his pants and has a mischievous gleam in her misty amber eyes. “Liu Mo…no I can’t ask..”

   “Ask what?” I will do anything for you! Anything you ask!”

   “I feel like you are the brother I never had. Could you..She seductively bites her bottom lip, “Hug me for just a moment?”

   Liu Mo’s eyes light up but he doesn’t want to scare her by being too forceful ..she did say like a brother…I will need to slowly change that but for now I can feel her luscious body in my arms. He nods, “If it will make Miss Su feel better.” He gently embraces Su Wanqing and feels like he is going to explode in his pants. He inhales the light scent of medical herbs with a hint of floral fragrance on her body and closes his eyes savoring the moment. He rubs her back with his large palm, “Does Miss Su feel better?”

  She alluringly hums as she snuggles into his embrace..Hmmm..” She gazes up at him and her voice is dripping with honey, “Brother should call me QingQing. No one has called me that since I was a little girl.” Laying her head on his strong chest she can hear his heart racing and his body temperature rising.

     She is satisfied with Liu Mo. It is the right choice to pick him as a bed partner. He will be obedient and do whatever I ask of him. I might even be able to use this silly boy to destroy Feng LiMei. He looks like a puppy who found a home. Once he tastes my pussy he will be unable to refuse any request. But I can’t rush. I can tell he likes the sweet and pitiful type. Su Wanqing runs her finger across his heart, “Brother can you call me QingQing.” 

  Liu Mo’s Adam’s apple rolls up and down, if she keeps touching me..his voice is dry and hoarse, “Of course. Since you recognized me as your brother I will.”

  She pulls on his undershirt and can see his nipples are erect and hard from her teasing. She softly says, “Well..”

  He coughs then apprehensively says, “QingQing.”

  She looks up at him adoringly as she smiles prettily hooking him in with her eyes that have a hint of dependence. She sounds childish but with a hint of seduction, “My name sounds so good when you say it Brother Mo. Say it again.”

  “Qing Qing.” He has his hand in the air about to stroke her hair and kiss her tempting lips. but pulls his hand back. He nervously puts his hand behind him on the ground, damn I want to see what her full red and soft looking lips taste like. I’m sure her lips are sweet and as delicious as I have imagined in my dreams.

     Su Qing can see all his emotions clearly on his innocent face. I have to admit this young man’s voice is good. Low and full of affection, too bad I am not an innocent young girl I might actually like this good looking little milk dog. She is comfortable in his arms but the mood is broken when he says, ”What’s this?”

     Liu Mo has a piece of crumpled paper he picked up out of the grass where his hand was resting. He unfolds the paper. Su Wanqing’s tranquil mood disappears when she sees the drawing of Feng LiMei. He can feel her body that was relaxed a moment ago tense up, “What’s wrong?”

   Controlling her turbulent emotions she calmly shakes her head.“Nothing… but we should go.” 

    She quickly stands up and Liu Mo feels at a loss as the warmth from her soft body leaves him. He tosses away the drawing and stands up also. He notices her face is very red and has no idea that she is full of rage because of  the drawing. He is picking up the backpack and doesn’t notice her furiously grinding the heel of her hiking boot on the irksome picture. She is satisfied when the drawing is torn and dirt is smeared across the beautiful smiling face she hates.

   Liu Mo sweetly asks, “QingQing. Let me carry you, you didn’t rest long enough.”

   She is in a bad mood now and curtly responds, “No. We need to hurry.”

   Liu Mo has no idea why her mood suddenly turned gloomy but thinks it is because there is loud thunder echoing in the distance. 

   Su Wanqing crushes patches of colorful wildflowers as she stomps through the field not taking the path. He meekly walks beside her sensing her sudden coldness. Liu Mo writes it off to the fact it is going to storm and she doesn’t want to go collect the herbs and berries.

   She is thinking about Feng LiMei, at first she thought Rui drew the picture then remembered he is with Wong Hu. The little fat man? She has seen Baobei with a sketch pad but never thought to look at what he was drawing.

   Lifting her thin eyebrow she is deep in thought, although I hate the subject for a five year old the kid is talented. expected of the Master’s grandson I guess. He has nurtured the little eyesore since he was a baby. He probably wanted to make up for the fact he kicked his incompetent son out and the kid’s mother…I have always wondered what happened there. It is a mystery…to mention the woman is taboo. I barely said her name one day and the Master slapped me.

   The sound of thunder and a streak of lightning snap her out of her daze. She quickens her pace towards the mountain still ignoring Liu Mo by her side.

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