Go To The Mountain Part 3

      After confronting Su Wanqing on the way to the Main House Rui is livid. He smashes his fist into a tree, fucking lying bitch! Quickening his pace he ignores Yang Chenxi trying to get his attention as he passes by several disciples on their way to the dining room. Unable to control the rage brewing inside of him, he storms into Wong Hu’s study unannounced. 

    Rui’s handsome face contorts in anger, clenching his jaw he spits out. “I don’t care if Su Wanqing is your adopted daughter! She is a lying scheming bitch! You need to control that poisonous woman or don’t blame me when I crush her scrawny neck squeezing the fucking life out of her!”

    Wong Hu throws an exquisite jade teacup at Rui’s head and Rui barely has time to dodge as the cup whizzes past his head. The rare antique cup smashes into pieces when it hits the wall. “Brat! Who gave you the guts to come into my study in a huff! I thought I trained you not to be impulsive and contain that rage of yours! Did I waste my time? What I hate most is wasting my time on an ungrateful disciple!”

   Rui glares at him, “Master, I love my wife more than you could possibly imagine. LiMei means everything to me…she brought light into my dark cold world. I won’t lose my wife!” Rui narrows his eyes dangerously and is surrounded by a lethal aura of pitch black killing intent. If Wong Hu was anyone else he would be dead. Rui continues, “That fucking bitch tried to hurt Feng LiMei..not once..but twice!”

   Wong Hu raises a bushy eyebrow and closes the book he is reading. “Do you have any proof? Wanqing is a spoiled and willful woman but she knows her boundaries. Unfortunately, the poor girl set her eyes on you and then you appeared here unexpectedly with a very young and incredibly beautiful wife.

Wanqing is extremely vain and was probably stunned by your wife’s fairy-like appearance and you doting on the little girl. I know I was. It is only natural for her to be upset…but… try to harm your wife? Wanqing isn’t stupid. She is aware of how you deal with your enemies and I’m sure has no desire to die a miserable death.”

   “I don’t have any evidence and of course she wouldn’t admit her wrongdoing! Do you know the last room that the unfortunate maid cleaned was our bedroom? Our fucking bedroom! You don’t think that is suspicious?”

   Wong Hue taps his pen on the desk.“I will talk to Wanqing. If I find she had a hand in harming the maid with the intention of dealing with Feng LiMei, I will punish her severely.”

   Rui knows that is all he can hope for without any definitive proof. “I will hold you to that.”

  Wong Hu stands up and walks to a table with a Go board set up. He says, “We can discuss your wife’s condition while we play. Since you left there is no one that is a worthy opponent. “

Meanwhile, in the furthest corner of the Compound Su Wanqing’s eyes are full of hate as she sits in her Courtyard stewing over the unpleasant encounter with Rui. She is cursing LiMei. How did the little fox girl seduce Brother Rui. She couldn’t possibly satisfy him in bed! She frowns as she pets a crimson red snake on her lap.

Dangling a fat white mouse by its tail in front of the snake she bitterly exclaims, “Ruby, why does Brother Rui not see how much better I am than that timid little mouse!”

The snake hisses and opens its mouth wide, expecting to be fed but Su Wanqing teases the snake while lamenting, “Nothing is going as I planned! Now the old fart wants me to go to the mountains to get Pycarious Berries. It is so hot today! I don’t want to go!”

   A boyish looking young man is standing at the gate to her Courtyard watching Su Wanqing with lustful eyes. Is it true she helped that bastard Qiao ascend by having sex with him? Mixing her yin with his dark yang? That sounds outrageous but I wouldn’t mind trying…at the very least I could fuck the woman..she is so beautiful.

   He stands there watching her tease the snake with the mouse and his lips curl up into a smile. She is a very interesting woman.The thought of her touching him with those long slender jade like fingers makes his Adam’s apple roll up and down.

   Su Wanqing notices Liu Mo. She has seen him peeping at her at night while she is in the bath. After she discovered him the first time she found it fun knowing he was watching. She would get out of the bath still dripping with water and rub her erect buds while he watched at the window. Sometimes she would finger herself and climax while listening to him moaning outside.

    He is rather short and not as handsome as Qiao Rui. But, his body looks well toned and his face when he is excited is strangely appealing. He looks like a little kid who just tasted candy for the first time. Today…today might be the man’s lucky day. I need a good fuck to get rid of my pent up sexual energy… I can imagine that he is Brother Rui.

  Su Wanqing stuns the mouse whose tail is pinched between her finger with a blow to the head then tosses the dazed creature into the Courtyard. The hungry snake quickly slithers down to the ground, following the mouse as it staggers under a flowering bush.

She leans back in the chair and opens a beautiful painted fan then unbuttons the top of her white silk blouse. She sighs as she fans herself, “Ahhh…I am so hot. I wish I had someone to go to the mountain to help me.”

   Liu Mo thinks this is his chance. He hesitates, then opens the gate and nervously walks into the Courtyard. “Miss Su, I was walking by and heard what you said. I am finished with my training for the day I can help .”

   She  coquettishly waves the fan across her half-exposed breasts, drawing his attention there, “Really?”

  He can feel his heart pounding being so close to the woman he has only been able to watch from the shadows. Liu Mo’s eyes are riveted on her large breasts as they rise and fall with her breathing. “Yes.”

   Su Wanqing smiles brightly dazzling him, “Very good! I was dreading going by myself. I usually take Little Baobei but he is nowhere to be found. I never looked for him the last thing I need is that aggravating little eyesore. I am annoyed beyond words already from Brother Rui and his concern for the little twit. If I didn’t think fast on my feet he might have strangled me to death on the spot. “Come in the house and wait, it is so hot out here.”

Lui Mo eagerly follows behind Su Wanqing watching her full hips swaying provocatively and gulps down his saliva.

   She leaves the door slightly open to her bedroom as she changes clothes. He wanders over and can see her standing by the bed in only her skimpy underwear. He feels himself get hard and wants to rush into the room to push her down on the bed. No..if I can get closer to Miss Su by helping her gather herbs maybe … 

    Surprised Liu Mo doesn’t take the bait she decides she will seduce him after they do the old man’s bidding. At least I can get him to crawl out and pick the Pycarius berries that grow on vines in the crevices of the cliff. The last time I made the little nuisance do it.

   Su Wanqing finishes dressing and walks out, Liu Mo is sitting on the couch with his legs crossed drinking a bottle of water. She chuckles to herself, the man does have good martial arts skills. I didn’t hear him go back to the living room. She smiles brightly, “I’m ready.”

   He stands up and takes the basket and bag from her hand. “Let me.”

   Su Wanqing gazes at Liu Mo appreciating his angular profile and muscular body. She notices the bulge in his pants and licks her lips. I haven’t been properly fucked since I was in Morrocco I am looking forward to seeing his performance after he ingests the aphrodisiac I am bringing. 

   They walk out of the Courtyard and head towards the mountain. 

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