LiMei Dreams of Rui and Su Wanqing

This chapter is for my 18+ readers only. It is very spicy…LiMei feels threatened. Enjoy! ❤ I know my awesome friend and sponsor Lily will haha..


   Rui sleeps with LiMei snuggling in his chest. He opens his eyes and has a deeply satisfied expression on his face gazing at her naked body covered with his love marks. LiMei is wrapped around him and he tightens his embrace. My Baby must be very tired after last night, he inwardly chuckles, my little wife is getting more daring.

Rui recalls LiMei’s lustful appearance as she begged him to fuck her little wet pussy. He is getting aroused as he caresses LiMei’s soft warm body and puts his large hands on her slim hips turning her to the side.  Stroking her tangled long black hair, Rui gently enters her tight flower hole from behind as his hot palms move up to play with her breasts.

   While Rui pinches her erect bud and kneads her tender breasts , LiMei softly moans but doesn’t wake up, too exhausted from Rui tossing her delicate body all night.

Rui feels her walls tightening around his huge shaft and he begins to rhythmically thrust in and out of the tiny hole. LIMei lets out a cry as he plunges deep reaching her cervix with the head of his scorching hot c*ck. Half awake she moans as her body instinctively cooperates with his movements, “Ahhh… Mmmm…” her voice is hoarse…”Ruiii… Soo tired..” She can feel his moist warm breath as he sucks and licks her neck. The intoxicating sensation causes LiMei to quiver as a wave of heat engulfs her sensitive body.

Rui can’t control his inner beast as the fire within him is fueled by the sound of her low moans. He growls, “Baby… Wife…AHH…give it to me.. UMMM… I need you…My c*ck wants to be inside your tight little pussy.”

    Honey gushes down his thick shaft and he has a devilish smile as her tunnel becomes slippery allowing him to slide into the depths of her flower cave.  Ummm… my c*ck is fucking your sweet little pussy…. feels so damn good…Ahh..My Baby is as tight as the first time I broke her pure virgin body.

He rams into her tiny hole again, gazing at her long messy black hair cascading down her slender back and her willow like waist... I was my baby’s first man and I will be her only comfortable..want to stay like this forever.

    LiMei is floating in the clouds from euphoria as Rui skilfully manipulates her lithe body, but is sapped of energy… “AHHH…OHHHH….Your c*ck is too big…too strong…RUIIII!!!!…too deep ..sooo tired. HUSBAND!”

    Rui bites her delicate shoulder and his deep voice is hypnotic. “Baby…you know you want it ..your little pussy is hungry …so wet…let Husband fuck you hard.” He fondles her soft breasts as he continues to fiercely pump his throbbing c*ck in and out. 

    LiMei’s eyes are closed and she is deep in a dream state but her body surrenders as Rui continuously hits her sensitive spot with the tip of his swollen c*ck. She whimpers as he vigorously moves inside of her and his arm encircles her tiny waist. He knows LiMei’s weaknesses and rubs his thumb across her red and swollen nub and her body shakes uncontrollably.

    Out of control he turns LiMei’s flushed body over so he can ravage her jade like breasts. He sweeps his tongue playfully across her erect nipple then sucks and nibbles making LiMei writhe on the bed. How nice it would be if LiMei had sweet milk for me to drink. I must get my little wife pregnant.

He lifts his head and kisses LiMei deeply entangling their tongues until LiMei gasps for air. Rui is engulfed in indescribable bliss and his heart thumps wildly in his heaving chest. Looking at LiMei’s flawless face his pitch black eyes are filled with paranoid obsession. Mesmerized by her breathtaking natural beauty he ravenously stares at her flawless face like a man possessed. Wife, you are my most precious treasure… you can only belong to me…every part of your luscious body is incredible. I can’t get enough of the delicious taste of your sweetness. 

   He continues to sprint inside of LiMei, sweat dripping off his forehead onto her snow white peaks that are bouncing with his movements. After fiercely penetrating LiMei, crashing into her core several times, her walls clamp his c*ck tightly, Rui can no longer hold back the urge to shoot his essence inside of LiMei.

    Rui’s body shudders and he sounds like a wild beast as he grunts,“NNNGH..UUUUHHH…BABYY…MMMMNNN…So fucking tight..Your pussy is strangling my fucking c*ck..AHHHH!!!!!….

    LiMei is filled with his scorching hot essence and Rui kisses her damp forehead and her trembling eyelashes. Rui raises the corner of his mouth as he runs his finger down her cheek. My baby is the most beautiful… He hugs her petite body that still hot and flushed from their lovemaking, then gets up to run the bath.

   After he bathes LiMei in a soothing medicinal bath he gently lays her on the big bed and applies ointment to her body covered in his love bites.Rui coats his erect c*ck with a special ointment he created just for LiMei and slides his huge c*ck into her red and swollen pussy. He slowly pushes in as deep as he can and LiMei feels a cool soothing sensation.

LiMei softly sighs, ‘Umm…so comfortable.” Rui resists the desire to toss LiMei again and pulls out thinking he will take care of his painful erection in the bathroom.

LiMei drowsily opens her eyes and flutters her eyelashes. “Husband…” She sees his erect c*ck and smiles then puts her hand on his shaft and rubs,  “Do you need your wife to help you?” She surprises him by putting his throbbing c*ck in between her perfectly shaped breasts and Rui begins panting heavily, “Wife you are becoming so sassy. My slutty little baby…Husband likes it.” 

    She has her small warm hands squeezing her soft breasts together as Rui’s  c*ck still coated with the creamy ointment and her honey slides up and down. LiMei licks the oozing juice on the tip and then teases him with her tongue and soft hands She stops and licks her glistening lips, “Husband, I love the way your big c*ck tastes.” She seductively bites her lower lip, “Feed your slutty wife.”

   Rui can barely hold onto his sanity listening to her lewdness. Rui’s erection swells even bigger, the veins bulging and his thick shaft pulsating in anticipation. “If my sluttly little wife is hungry. What kind of husband would I be if I didn’t feed her.”

“YES! I am Rui’s little slut..I want his big fat c*ck to fuck my mouth!”

Rui fevershly kisses LiMei bewitched by her beautiful green eyes filled with only him.

“I will give it to you little slut…feed my meat stick to my hungry Little Baby…” He puts his swollen c*ck into her mouth and groans in pleasure as her small moist mouth sucks him vigorously and her hands busily play with the bulging sacs below.

LiMei’s unexpected seductive behaviour arouses Rui almost to the brink of insanity. He moans loudly, “ wife is a little slut…my little hussy..Ahhh.. little slut you are making me crazy…”Mmmm… My c*ck wants to fuck your mouth deeper”

He thrusts his c*ck into her throat until LiMei gags only able to take half his hugeness. She moves her hot hands up and down his thick shaft that she can’t take into her tiny mouth.

Rui’s breathing is ragged and his hands are in her tangled hair as he presses the back of her head and growls, “Ummm…Baby…My Little Slut…Nnngh…My c*ck is going to explode…Mmmmnnn… Little Demoness…My c*ck likes your little mouth so much…” Rui has reached his limit and shoots his hot essence into her mouth. LiMei can barely swallow it all, some of the creamy fluid drips down the corner of her mouth onto her chin.

    Rui takes his semi hard c*ck from her mouth LiMei licks her lips and runs her finger over her chin covered in the thick sticky essence. “I can’t waste any of my darling hubby’s nourishment.”

   Rui is stimulated by the erotic sight and is breathing heavily. He uses all of his self contol not to fuck the little beauty acting spoiled because he needs to meet Wong Hu soon.

He lowers his head and nibbles on her ear, “My Baby has become such a greedy little slut..I want to feed her other mouth now ..but I just applied medicine.”

   She wraps her arms around his neck, and coquettishly says, “Docor Qiao,You have more medicine don’t you in your bag…I want my Husband to fuck me..I’m so itchy. She kisses him. “Rui’s little slut feels so empty without his big c*ck deep inside her little hole.”

   He is tempted but he says, “Baby, you need to rest. I have to go talk to Wong Hu.”

  LiMei flutters her eyelashes and kisses his lips again. This time sticking her small pink tongue in his mouth teasing his tongue while her hand caresses the tip of his c*ck that is hardening again from her efforts. She curls up her lips into a seductive smile, “Husband, shouldn’t you reward your slutty little wife for making your dragon so comfortable.”

   He turns LiMei over onto his lap and slaps her round bottom, “I should punish my little wife for being clingy…and acting spoiled… distracting me when I have to leave.”

   LiMei feels a stinging pain but a burst of pleasure from the slap. She wiggles her cute little butt, “Husband, you should punish me…I couldn’t swallow all your precious essence.”

   Rui laughs and slapping LiMei’s bottom a little harder, he teases “Naughty girl, I don’t think this is punishment enough for such a greedy little slut.” He gazes at her perky snow white cheeks with the glaring red handprints then lifts her hips, mercilessly licking and biting her soft uplifted ass.

  LiMei softly moans as her honey flows onto his thighs. “Ahh..Mmmnn… Husband I am a very…very bad girl…a perverted little slut…Punish me more..”

  Rui turns LiMei over and hugs her into his embrace. He lovingly gazes at her red cheeks and her misty green eyes “Little fool, it isn’t punishment if you like it..Your hungry little pussy is dripping all over my thigh… haha..”

   He  passionately kisses all over her face then whispers in her ear, “Baby…I have to go. I will be back as soon as I can.”

   LiMei leans on his chest and pouts, “Rui, do you have to go? I thought we could have breakfast then go to the lake for another swimming lesson.”

   He plays with a strand of her silky black hair, “We can go when I return.”

  Rui reluctantly lays LiMei down on the bed, “Sleep.”

  LiMei watches him dress and hops out of bed, “I’m not tired I will go with you.”

  He walks over and hugs her naked body, “Baby, I can’t bring you I need to discuss important matters with Wong Hu.” He kisses her forehead, “You would be bored. Rest.”

  “Rui..I..I..oh never mind.” She buttons his light blue shirt then stands on her tiptoes and kisses him then climbs into bed. LiMei covers her head with the lavender and pink quilt embroidered with hibiscus flowers.

   He walks over to the bed and pulls down the quilt, “Childish.” 

   LiMei wrinkles ger small nose and puffs out her cheeks and complains, “This is our honeymoon.” She opens the covers and spreads her legs. LiMei touches herself, opening her flower hole with her fingers to tempt him, “You should stay with me in bed.”

   Rui wonders what got into LiMei and sighs. The greedy wild cat even took the initiative to put my c*ck between her breasts and tease me with her little tongue. The little girl was even seducing me by talking dirty…making me want to go crazy. He taps the tip of her small nose, “Baby…I promise I will come back as soon as I am finished and spend the rest of the day with you.”

  LiMei turns away from him thinking about by her dream and the fact her seduction didn’t work. He is probably going to find that woman... “Just go.”

The realistic dream was very disturbing. A girl who looked just like her was angrily shaking LiMei’s shoulders She warned LiMei…”Rui is so good in bed how do you think he became such an excellent lover? He has been with many women that’s how! Do you think you can match up with a beautiful mature woman like Su Wanqing? Are you stupid? She was flaunting her big breasts wearing a red bikini top and seducing Rui right in front of your stupid naive face! He told you to go feed Diablo so he could be alone with the woman. He was going to look for her last night using getting your luggage as an excuse! Are you blind! First Bai Chinyu now Su Wanqing! “

   LiMei pulls on his arm, “Husband are you sure you won’t stay?”

He furrows his eyebrows because if she continues to provoke him he won’t be able to leave. Rui doesn’t realize he sounds disinterested and annoyed when he responds, “Don’t act like a baby…sleep.” He is actually getting hard again from LiMei’s actions and desperately wishes he could stay.

LiMei is jealous and misunderstands, influenced by her dream she thinks he is impatient to meet Su Wanqing. She buries her head in the pillow as tears silently fall.

He shakes his head looking at LiMei sulking but has no choice and walks towards the door. I would love to stay and fuck your beautiful body all day but this is important. I need to find out what Master discovered when he took your pulse. 


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