Go To The Mountain Part 2

    The bird has a bad premonition and flies over the forest. The brat probably wants to show off for Feng LiMei. I saw he has a crush on the little beauty. After he passes over the tall trees he sees Baobei and the beautiful girl sitting by the stream. 

    Jack swoops down and lands on a large rock by the blue and white blanket that is spread on the ground. Baobei frowns, Yang Chenxi must have sent the annoying bird to find me. I am not going back. I am going to the mountain and show Sister LiMei my special cave!

   LiMei sees Jack and smiles as she helps Baobei with the food. “Jack! I haven’t seen you since we arrived on the Island!” She sits down and pats the blanket next to her, “Come sit with us!”

   If a bird could smile Jack would be beaming right now. She remembers my name! He gently flaps his wings and quietly lands next to LiMei. She feeds him a piece of chicken, “Jack are you leaving with Mr.Yang today?”

   He nods and LiMei pats his head, “You are so smart! I have never seen a bird that understands human language.”

    Baobei swallows a piece of ham steak and snorts, “It is because Grandfather trained Jack. He told me he used an ancient technique to awaken Jack’s consciousness. He said I shouldn’t tell anyone but you are different. I know you can keep a secret.”

   “You mean magic?”

   “I don’t know, I can only read a little. My Grandfather has a very old book. The pages aren’t like my school books, the pages are yellow and the writing is weird. I look at the strange pictures in the book sometimes when I am in his study waiting for him to finish his work.” He puts a straw in a bottle of orange juice and takes a sip. “When Grandfather has time at bedtime he will come to my room and read. He tells the most amazing stories.”

    Grabbing a scallion pancake he rolls it up, after he rips a piece off for Jack he stuffs the remainder into his mouth. Baobei’s cheeks are bulging and LiMei teases, “Little man, eat slower, no one will steal it from you.”

   Jack lowers his head and covers his face with his wings when Baobei replies, “Pfft! Jack will.”

   LiMei gazes with a reproachful look at Jack and giggles, “Jack! Haha…Naughty bird! Do you take Baobei’s food?”

   Jack flies away and LiMei frowns, “I was just kidding.”

   A few minutes later Jack returns with several small bright red fruits with a yellow stripe down the middle in his talons and drops them onto the blanket. LiMei smiles and picks one up, “Thank you Jack.” She holds one in her hand, “Baobei, what kind of fruit is this?”

   Baobei glares at Jack, “You! You…Show off! I was going to climb up and get some for Sister LiMei!”

   LiMei wipes Baobei’s mouth with a napkin, “I think Jack is apologizing.”

   Baobei crosses his chubby legs and picks up one of the fruits, “Well, these are really sweet and delicious. and difficult to get. They grow on the cliffs over there.” He takes a bite and red juice drips down his chin, he points his stubby finger soaked with red juice to the left.” I think this Island is the only place they grow, they are called Dragon Eyes. See.” He picks up two and covers his eyes with them,”Don’t I look like a fierce dragon?”

   She bursts out laughing at his adorable appearance, “Yes..haha..you do.very terrifying…haha.”

   He hands one to  LiMei, she takes a bite and sighs, “OH MY! I have never tasted a fruit like this that melts in your mouth!”

   LiMei’s eyes are sparking and she takes another bite. “Really delicious.”

  Baobei says, “These fruits are full of energy too. If you are tired and eat one your internal energy is replenished.”

   LiMei’s eyes bend into a crescent shape, “What kind of mystical Island is this..haha..spirit animals… fairy fruit.”

   Baobei gets up and walks over to the stream and washes his hands. He kicks a rock on the way back and his face has a complicated expression.

   LiMei notices he seems unhappy all of a sudden and puts him on her lap. She pinches his soft tofu like cheek, “Cutie, why are you so gloomy?”

   “Well if this was an ordinary Island Grandfather wouldn’t be in danger all the time. Bad men always come to steal the Island’s secrets. There are so many treasures here…and the ancient book just last week..”

    She pats Baobei’s head but doesn’t know what to say to comfort him. Looking at Jack and the fruit LiMei wrinkles her forehead yes..people are greedy and want to snatch anything valuable. 

    Jack starts flapping his wings furiously and making noises, “KeKawkakakakaka” Stop talking little boy! She shouldn’t know the Master’s secrets!

    LiMei can see how agitated Jack is and she has a stern expression, “Jack! I will never repeat anything Baobei tells me. Can’t you see he needs to confide his feelings in someone!”

   Baobei kicks Jack away, “Yeah..Sister LiMei is my friend..she said she wouldn’t tell anyone my secrets!” He stands up, “It will start getting really hot soon. We should get going.”

   LiMei picks up the blanket and shakes it then folds it neatly. She unzips his  backpack. “My goodness Baobei you have a lot of stuff in here!”

   “I like to be prepared.”

    Jack has totally forgotten he was supposed to bring Baobei back to the Main House and follows them as they head towards the mountain.

   LiMei holds his hand, “Baobei would you like to come visit me in Pushong City?”

    “Go..go stay with you in China?”

   “Yes, if your grandfather agrees, you could come stay with me for awhile. We could go to the Amusement Park and the Movies.” LiMei doesn’t think it is fair for the little boy to be  isolated..no other children… adults that are too busy with their own affairs. He is so smart he should be in kindergarten.

   Baobei heaves a big sigh, “Sounds like fun but Grandfather won’t agree.”

   “How do you know he won’t allow you to go? Well, I will ask him when we get back later.”

   They are walking on a beaten down path through a large barren field overgrown with weeds. It looks as though the field was once a cornfield. LiMei looks up at the scorching sun and wishes she had brought sunscreen. Baobei says, “There is a field of wildflowers over the hill up ahead. I think you will like. “

   LiMei takes off her baseball cap and fans herself then wipes her sweaty forehead with the bottom of her shirt, “ Are there any shade trees haha…You were right it is hot now that we are out of the forest.”

   Baobei stops and takes off his backpack and rummages inside. He pulls out a frozen bottle of water. “ Sister LiMei, put this on your neck, it will cool you off. Here is a handkerchief too.”

   LiMei bends down and hugs Baobei, “Little man thank you! I didn’t think to bring anything when we left the house. I am so useless!” She takes the frozen bottle and puts it on her neck and her eyes widen. Holding the icy cool bottle on her forehead she exclaims,“What a good idea!”

    He grins and she pokes his dimple, “You are so smart!”

    He zips up the backpack, “Well one day when Miss Su brought me along to gather herbs she was in a bad mood. I couldn’t keep up and she left me behind. I heard her complaining that she wasn’t a damn babysitter. The sun was so hot I thought I would die so..so I ran back to the stream to cool off. It was then that I decided I needed to think of something for the next time the woman ditched me.”

     Upset that a little boy endured being mistreated LiMei hugs him tighter “Baobei! Oh baby, that’s terrible!” 

   “Well… what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

  “…” LiMei doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This kid is too much! So is that terrible woman! How could she leave such an adorable child to fend for himself!

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