Go To The Mountain Part 1

     After Rui leaves LiMei shivers still unsettled by her realistic dream. I don’t want to lose Rui. I can’t. I will learn to be more seductive and not let Su Wanqing or any woman steal my husband. She holds her head, why..why did I dream of them rolling in bed. I thought if I tried something new Rui would stay in bed with me..but no..he left..is he going to meet that woman?

She thinks about when Su Wanqing came to the lake and her curvaceous figure in the red bikini top. Rui told me to go give Diablo an apple..so he could be alone with her?. 

   LiMei wipes the tears from her eyes, I knew I was too happy. I don’t deserve Rui. He is so outstanding in every way…so handsome and super sexy.

  There is a knock on the door, LiMei quickly puts on a bathrobe and calls out, “Who is it?”

  She hears a sweet childish voice.“Sister LiMei, It’s Baobei.” 

  “Just a minute.” LiMei hurriedly puts on underwear and a pair of denim shorts. Looking in her suitcase she chooses a pink short sleeve blouse then shakes her head. She picks out a red tank top and slips it on over her head. Once she tucks in the clingy tight top she zips up the shorts and rolls up the bottom of the shorts. That will make my legs look longer.

   She brushes her long black hair and puts it into a high pony tail then answers the door.

   Baobei rushes into the living room and hugs her legs, “I saw the mean man at the main House so I rushed down here.” He grabs her hand, “Let’s go to the mountain before he returns.”

   She giggles, “Slow down. Come sit.” LiMei’s stomach is growling, “Sweetie, I haven’t had breakfast yet.”

   “I brought breakfast that we can eat on the way.” He anxiously jumps up and picks up her white high top tennis shoes by the door. “Hurry.”

   LiMei rubs his head, “Little boy, why don’t you like Qiao Rui? He is a very nice man.” Too nice..too perfect!

   Baobei rolls his eyes, “Sister, you are blinded by love. That man is a devil..a devil. Hmmph! I just saw him with Miss Su. He had his hand around her neck and his face was right next to hers.Then he took her hand and dragged her behind the bushes. I heard all kinds of sounds. Miss Su was moaning and yelling his name. If I liked her at all I would have called one of my grandfather’s disciples to save her from him.”  

  LiMei misunderstands and her eyes widen, my dream..my dream is true.. Rui and Miss Su… LiMei has a knot in her stomach and feels her heart breaking. Baobei notices her pale complexion and hands her a bottle of juice from his backpack. “Drink this then we can eat as we walk.”

  “Hmm.” LiMei puts on the tennis shoes and follows him towards the front door. Tormented by the thought Rui and Su Wanqing are having sex she feels her soul has left her body.

Baobei says, “Wait, you need a hat and sunglasses.”

   He sees LiMei is standing frozen in one spot, “Sister where are they? I will get them for you.”

  LiMei points to the bedroom and he moves his chubby little legs as fast as he can. He emerges holding a baseball cap and a pair of sunglasses. He hands them to LiMei and opens the front door. He stops..”Umm maybe you… you should leave the Big Devil a note.” He doesn’t want to face an angry Qiao Rui when they return. “Say you decided to go pick flowers on the Mountain.”

  She  walks out into the Courtyard, “No need. He won’t care.”

  LiMei is in a daze as she walks through the Courtyard. Baobei takes her hand, “The mountain is really beautiful.”

  Feeling his small warm hand in hers, LiMei decides to try and not think about Rui and the woman. “Baobei, do you go to the mountain often by yourself?”

  He is happily skipping along then stops, “Huh?” He nervously answers, “Oh yeah..all the time. Grandfather is very busy…all the guys are practicing..Miss Su takes me with her sometimes but only when Grandfather tells her to teach me about medicinal herbs and plants.”

   “You know about medicinal plants and herbs? That is very cool.”

    They walk out of the Compound and enter a dense forest. LiMei looks around as Baobei pulls her hand, “Once we are out of this forest there is a nice place by a stream to sit and eat.” We will be far enough away that they can’t find us. I went this way one time with Miss Su and marked the trees.

   LiMei feels sorry for Baobei, he must be lonely, I will stop thinking about Rui,set aside my heartache and play with him today.

She smiles gazing at the chubby little boy wearing a cartoon t-shirt and a blue Yankees baseball cap. He is smiling happily and his little face is lit up with excitement. He has a red and yellow backpack with a thermos on the side. So cute! He must have got up early and planned this little expedition. She watches him checking out the trees that are marked. Not only are ribbons on the branches but marks are carved into the bark. “Baobei, I am really impressed, you marked the trees so you can find your way.”

  The little fat man’s round eyes sparkle and his small face light up from her compliment. He puffs out his chest, “Yes. I have a compass but I thought in case I ever lost it or it broke this would be a good idea. The first time some of the ribbons blew off so I stole..I mean I borrowed a knife from the kitchen and carved my initials.”

  He hears LiMei’s stomach making noises and reaches in his backpack, “Have an apple it will be about an hour before we reach the stream. I made a nice little area for relaxing there and we can have breakfast.”

   She takes the apple from him and bites into the juicy piece of fruit. “Yum..very sweet.”

  “I packed a lot of delicious food.” Auntie was making breakfast and I stole quite a bit. There was a whole chicken in the refrigerator I brought too!

   Yang Chenxi walks into the kitchen and picks up a plate, “Auntie, have you seen Baobei? I want to say goodbye to the little fat man before I leave.” 

  “He ran in here earlier and I haven’t seen him since.”

  Yang Chenxi fills his plate then walks out to the Courtyard, Jack is resting on a branch when he smells the food. He swoops down and lands on the stone table. Yang Chenxi tosses the black hawk a piece of ham, “Jack have you seen the little fat man?”

   Jack nods his head, he saw Baobei running down the path to that evil woman, his mother’s Courtyard. Yang Chenxi gives him another piece. “Go bring him back. I want to see him before we go.”

  Jack stares greedily at the piece of steak on the plate and after he is given a large piece he flies down to the Plum Blossom Courtyard. He pecks at the window and hovers looking inside. Then flies off to check where Baobei usually plays and can’t see him. 

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