She Must Be Song Sara!

   Li Tian impatiently looks at his watch, where the hell is the fucking woman? I clearly told her that the reservation was for two o’clock. I have to meet Yang James at four o’clock then go to the Old Man’s mansion.

   The door of the private room opens and Guo Nuan flips her long red hair as she enters. Smiling, she stretches out her hand, “Mr. Li, I’m sorry I kept you waiting.”

   He suppresses his irritation and politely responds, “Not a problem. But, I am limited on time, I hope Miss Guo understands.”

   “Of course. My grandfather told me you are meeting him later.”

   She sits at the table and crosses her long legs. Picking up a menu she looks at him, “The Shrimp Scampi here is very good.”

  He motions for the waiter to come to the table. “Bring a bottle of Chateau Risa Pinot Noir.“

  Guo Nuan stares at  Li Tian, her cousin told her he was handsome but his outstanding looks and impeccable style are beyond her expectations. Guo Nuan’s eyes roam over his perfectly proportioned body.

  Li Tian raises an eyebrow at her unrestrained behaviour. He quips, “Miss Guo, do you like what you see?’

  She lightly laughs, “Well…I have no complaints. You have the qualifications to be my husband.”

  “It doesn’t bother you that I already have a fiancee?”

  “According to my grandfather you are unhappy with the arrangement.” She has a mischievous gleam in her almond shaped eyes, “One Miss Long being replaced with another Miss Long…how tacky.”

   The waiter pours the wine and she takes a sip then licks her full red lips. “Very nice choice.”

   “Pardon me for being frank but it is well known that you have been chasing Young Master Bai since you were in High School. Is approaching me for marriage merely a ploy to reel him in…”

   Guo Nuan tightens her hand on the wine glass but remains calm. She curls her lips into a faint smile,“It’s true. My childish infatuation with him in the past is no secret.” She seamlessly lies, “But, after studying abroad and recently returning I realized Bai Chuan isn’t worthy of me. After he graduated from Beijing University he refused to enter Bai Enterprises and live up to his potential.” She drinks down the glass of wine in one go. “How could I, with my noble identity, continue to love a man who chose to be a doctor rather than the CEO of a multi international company. Li Tian, do I look like a woman who would lower her standard of living?”

   “I see Miss Guo is a practical woman rather than the hopeless romantic as rumored.”

   She gazes at his flawless face. “I think given the chance I could be both…have you considered my Grandfather’s proposal?” If you accept the marriage contract, I know Bai Chuan will realize he doesn’t want to lose me! Although when I saw him today he looked annoyed because of my stupid bodyguard charging out of the elevator to deal with that crazy man at the hospital. I wonder if the woman was a patient of his…she was very beautiful..Dammit all his patients are beautiful!

Thinking about Bai Chuan touching women’s vaginas in order to examine them, she pours another glass of wine. Why did he choose to be a gynecologist! She unconsciously mutters, “The woman with the crazy man was so beautiful…”


  “Oh nothing, I guess I am still upset about an incident at the hospital when I went to see Bai Chuan.”

  ???? Li Tian wants to laugh, she just made a point she didn’t have anything to do with the man.

   He acts interested, “You encountered a problem?”

   Guo Nuan has drunk three glasses of wine and is slightly drunk, “Well..I  was in the elevator with a crazy man and a woman. He verbally abused me then crushed my bodyguard’s hand for a small provocation. I have never seen a man with such crazy eyes. One brown… the woman didn’t say a word to stop him!”

She swirls the wine around in the crystal wine glass. “When they got off the elevator they met Bai Chuan. I don’t know what was said but…” She mumbles, “I couldn’t even explain.”  I didn’t dare get out of the elevator the way Bai Chuan suspiciously glared at me. Plus my bodyguard was whining like a little bitchit was annoying as fuck..what a shitty day! At least Li Tian is eye candy and the wine is tasty..

   Li Tian suddenly narrows his eyes, Fucking Cadieux! Wait.. could the woman be.. He looks at Guo Nuan with a piercing gaze, “What type of doctor is Bai Chuan?”

   “Bai Chuan..” She frowns, “He is a gynecologist.”

   “Describe the woman!”


   “I said! What did the woman look like!”

   “I didn’t pay much attention to her because I was being bullied by the man.” Unwilling to admit any woman is more beautiful than her Guo Nuan nonchalantly taps her fingernails on the table. “She was short. Pretty I guess. I don’t know.. why? Do you know them?”

   Li Tian impatiently asks  “Was she pregnant?”

  Guo Nuan voice is shrill “She was wearing an oversized coat, how would I know.”

  “What hospital?”

  “Harbor Heights Priva..”

   Li Tian suddenly gets up from the table and rushes out the door of the private room.


   He calls Yang James, “I thought you were having that bastard Cadieux watched! He is here and I think Song Sara is with him.”

   “Leo Cadieux can’t be in Bashu City. Kang Mingshun has been monitoring his movements. He  hasn’t left Catang City.”

   “Bull fucking shit. How many maniacs have different colored eyes? Huh? You are closer to Harbor Heights Hospital. Get over there and stop them from leaving. I am on my way.”

   The driver James is sitting in the car texting his girlfriend when Li Tian frantically knocks on the window. Startled, James fumbles with the phone to put it in his pocket. Beads of sweat form on his forehead. What the hell..shouldn’t he be eating lunch right now! Why didn’t he call? James jumps out of the car to open the back door wondering why Li Tian appeared. Li Tian growls, “I’m taking the car.”

   He gets into the driver’s seat and starts the engine then screeches out of the parking space. The tires squeal as he races down the street. Song Sara…I finally found you!

   Yang James grabs his coat and curses Kang Mingshun as he slams the door to his hotel room. He calls Kang Mingshun and through clenched teeth snarls, “How the hell did you lose Leo Cadieux?”

   “What are you talking about? He is in his villa.”

   “You idiot! He is in fucking Bashu City!”

   “Well, maybe he will lead you to Miss Song.”

   The veins on Yang James forehead bulge and the corner of his mouth twitches as he hangs up. “Fucking Useless.”

   He takes the elevator down to the Underground garage. Maybe I can avert this catastrophe. If I find the woman first…

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